2024 Republican State Convention

2024 Republican State Convention



By Dorothy Moon, IDGOP Chairwoman


I am writing to you from the 2024 Idaho GOP State Convention in beautiful Coeur d’Alene.


Hundreds of Republicans have gathered from across the Gem State to celebrate the values and principles we hold dear, values under attack throughout our nation.


The differences between the two major parties have never been starker. Let me remind you of what four years of Democrat rule have brought to America:


Under President Trump, inflation was low, gas prices were down, and Americans enjoyed  economic freedom not seen in decades.


Under President Biden, grocery bills have skyrocketed, and the American Dream seems out of reach for young people today.


President Trump worked for world peace. He brought North Korea to the negotiating table and the Abraham Accords were the biggest step toward peace in the Middle East since Camp David.


President Biden is leading the world to the brink of war, fanning the flames of conflict in Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan.


President Trump said a nation without borders is not a nation at all, and he worked hard to control our borders. He began constructing a big, beautiful wall to protect the citizens of this country, and when he’s in office again, he will finish that wall, a monument to American sovereignty.


President Biden, on the other hand, has deliberately opened our southern border, allowing millions of undocumented illegal aliens to enter our country. Close to six million migrants have entered our country illegally over the last two years — that is three times the entire population of Idaho!


President Trump worked to stop divisive ideologies from being promulgated by our government. He signed an executive order banning critical race theory in government offices and spoke out against radical racial and gender ideologies.


President Biden is pushing these radical ideologies on us and our children. He is using federal regulations to force schools to allow boys to use girls bathrooms and for teachers to use alternative pronouns for those children ensnared by these ideas.


Finally, President Trump was the most pro-life president in history, not only speaking at the March for Life but also appointing the justices who finally overturned Roe v. Wade.


On the other hand, President Biden is currently suing the state of Idaho over our abortion ban, claiming that federal law requires doctors to end the lives of the unborn.


As Republicans, we have our differences, but those pale in comparison to the radical, leftist, anti-American ideology of the Democratic Party.


The Idaho GOP will come out of this convention energized to fight for our state and our country. It’s time to reelect President Trump and support our Republican legislators who will work to protect faith, family, and freedom in Idaho.