Why All ‘Free Trade Agreements’ Must Be Banned, They are Sovereignty Stealing, Deceitful Tools of Globalists: Some History & Facts

Why All ‘Free Trade Agreements’ Must Be Banned, They are Sovereignty Stealing, Deceitful Tools of Globalists: Some History & Facts


By Rich Loudenback


Free trade is a ruse. Free trade is not ‘free’ trade. It always has lots of controlling tentacles from those craving control of us who want to transform America into a member state of a global government via the globalist elites using the UN as their controller.


FREE TRADE noun                                                                              1.International trade that is free of such government interference as import quotas, export subsidies, protective tariffs, etc.


The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is the example for why we should stay out of all Free Trade Agreements (FTA’s), especially the looming USMCA. Why should we stay out of the USMCA?  Well, as a testament, the Council on Foreign Relations President Richard Haas says “it is NAFTA plus 10-20% more.”


NAFTA proponent Gary Hufbauer member of the Council on Foreign Relations and of the Peterson Institute for International Economics (PIIE) predicted in his 1993 paper NAFTA An Assessment,  “with NAFTA, U.S. exports to Mexico will continue to outstrip Mexican exports to the United States, leading to a U.S. trade surplus with Mexico of about $7 billion to $9 billion annually between 2000 and 2010.” Really?




The United States Has always had a Deficit with Its NAFTA Partners.


Canada, the United States, and Mexico are partners in the world’s largest trade agreement, the North American Free Trade Agreement.


The second-largest U.S. trade deficit is with Mexico at $81 billion. Exports are $265 billion, mostly auto parts and petroleum products. Imports amount to $346 billion, with cars, trucks, and auto parts being the largest components.


The trade deficit with Canada is $20 billion. The United States exports $299 billion to Canada, more than it does to any other country. It imports $319 billion. The largest export by far is automobiles and parts. Other large categories include petroleum products and industrial machinery and equipment. The largest import is crude oil and gas from Canada’s abundant shale oil fields.


The year before NAFTA we enjoyed a trade surplus of $1.66 billion. The first year after NAFTA we had a $15.8 billion deficit. Increasing greatly every year since, since 2010 we have been running a deficit with Mexico not to mention that before NAFTA we exported around 225,000 cars annually to Mexico and in 2016 Mexico’s exports to the U.S. has surpassed 3.1 million cars. Chrysler, Ford and GM transferred major production facilities to Mexico in the last several years.


Haufbauer also predicted that 170,000 new net jobs would be created by NAFTA. In a 1995 interview with the Wall Street Journal, he admitted, “The best figure for the jobs effect of NAFTA is approximately zero… The lesson for me is to stay away from job forecasting.”


An August 2017 article in the Washington Post (no friend of President Trump’s) reported “The numbers are clear. The U.S. government has certified that at least 700,000 Americans have lost their jobs due to changing trade flows resulting from NAFTA. Many people believe that the number is much, much bigger than that.” — United States Trade Representative Robert E. Lighthizer, remarks on NAFTA renegotiation, Aug. 16, 2018


The late, Professor Robert A Pastor, one of the leading architects of the European Union wrote in Foreign Affairs, the journal of the Council on Foreign Relations: “NAFTA was merely the first draft of an economic constitution for North America.”


NAFTA supporter Andrew Reding of the World Policy Institute has written: “With economic integration will come political integration…. One of the purposes of NAFTA and other international trade agreements is to set the principles by which such decisions are to be made, including the critical question of how to “harmonize” differing labor, consumer, environmental, and other standards. By whatever name, this is an incipient form of international government.”


During the Obama years, the endeavor toward ‘our partnering’ was being broadened and expedited through implementation of new foreboding ‘free trade agreements.’


Real free trade should be as it connotes, FREE. These masked agreements are chock full of restricting and illegal regulations that, like our experience with NAFTA, are ruinous to our interests, freedom, and sovereignty.


What does climate change, sustainable development, internet regulation, homeland security, the military and international courts have to do with trade? Nothing, but it’s all part of the pending free trade agreement that this time is named the USMCA, and like always, it is regulated by the UN globalist elites including the Council on Foreign Relations and the Bilderbergers.




“The U.S. International Trade Commission says that within five years, the USMCA could add up to $235 billion in new economic growth and 589,000 jobs to the U.S. economy. The USMCA will put in place the strongest and most comprehensive labor protections of any trade agreement in American history,” stated VP Mike Pence in his article ‘The Time Has Come. Congress, Pass USMCA’ on whitehouse.gov.


But when you go to The United States International Trade Commission website usitc.gov, their article ‘USITC Releases Report Concerning the Likely Impact of the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA)’ those claims differ markedly:  “The Commission’s model estimates that USMCA would raise U.S. real GDP by $68.2 billion (0.35 percent) and U.S. employment by 176,000 jobs (0.12 percent). The model estimates that USMCA would likely have a positive impact on U.S. trade, both with USMCA partners and with the rest of the world. U.S. exports to Canada and Mexico would increase by $19.1 billion (5.9 percent) and $14.2 billion (6.7 percent), respectively. U.S. imports from Canada and Mexico would increase by $19.1 billion (4.8 percent) and $12.4 billion (3.8 percent), respectively.“


So much for credibility, but hype is alive and trumpeting.




Fortunately, President Trump put a stop to two very dangerous programs: the deceitful Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) that wanted only one thing out of us. Control. If you study them they included long lists of all kinds of controls and worse even were the courts that circumvent our own courts.


During the Obama administration’s dealing with TPP, members of congress were shut out of negotiations, no press or public participation was allowed, yet corporate lobbyists, other nations and their corporate lobbyists were having full access. The only information available was that that was leaked.


In 2015, Congress shamefully voted to relinquish their Constitutional responsibility for negotiating trade to the sorriest elected American, (if he truly is bonafide) to ever hold office, in my opinion, who again, in my opinion, wasn’t capable of negotiating himself out of a wet paper bag. In that relinquishing of their responsibility to deceitful Obama, many members took a lot of money for passing that legislation.


Back in May, 2015 when Congress passed TPA The Guardian identified the source of the money and the senators who participated in the bipartisan betrayal:


“Using data from the Federal Election Commission, this chart shows all donations that corporate members of the U.S. Business Coalition for TPP made to U.S. Senate campaigns between January and March 2015, when fast-tracking the TPP was being debated in the Senate:


“Out of the total $1,148,971 given, an average of $17,676.48 was donated to each of the 65 “yea” votes.


 “The average Republican member received $19,673.28 from corporate TPP supporters.


“The average Democrat received $9,689.23 from those same donors.”


So is there any doubt that big bucks are lobbying around DC to be sure this gets passed this time.  These UN/Globalist/Elitists/CFR/Never Trumpers are relentless and so driven they long ago overwhelmingly took over most of our media and have Deep State’d the Democrat Party as well as most RINOs and most of our bureaucracies.




William F Jasper, Senior Editor of The New American magazine revealed, “The fact is that the European Union (EU) began as an economic and trade pact that, over the course of six decades, morphed into a full-blown supranational government that is now in the process of wiping out the few remaining vestiges of national sovereignty of its member states. And what is important to note is the blatant lying and deception that has been essential to each advance of the EU project along these lines. At each crucial step, when critics objected that a new set of EU powers would lead to destruction of national sovereignty and independence, the EU prop­agandists would assure the contrary and insist that “economic integration,” “harmonization,” and “convergence” posed no threat to national sovereignty, tradition, and local rule. Those assurances have now been proven completely false. “Vladimir Bukovsky, the famous Russian dissident, author, neurophysiologist, and survivor of Soviet prisons, psychiatric prisons, and labor camps states: “It is no accident that the European Parliament, for example, reminds me of the Supreme Soviet.”


Mr. Jasper also reported that the TPP and TTIP were of special concern to Americans, since…. the authors and promoters of these agreements admitted that they dealt with far more than trade and were designed to drag the United States into “regional governance” on a host of issues. The architects of the TPP and TTIP were virtually unanimous in their head-over-heels praise of, and support for, the political and economic merger that took place in the European Union.


“The once-sovereign nations of Europe had been tricked, bribed, and browbeaten into yielding control over almost every aspect of their lives to globalist banking and corporate elites and their bureaucratic servitors in Brussels. The national governments, legislatures, and courts in the European Union became mere administrative units of the unaccountable rulers of the increasingly tyrannical EU central government,” Jasper stated.


AND, not a single citizen in any of the 28 member state, former sovereign countries, voted for the EU!  They were all slowly transformed through a myriad system of evolving programs.




Great insight is provided in the history of how the European Union was created by these very scheming globalists in the John Birch Society’s fantastic expose provided in a booklet titled ‘How the Free Trade Agenda Affects You.’  Quoting from this booklet:


“For 60 plus years, nations have increasingly embraced the concept of negotiating complex free-trade agreements with other nations for many reasons.


“A good example of this is Europe. Following WWII, Europe was not only starving for peace, but also for solutions to economic problems, such as raw materials being in one country and the industry to process them being in another. European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC), which involved Germany, Belgium, France, Holland, Italy and Luxembourg, was proposed as the answer to their problems. During negotiations on the ECSC, a few people voiced concerns that those who are negotiating this agreement actually have something much bigger in mind: the ultimate union of all of Europe into a single state. Those raising these concerns were ridiculed, but later turned out to be correct.



“With little opposition, the European coal and steel community merged the coal and steel industries of six nations under a single regional authority on July 23, 1952. By 1957, these nations agreed to expand this institution into the European Economic Community (better known as the Common Market).  At the time, the citizens of these independent nations were told that the purpose was merely to eliminate mutual trade barriers, so that a huge prosperity zone would develop.


“What the citizens did not realize was that the common market proponents were not up-front about the future plans of the European Economic Community.


“In 1996 Bernard Connolly, a former senior official in the European commission lamented: “It has now become clear to us that what we thought was a common market is nothing more than a project to create a European federal superstate in which our sovereignty, Britain’s national identity, would be extinguished.”


“As decades passed, the program to further enlarge this union continued. With a desire to increase areas of cooperation, the single European act was signed by the foreign ministers in February of 1986 and Luxembourg and The Hague respectively. The single document dealt with reform of institutions, extension of powers, foreign policy cooperation, and the single market. On July 1, 1987 the Single European Act went into effect.


“Witnessing the slow transformation of the European Coal and Steel Community to the European Common Market, most observers would not believe what was in store for Europe. However, William F Jasper wrote “United States of Europe” in The New American magazine of April 10, 1989, in which he said that if the agreements in negotiation were to be coupled with those in force at the time, then within three years Europe would, for all practical purposes, be one country with a centralized European Parliament. People did not believe.


“Dr. Ron Paul, who wasn’t serving in Congress at the time, warned that the emerging European pact was integrating a status system as a step toward a world central bank. People still did not believe.


“Whether people believed it or not, this was precisely what happened, but gradually with one agreement at a time so as not to alarm the peoples of Europe for Americans either. Over time each of these agreements were put on the table and implemented.


“By 1993, 15 nations were persuaded to take the next step – forming what is now known as the European Union. As of 2013 the European Union consists of 28 formally independent nations that are now known as “member states.” The EU model has been so successful in the economic and political integration of independent nations that internationals are replicating the formula around the world. The almost universal belief in the superiority of free trade policies or other approaches has been a major reason for the widespread acceptance of this formula. However, the downside of the free-trade agenda in Europe since 1952 has been that 28 formerly independent nations have lost their independence as a result of the deceptive free-trade agreements leading to the creation of the European Union. Note well that all 28 of these nations lost their national sovereignty without ever permitting the citizens of these nations to vote on the matter.”Unquote




The TPP FTA that Trump stopped would have included binding obligations that would have touched upon a wide swath of policy matters under the authority of Congress.


Beyond traditional tariff issues, these include policies related to labor, patent and copyright, land use, food, agriculture and product standards, natural resources, the environment, professional licensing, competition, state-owned enterprises and government procurement policies, as well as financial, healthcare, energy, e-commerce, telecommunications and other service sector regulations.


Trump is told by trusted advisors that the USMCA is much better. Yet, it has all this and more.  So the question has to be:  “Does President Trump know that?”  I choose to believe that he does not, and he is trusting these poker faced deep state liars. 


Plus, the USMCA is totally antithetical to Trump’s wall, renders our Congress null & void on matters of trade, sets up a North American Energy grid run by the UN, andgender-related issues” (aka LGBTQ)




Trade is the Constitutional responsibility of Congress.  That same very shameful ‘tainted’ Congress today is as inept for such a task of negotiating as the infamous, deceitful ‘Mr. Hope and Change,’ Obama was. And it’s more than evident today that they are willing to take money for votes from very big money globalists to transform our pesky American republic into a member state of a regional government that will become part of a world government.


However, today, wide awake Americans who recognize that our non-perfect President Trump, who may not have all the answers ‘yet,’ or the best staff he needs ‘yet,’ is aces above most predecessors, and by far, the best breath of fresh air Washington, DC has experienced probably ever.


The Donald has the instinct for true American values and our best interests at heart and certainly has the negotiating prowess to deal with these complex trade issues on our behalf much more safely than would the corrupt, deep state orchestrated, special interest Congress with a most disgusting track record that’s virtually performance free today.


But our Congress should be negotiating trade issues one on one with individual countries with no UN or any other entity being involved for President Trump to sign or urge better negotiating as our chief executive.




This real story needs to get out! FTA’s need understanding, exposing, and acted upon with serious blocking action legislation, if necessary, before it’s too late. FTA’s and subsequent ‘national unions’ might be accomplished in an on-going gradual secretive process. Most people probably don’t believe this really can happen. Really!!! They’re either too trusting or apathetic.



American sovereignty will be dissolved if these giant FTA’s are reawakened to transition us to fruition as intended. Then freedom loving Americans will be told by a world government run by unaccountable, unelected global power elitist what’s best for us and how we must conduct all aspects of our lives with unfathomable rules about everything that makes our current big government maladies appear like we’re just in training for the ‘big hurt’ (my expression) and all the while subordinating our new member state status during our transition to the UN, WHICH WE SHOULD BE OUT OF!


President Trump might need to use the carrot of negotiating if he wishes to use some of these free trade issues like tools to barter into accomplishing other ends, perhaps such as border walls, etc. but he must become aware of our greatest danger lurking in these purported ‘programs:’ the regulations and courts that pose our nation’s greatest threat, and our loss of control. FTA’S demand control. The best Trump could do is to get us totally out of all free trade programs and deal with each country in a sovereign way one on one.


‘Free trade’ has always been a giant misnomer of those that would have their way with our weak, naïve and even complicit negotiators from the likes of the National Chamber of Commerce who are all in with these globalist machinators.


Thank God we have President Trump dealing with this topic. We need to pray that he will continue to stay focused on how bad the mechanics of these programs are in their controls even more than the predatory price agreements. It would be most desirous to hear President Trump say, “We are not doing any ‘free trade’ agreements! We are only going to work on ‘fair trade’ agreements with individual countries, one on one. That makes good sense and is the fairest and safest way to trade”


Call and log your opposition to this nation killing bill, the USMCA:


President Trump at 202 456-1111 or 456-1414

Your Senators at 202 224-3121

Your Representatives at 202 225-3121


Read THE FULL ACTUAL DOCUMENT: USMCA | United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement


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