The Council on Foreign Relations: the Deep State’s Leaders ‘In their Own Words’



The party machines of both the Republicans and Democrats are certifiably corrupted and actually try blocking upstarts who don’t wire into their alliances with special interests and the power designing globalists’ controls being funneled into our system by the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and its cozy comrade, the corrupt United Nations.





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In this video, part of a series exposing the Deep State, The New American magazine’s Alex Newman follows the money to show who is really behind the throne. From the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds to George Soros, these money men stash the billions and trillions they loot from humanity in tax-exempt foundations. Then, they use their ill-gotten, tax-free wealth to promote globalism, socialism, technocracy and evil in America and around the world. But as any good criminal investigator knows, to solve the crime, it helps to “follow the money.” And when the money is followed, the big picture becomes clear.





See: At Council on Foreign Relations Forum, former Time Magazine editor and former State Department official Richard Stengel says, “Basically every country creates their own narrative story,” Stengel said. “My old job at the State Department was what people used to joke [call] the chief propagandist job. I’m not against propaganda, every country does it and they have to do it to their own population, and I don’t necessarily think it’s that awful.”





Wrapping this up: World Government Socialism demands big government and has for far too long been about balancing social mores, establishing equality and even guarantees for individuals and commerce through government programs. The more programs the more power they expropriate.


Socialism has never succeeded as a government and socialist provocateurs keep making the same mistakes in the face of all their existing failures. If what they are doing is not about power and world domination then they have exhibited the true mark of insanity by continuing the same stupid stuff repeatedly: Government hand-outs dis-incentivize people to work • subsidies and bailouts unbalance the free market • 30 hour work weeks force people to get 2ndjobs falsely propping up job reports • overburdening regulations, high taxes and deceitfull CFR/UN contrived fair trade laws force layoffs as well as close businesses • and the sheer weight of constant bad news and outright lies trumpeted by the sorry ultra-liberal media supports the establishment’s ‘agenda.’ Our open southern border now is an utter huge invasion that should be stopped by our military.


All this and much more has overwhelmingly taken its toll on citizens’ faith in the people we have elected in both parties who are part and parcel to it allThank God we had President Trump for his short 4 years of many great accomplishments.


Now, Obama is puppeteering Biden in the trashing of Trump’s greatest achievements out of spite since Trump took down a lot of Obama’s Marxist efforts during his unfortunate reign as is exhibited in the article DISINFORMATION?  REALLY? – The Overwhelming Proof for Why Obama Himself is the ‘King of Disinformation.’  Yet, with Obama’s machinations considered, you can bet that the CFR’s many dominating influences are in the thick of all that is focused on the destruction of America as we’ve known it.  Because that’s what they do.  Check the CFR’s roster for surprises on who is working on our transition to a world government run by unelected leaders who know best for all of us about everything. 


American patriots must get familiar with our Constitution and Bill of Rights, study issues, inform others, follow the Freedom Index for the U.S. Congress at and fire elected officials who are not honoring their oaths by following our rule of law through the Constitution. There is no other way to right our absolute mess. Presidents, congressmen, senators and governors created this boondoggle we have, and they must pay for it by being replaced at the ballot box, ending their political careers and being replaced with real accountable velted patriots who understand the Constitution and Bill of Rights and take their oaths seriously. They need to know we are watching! Againsee the CFR membership roster.Some of the names will surprise you and really tick you off.


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