Pro Sports Better Hope BLM’s Marxist Terrorists Become Big Fans, ‘Cause They’re Going to Need Them

Pro Sports Better Hope BLM’s Marxist Terrorists Become Big Fans, ‘Cause They’re Going to Need Them


By Rich Loudenback


Professional athletes and their leagues have enjoyed enoromous finanicial support for their successful talents for one reason only.  Their fans love them. Their fans have enjoyed rewarding them for their excellent performances as America’s best athletes.


But kneeling during our National Anthem and disrespecting this great country and our fallen heroes that gave their all to provide athletes’ their opportunities will not be overlooked by a much larger share of these fans than they’ve anticipated.   I, for one, hope these leagues suffer greatly and their commissioners will be gone as soon as possible.


Or,… the NBA could just move their whole caboodle to their loving fans in Communist China. Perhaps the door could hit them in the butt on the way out as well.  Please make sure Steve Kerr and his ilk are on the first plane.


Patriotic replacement commissioners should restore respect to our National Anthem immediately and expunge any athlete, trainer, coach or even owners that don’t re-Americanize or as NFL Coach Mike Ditka just said, “If you can’t respect our National Anthem, get the hell out of our country!”


Maybe these sorry leagues can replace us ex-fans with these socialized nimrod ‘BLM’/Antifa students who are well paid for trying to destroy our cities, police departments, statues, history and even hundreds of black businesses.


This actually is not about Black Lives Matter, it is about destroying all that we stand for and hold dear, creating mayhem before the election to blame on Trump and ultimately implementing a socialist world government. If you don’t recognize that then you are not vetting your news.  (See articles at end for education.)


The big lesson for us to learn from all this is that we need to stop supporting these universities that are indoctrinating students into socialist komrads and get our K-12 teaching back to classical American educations with ‘authentic history’ and no Common Core.


Now the tough part.  As much as we hate abstaining, we must quit watching these games and let it be known that we are through with these idiots. I like good NFL & NBA games but they are done with me.  I’ll really miss my Packers.


Then most importantly we must make it a point to let the advertisers, local stations and networks know we are through. Write about it in letters to the editors, guest columns and to advertisors.  Then hope that these foolish commissioners suffer in the hereafter.l.




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