2022 ELECTION – A Disaster for Conservatives

2022 ELECTION – A Disaster for Conservatives


By Richard A. Viguerie

PROBLEM – Weak and Ineffective Leaders

SOLUTION – New and Mostly Younger Conservative and Republican Leaders




There’s no denying the fact in the 2022 elections liberals outgunned conservatives. Democrats/liberals beat Republicans/conservatives like a drum.


There is plenty of blame and finger-pointing for Tuesday’s colossal failure by the GOP to achieve a resounding victory under the ideal circumstances for a wave election. Let me address, however, some of the foundational problems (and solutions) that the pundits, consultants, and Party leaders won’t tell you.




Money: Democrat candidates massively outraised Republican candidates.


Money: Liberal nonprofits raise about 700% more money in the last 10+ years than conservative nonprofits ($21+ billion vs. $3-4 billion).


Abortion: Pro-abortion nonprofits raised 1,000% more money than pro-life nonprofits in recent years.


Abortion: Pro-abortion nonprofits have about 1,000% more donors than pro-life nonprofits.


Nonprofits: Liberals have over 20,000 single-issue nonprofits vs. 1-2,000 conservative nonprofits.


Donors: Liberal nonprofits have about 700% more donors than conservative nonprofits (20+ million vs. 3-4 million).


Consultants: Most Republican campaigns are controlled by content-free consultants who appear to be significantly outmatched by those running the Left’s campaign operations, marketing, fundraising, etc.


Strategy: Democrats developed a big-picture strategy with the long game in mind. Their strategy included spending tens of millions of dollars to nominate the Republican candidates they wanted to run against. They selected candidates that would fit into their campaign strategy of:


Democracy is on the Ballot


A Woman’s Right to Choose is on the Ballot


Message: Democrat political leaders gave voters a tune to whistle:


Democracy is on the Ballot


A Woman’s Right to Choose is on the Ballot


Closers: Democrats brought in effective campaigners to drive home their closing message. Repetition is the number one secret of advertising. Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Joe and Jill Biden repeated these tunes over and over in the closing weeks of the campaign:


Democracy is on the Ballot


A Woman’s Right to Choose is on the Ballot


Who/where were the Republican closers?


Taking victory laps?




Conservatives are like the Biblical Jews who had to wander through the desert for 40 years until that generation of failed, flawed leaders had passed away. Conservatives are not going to get to the political promised land until this generation of failed/flawed leaders are replaced and new ones arrive.


Conservatives and Republicans need new leaders, mostly younger (under 40) who have a bold, aggressive, entrepreneurial spirit and want to play an important role in preserving liberty/freedom under God’s laws.


There needs to be a major housecleaning at the national Republican committees, starting with Rhonna Romney McDaniel at the Republican National Committee, but also at the Republican Congressional Campaign Committee, the Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee, the Republican Governors Association Campaign Committee, as well as the cabal of content-free consultants who play a major role in making sure the Republican Party and Republican candidates avoid conservative issues.


Republican U.S. House and Senate leaders need to be replaced, including Kevin McCarthy, Steve Scalise, Mitch McConnell, John Thune.


Most national conservative leaders have low energy, while the Left’s leaders have so much energy, it seems that sometimes you can cut it with a knife.


I’ve written many times in recent years about what is needed for conservatives to govern America. I’ll briefly repeat some of the most important things needed. However, for a more in-depth discussion, you’ll find it in a book I’ve recently written, GO BIG, which was written to help conservatives become competitive with the Left in marketing/communication/fundraising.


On Page 77 of GO BIG I write, “Also, I’m concerned that many conservatives think there will be a red tsunami wave that will wash Democrats out of the office in November 2022, so they believe they don’t have to do anything. Because victory is close, all we have to do is keep doing what we’ve been doing the last 30 years, and we will have a big victory in November 2022. America’s future will be secure. Morton Blackwell called this strain of thought ‘succumbing to the Sir Galahad Theory of politics—we will win because we are self-evidently right.’”


Then on page 78, I list some of the things conservatives need to do to dominate American politics and govern America:


  • 20,000+ new national, state, and local single-issue organizations. The Left has over 20,000 vs. about 1,000–2,000 for conservatives.
  • 20 million grassroots donors regularly supporting conservative organizations. Conservatives now have 3–4 million, while the Left has 21 million+.
  • Dozens of mega donors investing billions of dollars into the conservative movement. The Left has many George Soros, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Michael Bloomberg, Tom Steyer, and Mark Zuckerberg-types.
  • Thousands of high-level professional direct marketers. Most nonprofit conservative marketers are not professional. I wouldn’t dream of flying in an airplane with a pilot who had the pilot skills of the average conservative in marketing.
  • Thousands of high-level professional development people to raise high-dollar donations. Most every national conservative organization either does not have a development department or is understaffed.
  • Thousands of new high-energy, young (under 40) conservatives with a bold entrepreneurial spirit to become leaders of nonprofits.
  • Thousands of boat-rocking, principled conservative candidates to run in primaries challenging silent, ineffective, establishment Republicans for: Congress, state, and local offices.
  • Thousands of new, single-issue internet news sites that will communicate the truth to 100 million+ Americans.
  • Hundreds and hundreds of for-profit businesses that will help conservative leaders, candidates, and organizations market themselves, raise small-dollar donations, raise major gifts, acquire legacy bequests, win elections, advise on media matters, consult on business issues, legal issues, etc. Ben Franklin said, “There’s no accounting for the amount of good a person can accomplish if they make a business out of it.”



If you feel that conservatives/Republicans did not have a bad night on November 8th because Republicans narrowly won the House of Representatives and have a chance of having a majority in the Senate by 1 or 2 votes, let me remind you:


The Republicans had the most favorable political environment ever.


  • 80% say America is on the wrong track.
  • 42% support for President Joe Biden.
  • 38% support for Vice President Kamala Harris.
  • Democrats have caused the highest inflation in 40 years, and Americans said that was their number one issue in the election.
  • Sky-high gas and fuel prices.
  • Democrats war on fossil fuels.
  • Democrats anti-police and defund the police efforts have contributed to rampant crime, murder, and epidemic levels in many major cities.
  • Democrats open border policy has led to 100,000+ fentanyl/illegal drug deaths in 2021, largely because the Mexican cartels are using the open border to bring in death pills from China.
  • Since Joe Biden became president, at least 5,000,000 illegal aliens have responded to his open border policy and invaded America.
  • Democrat support for the extremist abortion on demand up to the moment of birth policy for any or no reason, plus Democrats are requiring taxpayers to pay for abortions.
  • The United States abrupt withdraw from Afghanistan led to the worst foreign policy defeat in American history. Our enemies in Russia, Iraq, and China see that we have a weak, ineffective, and mentally challenged president.


So, with the best political environment ever, we have a squeaker of an election. How do we expect to have big election victories in the future and govern America at the national, state, and local levels with our present, ineffective leaders?


Conservatives with a bold, aggressive, entrepreneurial spirit—this is your moment, your opportunity—America needs your leadership.


About Richard A. Viguerie: Called the “Funding Father of the conservative movement,” Mr. Viguerie transformed American politics in the 1960s and ’70s by pioneering the use of direct mail as a means for conservatives to bypass the mainstream media and take the conservative message right into people’s homes. At age 89, Viguerie works 11-12 hours a day, 5 ½ days a week, in addition to serving as chairman of his 90-person marketing agency, he serves as the chairman of www.ConservativeHQ.com and www.FedUpPAC.org. His latest book is GO BIG, The Marketing “Secrets” of Richard A. Viguerie.
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