The Never-Ending Democrat Shenanigans

The Never-Ending Democrat Shenanigans



By Robert Ringer


Democrats have tried one vile ploy after another in an effort to destroy Donald Trump, and their lack of success in that pursuit has clearly frustrated them.  The Stalinesque prosecution in New York was supposed to finally bury Trump by keeping him off the campaign trail and giving Democrats the green light to refer to him as a “convicted felon.”  To the Dems’ delight, it did, indeed, keep him off the campaign trail, at least for a while, and, even more important, they can now loudly and truly proclaim that Donald Trump is, at least for now, a convicted felon.


Sounds delicious when they say it in a vacuum, but there’s one problem:  The public doesn’t care.  Polls confirm what most of us suspected all along would result from the Democrats’ over-the-top lawfare against Donald Trump:  being a martyr actually boosted his poll numbers.  And if corrupt Judge Merchan gives Trump jail time, or even home confinement, look for those poll numbers to rise even more.


That said, even though the convicted-felon tag has proven to be a dud, rest assured Democrats will continue to use it.  You have to forgive them, because they can’t help themselves.  The pure joy of saying those words out loud is orgasmic to leftists.  It even caused Joy Behar to pee her panties.


Democrats, however, have no intention of putting all their eggs in one basket.  To their credit, they never tire of coming up with new gimmicks, and their latest one might have more success than the convicted-felon gambit.  It’s a simple strategy whereby they accuse Donald Trump of seeking revenge before he even wins the election.  It’s reverse psychology at a grade-school level, but it could work well against someone like Trump who seems to suffer from a kind of Tourette’s Syndrome impulse when it comes to not being able to resist pouncing on any bait thrown his way, regardless of how much it distracts from more important issues.


No matter what kind of nonsense they spew on MSNBS, CNN, and other fake-news outlets, guys like McCabe, Comey, and Brennan know full well they have committed serious felonies, so they’re playing the victim role and accusing Donald Trump of planning to “seek revenge.”   Even that adorable little moron AOC says she believes Trump will put her in jail if he’s elected, right along with creepy Hillary and mentally deranged Rachel Maddow.


Unfortunately, Trump seems to be falling for this reverse-psychology ploy.  While Dem lawbreakers laugh behind closed doors, the Donald seems bent on trying to convince the world that he is a paragon of fairness who would never dream of seeking revenge against his opponents.  Rather than tying himself up in knots in an effort to try to make his case, what Trump should be saying is, “I have no interest in revenge, but I do have an interest in accountability.  No matter who is president, he has a legal and moral obligation to see to it that criminals are prosecuted and, if found guilty, punished to the fullest extent of the law.”


On to the next ploy:  With Hunter Biden’s conviction in Delaware, Democrats are also trying to steal the martyr card from Trump.  They’re so devious and corrupt that it wouldn’t surprise me if Hunter’s conviction was preplanned.  (After all, there’s no downside, because the Big Guy is going to pardon him, no matter what he says to the contrary.)  It’s a twofer, because Dems can now laughably claim that this proves the justice system is fair and, in addition, they can get half-asleep voters to view sleazy Joe as a loving father who is broken hearted over his son’s criminal conviction.  Barf!


Of course, the most important reason for the Democrats’ nonchalant attitude toward Hunter’s conviction lies in its value as a distraction from the Biden crime family’s massive bribery and money laundering scheme.  Their hope is that the more people are focused on a penny ante crime like Hunter Biden’s conviction for lying on a gun-application form, the less time they will have to think about Joe Biden’s far more serious, undoubtedly treasonous, criminal activities.


As November 5 approaches, the challenge is how to explain the Democrats’ evil shenanigans to the millions of people who consistently vote against their own best interests because of their lifetime addiction to voting for Democrats.  Hope springs eternal, but I would feel a lot more confident if Republicans were better at messaging.  Maybe they could hire Hamas’s PR department to do the job, because those guys are so good at it that they’ve managed to convince millions of people worldwide that the barbarians who engaged in rape, pillage, and murder are the victims … and those on the receiving end are the villains.  But I guess that’s just wishful thinking, because Democrats have already aligned themselves with Hamas.


Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.