Water Update

Water Update


It’s not quite over…



By Brian Almon


It’s been a week since I did my best to explain what is going on with the Eastern Snake River Plain Aquifer. Despite the current mitigation agreement, the problems that were illuminated by this dispute are not going away anytime soon.


Braxton McCoy is a veteran who lives in eastern Idaho and has been following this issue closely as well. He will be soon be publishing an interview with a water expert that should shed some light on the issues surrounding the main dispute. Follow him on Twitter so you don’t miss it.


David Leavitt is the representative-elect for district 25, which covers the city of Twin Falls. He appeared on the Jimmy Dore show yesterday evening to share an update with a national audience:



Thanks to Lauren Walker for the clip, and of course to Jimmy Dore for having Leavitt on to bring clarity to this issue.


Last week, Gov. Brad Little wrote an op-ed explaining his perspective with regards to the water issues. He says that if Idahoans aren’t able to come to an agreement, then the federal government will have an excuse to step in, and we will lose even more of our state sovereignty. Read the whole thing here.


Expect a new mitigation agreement in the next few months as well as discussion and possibly even legislation in the 2025 session. I will keep a close eye on events as they develop and bring you more information when I can.


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