O’Biden’s Necessary Diversion

O’Biden’s Necessary Diversion


Truth be known, time should be about up for the ‘Pawn’ of Beijing in the Whitehouse.  Even the fake news media is starting to understand the floodgates are opening on the money trail from China’s many state-owned entities to the Biden’s family’s coffersBank statements, witness testimonials, Hunter admissions and videos and even recorded comments from the ‘big guy’ himself should be compounding to an inevitable conclusion.


And now it’s just been reported that Biden even illegally stored some more of his unsecured classified documents, believe it or not, in 3 locations in ‘China Town!’, of all places, by Kathy Chung, who works for the Pentagon (what’s all that about?)  And another ‘believe it not’: Biden actually said, “Not to worry, we knew what we were doing.” This was all just reported by Jesse Watters on his 4-5-23 TV show.


Without the current Trump debacle this stuff would be about finished bubbling up by now and be very in-our-face demanding Constitutional justice.


“Trump must be stopped or else,” is the mindset of the Marxistsocialist, globalist, crazies, wokies, fake news media, big techies, big pharma-ites, power mongers, and now woke corporations, what’s left of the former Dimms and, the worst of them, the damned betraying RINOs!


And the DNC’s timing preference for this sham Trump trap would probably have been to pull this off nearer the real election season’s timeline next year.


Is it time to implement Article 2, Section 2.4 of our wonderful Constitution with facts of Biden’s un-Constitutionally injurius Executive Orders?  “The President, Vice President and all civil Officers shall be removed from office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of Treason, Bribery or High Crimes and Misdemeanors.”


Hammerdown Americans, get behind it and make it happen in Congress. There is much to hold the Big Guy to account for and much, much more to find out about what all China’s paying for. I believe the ‘Biden Family’ would be the envy of all Mafia dons.


Where is Constitutional justice today?


To that point if our Constitutional justice were still followed today this is what we would have:


1. Trump would be in his second term because dirty judges wouldn’t have gotten away with not giving standing and wrongful election decisions.


2. If our Constitution were followed Kamala Harris and Barack Hussein Obama would never have been allowed to serve because neither of her parents (father – Jamaica and mother – India) nor BO’s proclaimed ‘Kenyan’ father were natural born American citizens. The U.S. Constitution, Article 2, disqualifies Harris from being President because she is not a natural born citizen and the 12th Amendment disqualifies her from the Vice Presidency “No person Constitutionally ineligible to the office of President shall be eligible to that of the Vice-President of the United States.”


Several volumes could be written on all that’s been set up in American government that’s not Constutitional which is most largely the reason America is dissolving as it is being destroyed before our eyes by these nefarious people identified above and most largely directed by the real ‘Deep State,’ ‘The Council on Foreign Relations.’   See: The Council on Foreign Relations: the Deep State’s Leaders ‘In their Own Words’