Expose on Candidate Doug Okuniewicz – Article 1 of 4: The Prelude

Expose on Candidate Doug Okuniewicz – Article 1 of 4: The Prelude


By Chester from chuckleberries.com


We’ve been a bit quiet the past few weeks. Partially to assess what is going on in this country with all of the media hype. But in our spare time we’ve been doing a massive research project on Doug Okuniewicz, candidate for State Rep district 2. What got us curious was reading an excellent article on Boise Leaks CLICK HERE. While they did a bang up job, we were left with a few questions about how the information tied into his lobbying activities. Others were curious as well, numerous people e-mailed us tips, leads, and questions. So we dug deep, and still are researching the subject.


This isn’t a small one post kinda story either. It covers decades of history across numerous states, and thousands of pages of legal documents. As such, we felt it best to do a prelude. Our hope is to attempt to cover the numerous topics involved as individual posts. On each post we’ll put links to the previous posts, along with all supporting documents. This is the only way to truly cover this subject. As for timing, we will try our best to put up information as quick as possible. But understand this is a bit like writing a book, and we want to make sure our research is sound and accurate.


Before publishing posts, we felt it best to address Doug as a person. Most of the Chuckle Berries Team has met Doug, and have had good conversations with him. He’s easy to talk too, and by all appearances is a devoted family man. He is an avid outdoors man, and loves recreational sports. The point of the posts that follow is not to attack Doug as a person. Instead we are only messengers presenting his business and lobbying dealings. As KCRCC chair Brent Regan has said numerous times, don’t attack the messenger, deal with the message.


Another thing to address, is the accusation this is fake news or opposition politics. No member of Chuckle Berries holds public office, or is running for office. Nor is this expose because we favor another candidate. If any candidate had what Doug O has in his past, we’d expose them as well. We are just expanding on the Boise Leak’s post, updating figures, and adding a ton of new material that connects the dots. What they wrote was really just a scratch on the surface to how deep and wide it truly is. As for the accusation that some will make that this is fake news….legal documents are not fake news. We will simply provide the documents along with an explanation and let the reader make their decision. If you choose to not believe the documents, that is your choice.


This series of articles is why the Chuckle Berries team has remained anonymous and will continue so. We each have families and careers to protect. The money behind Doug isn’t millions, or tens of millions. Instead it is billions , when every principal supporting him is added up. That kinda of money can buy favors that we don’t want to deal with. These people waste more money in a year than some of us will make in our entire lifetime.


Lastly, no member of our team earns a dime for our efforts on this site. We each lead busy lives, but devote time when we can to do what we do. We aren’t like the goofy trolls at Reclaim Idaho (ReFlame sounds better) that bilk people to pay them to spread their liberal disease. Instead we do this to make Idaho a better place and to protect the efforts that countless liberty minded people have worked  hard for. As a faithful reader said in an email, “You guys do what the media and central committees should be doing, and you don’t ask for compensation.” This testimony is true. We do our part to vet candidates when others don’t.


Hopefully we will have the first post up tomorrow, and will keep pecking away until we get it published.


Stay safe,



From chuckleberries.com