Idaho Legislative Update – Rep. Sage G. Dixon – District 1


Rep. Sage G. Dixon – District 1


Floor Session:


This week’s Floor Session was, for the most part, straightforward.  There was a manageable amount of legislation to vote on, and very little controversy on the Floor.  Two Bills that did draw some notoriety and debate were H378 and H413.  H378 dealt with how legislative vacancies are filled, proposing a change from three names being submitted to the Governor for his selection, to one name being submitted.  This was presented as a strengthening of the separation of powers, as well as having the new legislator be more reflective of the constituency, as opposed to the Governor’s wishes.  There was little, if any, debate, but the Bill garnered only 28 “Aye” votes, and failed to pass.  H413 pertained to City Council Elections, and proposed to have cities over 100,000 people institute electoral districts for city council positions.  This generated much debate, especially from the legislators who represent the City of Boise, and whose council members come from the densely populated areas of the City,  This leaves residents outside the city core feeling unrepresented, as all the candidates live, and all campaigning occurs, in the higher population areas where the majority of the votes are.  The Bill passed along party lines 54-16.


As always, all votes are yes, and all Bills passed unless otherwise noted.


The Bills we voted on were:


H412     Supplemental Appropriation-Dept. of Administration                               $66,500 N


H367     Add to law regarding Phosphogypsum stacks and lateral expansions


H382     Add to law to provide for Bear River water rights adjudication


H345     Amends law regarding vehicle booting


H385     Repeals and adds to law regarding certified medication assistants


H378     Amends law regarding legislative vacancies


S1257   Supplemental Appropriation-reduction to Public Defense Commission   $1,036,000


S1258   Supplemental Appropriation-State Appellate Public Defender                   $140,000


S1271   Supplemental Appropriation-Board of Tax Appeals                                      $42,100


S1272   Supplemental Appropriation-Dept. of Environmental Quality                      $120,000


HCR31 Recognizes the importance of the Idaho National Laboratory


S1235   Repeals law regarding Professional Studies Program and Account


S1236   Amends law regarding qualifications of educational interpreters


H388     Amends law regarding enrollment of military families in charter schools


S1240   Adds to law regarding verification of advanced practice nurses


S1242   Amends law regarding training requirements for nursing home administrators


H362     Repeals the Idaho Hospital Liability Trust Act


H392     Amends law regarding the definition of Health Care Provider to include students


H413     Amends law to require that certain cities establish city council districts


SCR126 States finding regarding the Idaho Behavioral Health System Plan


HJM12 Requests that the Federal Government sanction opioid traffickers


H399     Amends law regarding collection agencies


H401     Amends law regarding mortgage practices


H477     Amends law regarding Real Estate Licensure


H478     Amends law regarding Real Estate License law


H329     Amends law regarding the director of the Dept. of Water Resources


H366     Amends law regarding water district meetings and board members




 Revenue and Taxation:


This week, we had (5) meetings in which

we heard (11) RS’s, and (2) Bills.




The RS topics were:


Grocery Tax Removal (3)


First-Time Homebuyers Savings Account


Urban Renewal, Highway Districts


Tax of Leased Government Property


Grocery Tax Credit


Valuation of Agricultural Land


Sales Tax-Custom Meat Processing


Idaho Small Employer Incentive Act


Local Improvement Districts


All were introduced for printing, with the exception of the three Grocery Tax Removal RSs.




The Bills were:


H409   Freeze Property Tax Statewide


H408   Sales Tax Distribution, Cities


The Bills were passed on to the House Floor with a “do pass” recommendation.




Transportation & Defense:


We held (2) meeting this week

and heard (2) Bills, (2) RSs.




The RS’s were related to:


Nurses, student loan repayment


Unmanned Aircraft Systems


All were introduced for printing.




The Bills were:


H410   License plate, valid ten years


H411   Notification of Towing


All were passed on to the House Floor with a “do pass” recommendation.





We held (2) meetings this week in which we heard (12) Bills.




The Bills were:


H477   Real Estate Licensing


H478   Real Estate Licensing


H399   Idaho Collection Agency Act


H400   Idaho credit Code


H401   Idaho Residential Mortgage Practices Act


H419   Mortician Board


H422   Diving Business Board


H423   Athlete Agents Act


H424   Barber and Cosmetology Board


H421   Real Estate Appraiser Board


H420   Contractor Statute


H472    Building Code; Sprinklers


All Bills were passed to the Floor with a “Do Pass” recommendation, with the exception of H472 which failed to pass the Committee.




I encourage you to contact me with any questions or concerns, and I am grateful for the opportunity to represent District 1 in The Idaho House of Representatives.


Lord Bless,


Sage G. Dixon


P.O. Box 208 Ponderay, Idaho 83852   208.610.4800

State Capitol:  P.O. Box 83720  |  Boise, Idaho 83720-0081 | 208.332.1044


Sage Dixon

District 1 Representative

Bonner and Boundary Counties


Business – Chair
Ethics – Chair
Revenue & Taxation
Transportation & Defense