Inside the Machines

Inside the Machines


By The Lindell Report


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Validated Forensic Disk Images

The downloads are two forensic image files created from a Dominion voting machine. The two files are very large in size represent a before (EMSSERVER.E01 – 18.9 GB) and after (EMSSERVER_v2.E01 – 19.1 GB) of a single Dominon voting machine. Due to the large size of these files and depending on your Internet connection speed downloading these files may take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours. The remainder of this article will detail what specifically is included in the download, how to use the downloaded files to perform your own analysis.

What’s Included

Click the name of each file below to begin the download.

Context Name Size MD5 SHA1 SHA256
Before EMSSERVER.E01 18.9 GB 19b819764a16e093c7a99cfb45eed3e6 774dca9ca039b3a2af633414608cca05d98e836f 91d45ba6db84c65d761a44d58798e73eaa7d84d5c818f44dab67f08746fdd9dc
After EMSSERVER_v2.E01 19.1 GB 721e22b46dcd576a76b111fb06e5dc03 fea44c445f65200d047bf05e9641b8fc435dd74b 519ce98ff7a02a7df9986351df42d7cfb4b9ceb1043db3fc3132f44d33b8b8e0

How to Use

Once you have downloaded the files mentioned above you can follow the steps below to view these files. The instructions below will work on any Windows based computer with the required software.

  1. Download and install AccessData FTK Imager application. (see required software below)
  2. Open AccessData FTK Imager.
  3. From the top menu choose File | Add Evidence Item… from the “Select Source” dialog choose “Image File” and hit the “Next” button.
  4. Choose one of the two downloaded image files detailed above and hit the “Finish” button.
  5. At this point you should be able to navigate through the directory and file structure of the Dominon voting machine as you would your PC within File Explorer.

Required Software:

  • AccessData FTK Imager Version 4.7.1 (or newer). [download]