COMMUNIST ELECTION STRATEGY: Illegal immigration is a major tool to allow the communist Democrats in Washington DC to remain in power

COMMUNIST ELECTION STRATEGY: Illegal immigration is a major tool to allow the communist Democrats in Washington DC to remain in power



By S.D. Wells


Since the communist Biden Regime stole control of the country in 2020, their open-borders policy has opened the floodgates of illegal immigration to a whopping 6.6 million new illegal aliens from Latin America in just the past 3 years. Though mass-media fake news will never admit it, the immigration regulation officials are witnessing the mass-illegal-influx firsthand, and describing to America what they are seeing happen to the “demographics” of the USA Republic.


Daniel Fitzgerald, a State Department Official who allocates U.S. foreign aid across the entire Western Hemisphere says his agency is failing miserably at slowing down the mass-migration of illegals from Latin America (Central and South America). Like no other time in history, the U.S. government is actively replacing American citizens with illegal, Leftist immigrants, to try to secure (steal) the next POTUS and Congressional elections. It’s called the “Great Replacement” plan, and it’s working at full throttle right now. The state department officials are completely “puzzled” at why the U.S. government is keeping the borders wide open like this, but that is because they all read and watch FAKE NEWS, swallowing the Biden Regime’s narratives whole, and now they’re choking on the “fat.”


Open borders: It’s not government incompetence, it’s a premeditated plan to permanently replace conservative and independent Americans


Most Americans cannot wrap their head around the fact that their own government would like them dying and dead, while they get replaced by a new “demographic” of immigrants who want free government handouts forever, instantaneous amnesty, in exchange for zero constitutional rights. Then, these same Americans are shocked to find out that the China Flu injections they got, also known as mRNA spike protein gene therapy “vaccines,” are biological weapons of mass destruction. This is the main way the U.S. government, working in tandem with Big Pharma, is eliminating American citizens, while replacing them through the open borders policy. Get it?


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What’s worse is these are not just families of immigrants seeking a better life and some American freedoms, they are mostly military-aged males who are criminals, and some involved in violent gangs who rape and murder American children and teens, and even get away with it all, thanks to Soros-appointed District Attorneys in almost every metropolitan city across the nation.


The Biden Regime is sending billions of dollars, and this is on record in fact, four billion over four years, into Central America as part of their “Root Causes Strategy.” In other words, this is Washington DC’s plan to help every want-to-be-American illegal immigrant afford to travel to the southern U.S. border, cross into America and start their new life, as a Democrat voter who votes for more communism. There is no way to sugar-coat this fact for the Americans who seek the truth and want to help protect this country from this mass-illegal-migration “policy” of the Left that is destroying America from the inside out, daily.


Nobody in Washington DC is trying to solve this “problem” because to them, it is the plan for remaining in power, since hardly a conscious American is planning to vote for the demented, ailing, arrogant and puppet-guy named Dark Brandon. Take a look at the illegal immigration statistics as of late, below:



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