A Letter to My Congressional Representative

A Letter to My Congressional Representative


By Douglas Jones


Dear Fellow Citizens:


In having correspondence with Federal and State Representatives, I am finding a disconnect from their obligation to defend and protect our Constitution and our civil liberties. My Congressional Representative recently sent out a survey regarding mandated vaccinations for school age children K-12. I do not believe that there were any bad intentions involved, — but a lack of proper perspective. To test the ever changing and fickle wind of public opinion is no way to pursue public policy. I found the idea of such a survey inappropriate. We must be vigilant of ways that we may inadvertently relinquish our God given rights. Below is the body of a letter regarding the subject.  Now is a time for extreme vigilance.



In a recent correspondence, you had a survey regarding vaccination mandates for children attending school. While I do not know the motivation for such a survey, I disagree with the idea of doing a survey on this subject at all. It sends a poor message. It legitimizes the idea that medical decisions should be a function of a vote through a democratic process, rather than a decision made as a result of research and private consultation with one’s physician. So much of the thinking surrounding this subject is flawed, and in the end, —— can be harmful.


Many adults and children in my direct family have contracted the virus. With only two exceptions, we were, — and remain unvaccinated. After doing research on the effects of the virus of anyone under 25, we believed it best that they contract the virus naturally, and attain natural immunity by way of their adaptive immune system. There are statistics out there showing that our children have a very small likelihood of being “hospitalized” as a result of the Covid19 virus, — less than the flu. The children in our family only had mild symptoms and breezed right through it. In contrast, my son’s family have an acquaintance whose perfectly healthy 12 year old daughter ended up at emergency within 24 hours of being vaccinated. Her problem was a heart/vascular issue. Since then, there have been more reports of similar reactions. The question becomes, “Why are the vaccinations being pushed on a population largely at no risk, —— and why take any risk at all?” Especially, when we know that the “vaccines” are not effective in prevention or transmission. Technically, under the original definition, —— they are not vaccines,—— they are therapeutics. Another question emerges in the light of your survey, —— “If a majority, — a mob, — decided they want our children vaccinated to participate in society, — would politicians endorse it?” Certainly they would, because it is already happening in some jurisdictions.


Many in our family have had this virus, and all of us recovered at home. I refused my own physician’s persistent request that I get vaccinated despite having natural immunity. Nothing good could come out of it. Why will officials not recognize the historical long-term benefits of natural immunity? I remain healthy and active, but have lost a large part of my customer base due to fear of the virus. Most are vaccinated, wear masks, yet live their lives in fear. Why, if one has taken all the precautions they believe necessary to protect themselves, would they be fearful of others? This makes no sense. It is a “collective madness,” a “psychosis,” — being perpetuated by fear. Fear being promoted by the CDC, NIH, various other agencies, politicians, and many in our own medical community. Our airways are filled with messages to “get vaccinated.” Most, if not all, — of these ads are sponsored by the CDC, Department of Health, and the Ad Council. This is a waste of resources. We all know about this option.


The coordinated messaging that is taking place along with the censoring of any honest debate is very troubling. It appears to be a process of conditioning the public, — gaslighting us into compliance. Any debate on this subject is being squashed. Many of us believe there is something terribly wrong. I fear for my country and our civil liberties. If medical freedom is lost, as we are now seeing, —— economic freedom and social freedom will go along with it. One need only go outside their home to see it, — growth in empty and half stocked shelves. It is the consequences of a false narrative resulting in disruption, separation, and medical discrimination.


Rather than a survey, please consider that someone in your staff be assigned the task of reaching out to others trying to reveal the truth of the virus, natural immunity, and a better way to deal with the environment in which we find ourselves. Some inside the Beltway, but also people outside the echo chamber of Washington D.C. There are people like Senator Ron Johnson, Senator Rand Paul, Dr Robert Malone, Dr Peter McCullough, Dr Joseph Mercola, Dr Sucharit Bhakdi, or people at The Children’s Health Defense who can be consulted. Rather than allow institutions that are losing their moral authority like the CDC, DSHS, and the NIH to dictate to us, we need some intellectual push back against a damaging narrative. The public is putting entirely too much trust in unelected officials, rather than doing their own research. History has shown that in a pure democracy, the mob, — can be terribly wrong. It is the reason we were given a Representative Republic. If truth is reduced to what a controlling majority says it is, we are all in serious trouble.


Telling the truth can come at a cost. But, a bigger cost to a culture is when it chooses to live a lie. Not in all my many years have we seen the need greater for Representatives with the courage to stand against a dominant narrative, and to call for open and constructive debate. Then we, as freedom loving Americans, can make our own decisions without the need for state sponsored coercion.


God Bless America and Thank You.