Expose on Candidate Doug Okuniewicz – Article 2 of 4: Doug O.’s Big Letter

Expose on Candidate Doug Okuniewicz – Article 2 of 4: Doug O.’s Big Letter


By Chester from chuckleberriesonline.com


 An anonymous source leaked a vital tip that has been a wonderful aid to tie the research on Doug Okuniewicz together. It’s an email sent to Bjorn Handeen, PC and previous chair to the elections committee for the KCRCC. Doug was attempting to refute an article about him published by Boise Leaks (BL) CLICK HERE. This letter is his answer Bjorn’s request for his side on what the article claimed.  We feel it’s the perfect launching point to start our series on Doug O.


CLICK HERE to read Doug’s letter. There will also be a link at the bottom of this post. We highlighted a few key details so they stand out.


We’ll do our best to address each point in this lengthy letter. To keep it easier we’ve numbered each paragraph on the .pdf, and will follow that format in our reply and explanation. Also associated documents and links will be provided throughout.


We recommend to download this letter and read it first. Then due to the length, keep a copy handy so you can refer back to it for each point we make here. Otherwise things get confused easily.


Pay attention to the other PDFs linked throughout this post. At the end we’ll make a list of each one in order.




1.Doug jumps outta the starting gate labeling Boise Leaks as “Fake News”. This is a common tactic used by anyone that disagrees with facts or documents that cast them in a bad light. Label it as “Fake News”, and in their minds it melts away. Doug also uses an age old marketing tactic of repetition by mentioning the term 17 more times. He thinks by saying it Ad nauseum the reader will be convinced the site is a fraud.


2. This is a blame shifting tactic Doug is using. Bjorn simply wanted to know if what was published by BL was true. But Doug puffs out his chest in an attempt to turn the tables. Instead of addressing the allegations, or taking them seriously, he dismisses them as “ridiculous allegations”. He then claims he doesn’t need to answer the question(s), but in a move to look morally superior he’ll answer the query anyways. Laughably in the 1800 words it is lacking any answers from Dougo. Wouldn’t it have been easier to just thank Bjorn for his inquiry and then state you’ll answer each point made?


3. Instead of addressing any point on Boise Leaks, he makes his first attempt to frame PC Don Bradway. He was trying to insinuate Don is somehow connected to the site (see other points below). Doug again, a point by point refutation would have done you wonders here…but you stumbled all around like a drunk frat boy. Neither BL or Don accuse you of personally using your money to support Democrats. You even make the claim you didn’t write or approve these checks. Doug is the Chairman of the Winning for Idaho PAC (CLICK HERE). We are sure the PAC’s treasurer made wrote the checks. But to claim you knew nothing about where the money went is disingenuous. Are you purporting your treasurer is sending money to people without your approval? Then you make the claim the PAC is controlled by your employer. Doug again you were the chairman. Sure we know Greene Group has you on a leash and likely controls much of your business life, but we seriously doubt they chose these candidates. Remember the Principals of Greene Group are in Alabama, and manage numerous companies. They put you as their trusted agent for CDA Racing, Greene Foundation, and the Winning for Idaho PAC. You are the one that lobbied in Boise, meeting legislators, not your employer. Man up and tell the truth. Speaking of, your 2019 lobbying for Coeur d’ Alene Racing has ZERO forms submitted, despite registering in Feb 2019 and terminating 12/31/2019. Hmmmmm.


4. Doug mentions there are a few Democrats who did receive money, and dismisses it like it was hardly anything. Since Winning for Idaho’s inception in 2008, they have donated to 33 Democrats, and 2 Democrat committees for a total of $45,249.00. This was done in 93 separate transactions.  That’s hardly as small a number as Doug suggests. He tries as he did in paragraph 3 to justify this because Trump did it. So by Doug’s reasoning if I see someone do something immoral, then that gives me permission to do the same? CLICK HERE to see the list of Democrats. We’ll make another post on this subject with more supporting documents.


5. This is a bizarre paragraph written on high strung emotions and wanton hopes. He mangles everything up, and dismisses it as just fake news again (yeah we know, big surprise). First he claims former Ada County Commissioner never did an investigation. Doug, if my neighbor’s dog gets in my yard and digs a hole, I will do a small investigation to determine how it happened. Regardless of the scope, an investigation is simply gathering facts tin an attempt to ascertain the truth. Yes it was her own private investigation, but nonetheless it was still an investigation. She simply compiled documents from your employer’s history into a fairly concise post. There was little commentary added, it was mostly just facts. She quotes known court documents and newspaper articles…that’s hardly fake news. CLICK HERE to read her post. You attempt to discredit her based off another post she made, without addressing the sources she quotes in the post regarding Greene Group. Your attempt to discredit her fails harder than Prop 1 did in 2018.


6. Here is where it gets REAL interesting. Doug claims his running for office has nothing to do with desiring gambling legislation to pass. He then claims he has no interest in gambling. Oh Dougo, I’ve heard some whoppers in my time, but this might take the cake. You sir are the proud owner of 26 gambling device patents by your claim on your campaign website. But further investigation shows the number is actually 49. The latest patent is “Gaming Device with a Secure Interface”, filed on November 17, 2019 and published on March 5, 2020. CLICK HERE to see all of Doug’s Patents. If you’re so serious about recusing yourself from gambling, then why did you apply for patents during your previous campaign and this one? Even if you recuse yourself, you’ll still reap the rewards for your numerous slot machine patents. Notwithstanding, you’ve been lobbying for gambling in Idaho during both campaigns…seems as though you have a MAJOR interest in gambling issues! There is so much more on this subject we wanna cover, but it’ll have to be in a separate post.


7. These are admirable and lofty goals Doug. And yes admittedly politics can be a nasty business. But might I remind you of the PAC you set up for the sole purpose of taking out Luke Malek?  We’re no fan of Luke, but you’re reason to oppose him wasn’t because of his moderate to left leaning, URD loving politics. Instead you had a vendetta against him due to him representing the CDA Tribe’s gambling interests as an attorney. So you started a the Committee for Principled Government PAC not because you wanted to elect someone more conservative, but because he was a business opponent of yours in the gambling industry. Then you gave heavily to his opponent, Art Macomber. CLICK HERE to see expenditures. We like Art, but feel you would’ve thrown money at anyone who was running against Luke….even it it had been someone more liberally minded than him. So remember that when you go on a whining fit again. It is important to note the one and only donor to this PAC was Coeur d’ Alene Racing….the gambling organization headed by Doug O. CLICK HERE to see the PAC Donations. HERE is the 7 day report, just before the election.  Lastly even the media caught on to this dirty politics scheme of Doug’s. CLICK HERE to read a copy of the article.


8. BL simply makes an observation of a possible conflict of interest and quotes

the state statute on this. They list the document showing you were a member of JH Benefits, a company started by James Hammond CLICK HERE. You joined his company 6/8/2019, which is listed as Code 31, “Para-Mutual Racing”  by the Idaho Secretary of State.  This is while he was still a racing commissioner for the state of Idaho. Furthermore, you were a lobbyist for JH Benefits throughout 2019, with the earliest recording being your January report (Seen to right). BL published this information on 1/18/2020. Governor Little removed James Hammond quickly after, indicating the state recognized the apparent conflict of interest. The posturing is unnecessary. HERE is the 2019 report of his lobbying for JH Benefits.


9. We agree with Doug, this is a non-issue. We support the right of people to bear arms. Some states just have bad laws to hamper this right.


10. What are these silly statements and allegations Doug? You really didn’t address anything in your long-winded letter yet! All we’ve heard is you whining that BL is fake news, and if someone else donated to liberals that gives you the right too. We wish we were as cool as you and can dismiss legal documents that might cast us in a bad light. Compartmentalize it as fake news and move on is what you did here Doug. Honestly it shows a lack of testicular fortitude on our part. Man up and deal with the points. If you’ve done wrong, just admit it.


11. Here is where you letter turns from crying about fake news to wanting blood. You quote court decisions about facing your accuser. Dude, BL were nothing more than messengers. If you have a problem with the sources they quoted, then go to them. It is all public record. If you have a problem with the analysis BL gave at the end, then email them. Work it out with them as a man would.


12.  More of the same as paragraph 11, other than the KCRCC isn’t an attack dog you can sick on BL. Nor are they investigators. As for Ron Mendive’s quote, it’d be nice to see that in full context. If he’s saying what you claim he is, we disagree. If my neighbor videotapes me committing a crime, the video evidence is what condemns me. My neighbor would just be the messenger, providing the evidence of me committing a crime. Likewise, BL provided documents that shed light on your ties to the gambling world. It makes not one iota of difference who is behind BL, they were just messengers.


13. Now it’s Doug’s turn to question the questioner. So your solution to avoiding source material is to hammer your political opponent in an effort to pin this on him? This is reminiscent of your treatment of Luke Malek in 2018. Doug you present yourself as an astute businessman, who has expert knowledge of the gambling industry. Why act like a kindergartner who received a dirty look on the playground? Is this how you handle business, buy projecting your problems onto others, in an effort to divert attention from yourself? That’s some Larry da Lot Lizard Spencer sized tactics…he would be proud.


14. Doug, this is not an uncommon practice, nor is it unethical. Your campaign site is registered by a private company. Your point is? Oh yeah, you’re after your pound of flesh and want to find out who BL is. See Dougo’s private website info to the right —->.


15. You turn those tables Doug! Again attempt to strong-arm Bjorn into ignoring the questions asked of you, and going to find those hornswogglers who wronged you! You want the KCRCC to find those big bad meanies.



16. This is just a silly paragraph, you should reword it as follows. “I’m not saying Tim Kastning and Don Bradway are behind BL, but I am. Arrest them, they’re guilty.” Your bloodthirsty tactics are so glaringly obvious it’s getting laughable. It’s like watching some B slasher film with a lame predictable plot. We’re unamused.


17. What in the wild world of sports are you insinuating? You go from not accusing/accusing Tim and Don to some weirdo analogy about murder? What next, Colonel Mustard in the kitchen with a gun? Seriously this is one of the oddest analogies we’ve seen in some time. You feel slighted that you were caught in a shady industry, possibly doing shady things, therefore it must be Tim’s fault? That’s not how this works.


18. So Dougo with his Masters in Communication does his best Inspector Clouseau impression and divulges how this case should be looked at. See more in 19.


19. The 10 points of this section are essentially just an inquisition with the end goal of pinning this on Tim and Don. He ponders what they have to gain with the information, and whether they are behind the site in some manner. The funniest point made is number 5. He suggests because Don was the first person he saw share the article on him, then he is caught red handed. Dougo, BL published two articles before yours, which were shared all over Facebook. There were NUMEROUS people before Don that shared them. Step back from that tree you’re looking at and notice the forest around you. Number 7 is another crazy-train sized point. You want two men that you see as political opponents to turn over credit card records to the KCRCC???? Lastly we’ll touch on number 10. Doug, like the team at this site, they likely learned about the site days before BL posted about you. Personally my first notice of BL was a post on Fred Martin, which I read before they reported on you. Does that make this author a prime suspect now? Insane in the membrane Dougo.


20. You went from attempting to persuade Bjorn to investigate, to then assuming his investigation is actively in place and he is to report to you! Typically an investigator will agree to such a proposition before digging up facts. But the deeper issue, you ask that he report back to you. Again your bloodthirst is hanging out. You even go as far as mentioning you might be going to law enforcement with whatever is found. We see what you’re doing here. You’re all giddy hoping this can be pinned on Tim, so he can’t run against you. Clever move there McFly, but that’s not how things work in the real world.


21. Hmmm, so you claim the AG is looking into an anonymous website that found negative info on you? And they are investigating elections law violations? You gotta source for that, or is it more puffed up chest beating? We’re quite sure you pulled a Cathyanne Nonini and called the officials, hoping they’d find out who found dirt on you. But seriously, is it a crime for someone to post legal documents and news stories about you? The inhumanity!!!


22. Your closing paragraph you accuse BL of lying, cheating, stealing, and breaking laws. Bear false witness much? And contrary to what you claim, remember BL has highlighted two other Kootenai County political candidates. It’s not all about you Doug.




In reading Doug’s letter from start to finish it’s obvious he is emotionally charged and angry. He keeps stressing over and over again BL is nothing but fake news and to dismiss it all. But in between the rambling rants and the whining he seems to fess up in the beginning. He realizes he’s caught on at least some of the accusations, but he quickly deflects and takes a turn towards attempting to frame Tim and Don. The rest of the letter he tries making a case that he’s been wronged…which is natural response for some people caught in guilt. Instead of fessing up, they blow up and blame others. Which is exactly what Doug did in his 1800 word temper tantrum.


There was not one ounce of professionalism in his letter. He showed disdain for Tim and Don from the beginning and never once addressed a single point BL made. There was no refutation, no explanation, instead there was just noise.


We’re quite sure Dougo will call this post and others we make “fake news”, then go cry to any official that will listen that he was wronged. He’ll demand our heads, and deflect all the above onto others. He’ll even pull an Alex Barron sized move and claim it’s opposition politics. It isn’t. If Tim Kastning had the skeletons lurking in his closet that you have, he too would be chuckled as well.


Lastly, no political candidate or elected official has anything to do with this site, or what we publish. As said in a previous post, we are a group of liberty minded people who want to preserve the hard work others have done before us. Our contribution is simply to vet candidates and keep voters informed. We were doing this long before Doug was in this area or running for office, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.


Stay tuned for more. Oh my do we ever have more.




Keep your powder dry with all the rain falling.

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