Buckle Up, Buttercup

Buckle Up, Buttercup


By R.Altomare


A close friend called me last night and I could hear in his voice things were not all right. I could hear it in every word he used and every sigh he exhaled. When I asked him what was wrong, he sounded so defeated that I winced at what might be coming; a death in the family, an unexpected financial stress?


The cause of his despair was neither of those things. He told me that he had just gotten off a call with some folks who are somehow ‘in the know’ within the conservative movement and he learned of some of the anti-freedom actions that our enemies were plotting. Things like another lock-down, the arming of the IRS and other methods that threatened to snuff out Liberty. He was so despondent about what he had heard that I felt the need to raise his spirits and provide a little perspective that might help him navigate this ‘news’ and get him out of his self-reinforcing funk.


I began my pep talk with a statement so plain and so commonly known that it barely merits mentioning at all:


We are at war.


It doesn’t matter that the Modern version of warfare is not made of Bullets and Butter; we are at war, nonetheless. But warfare in the Information Age is waged altogether differently than our grandparents’ generation. And, most importantly, it does not target far-off foreign countries; it targets a government’s own citizens!


We all are on the battlefield of the First Information War. There is no escaping it, there is no putting our head in the sand hoping things will blow over and go back to the old normal. What role we play while we are on this battlefield of ideologies is completely up to us. We can play the role of soldier or collaborator; we can play the role of partisan or occupier. But no matter what role we may play, we ALL are playing a role whether we realize it or not. There are no ‘innocent civilians’ in a war of ideas within a nation’s own borders.


Unsurprisingly, my friend needed no confirmation from me that we were at war, especially given the phone call and rumors he had just been privy to! My statements only reinforced his despair and confirmed his addicting and self-justified anxiety.


However, instead of commiserating with my friend, I showed him the implications of what it means to be at war. Instead of responding to each of the examples he provided, I gave him some simple advice on how he should react to the doom porn that now makes up both sides of the ideological battlefield.


How should he react when he hears of the IRS buying thousands of rounds of ammunition? How should he react when he hears another lock down is coming? How should he react when he sees political opponents getting rounded up and arrested for no just cause?


Invariably our knee-jerk reactions will be driven by the emotions that the ‘news’ invoked, namely despair and hopelessness. Do you think invoking hopelessness in their enemy HELPS their cause? Stop helping their cause!


Instead, we must not treat these tidbits as (supposed) information that are meant to raise our ire, we must instead classify them as mere data points. It’s pretty hard to get all worked up about a single point of data, wouldn’t you say?


Simply by changing what we call it takes so much of its power away. Their ‘news’ articles and ‘breaking’ events must wash over us like a wave crashes upon a beach. We will assign no emotional response to it and simply observe the item dispassionately as we stand resolutely against evil, no matter how loud it shrieks. In a war of ideologies, information is weaponized. You must blunt that weapon from within you.


After my friend had some time to digest this wisdom, his next question was a natural one. He asked, “OK, we’re at war and I shouldn’t believe anything I see. I get that. But I’m so sick and tired of it all. How much longer will this go?! I just want things to go back to the way they were!”


You and me both, brother. I can definitely sympathize with my friend here. The fact that we are enduring so much for so long is definitely exhausting. Just the simple lack of stability forces me to take personal measures such as never letting my car’s fuel tank get below half and always having a little extra food and water on hand, just in case. These are the times…


In his famous speech in 1775, Patrick Henry said,


“I have but one lamp by which my feet are guided,

and that is the lamp of experience.

I know no way of judging of the future but by the past.“

-Patrick Henry, 1775, Address to the 2d Virginia Convention



I would wager that, in the grand scheme of things, our current war against the Deep State may be just as impactful as our first Revolutionary War. I might even hazard a guess and say that the enemies we fight now are the same enemies we fought nearly 250 years ago. So why not take a page from history and use it to light our way and give us a little perspective?


The American Revolution lasted 6 years. SIX YEARS! And I’d also say that 6 years in the 18th century might as well be like dog years in the 21st! No electricity. No internal combustion engines. No running water. No refrigeration. If we do the math and have a little fun with it, our forefathers fought the equivalent of 42 years in the modern era if we counted the years as dog years. Incredible.


Returning to the modern era, we began our fight in 2020 with the ludicrous lock downs. We are now in 2022 which means, according to our benchmark and new perspective, we are only two years into a 6-year war.


Buckle up, Buttercup and settle in. Ridding the world of this evil isn’t gonna wrap up like a tight 90-minute movie script. This might take a while.


This all sounds pretty depressing, I admit. But take heart, patriot. We are winning this war. Look around you! The wins we are now seeing are simply massive, beginning to pile up and are becoming quite hard for our enemy’s Marxist foot soldiers to ignore. Delicious.


“But what about their plans!” my friend implored. “Look what they are going to do! They are arming the IRS, for crying out loud!”


To this I had only one response: “Of course the enemy is planning your demise. Would expect anything less? You must get used to the idea that our enemy hates you and make peace with it. This should steel your spine, not melt it.”


His comment reminded me of my time in the war zones I worked in in the past. Bosnia and their snipers. Afghanistan and their small arms. Iraq and their IEDs.


Being in a war zone is a fairly philosophical experience, to be perfectly honest. You intellectually know where you, but it doesn’t really sink in that you are in a war zone until a bullet whizzes past your head. It is in that moment you realize that somebody ‘over there’ is actively trying to kill you. It is a surreal feeling, believe you me.


Remember: Every item of doom-porn ‘news’ is meant to kill your spirits and force your capitulation into servitude. These supposed ‘news’ items are Information Age bullets whizzing past your head shot by a desperate enemy. They honestly think they can convince us to lose hope and surrender while we are winning!


What our enemies are slowly realizing is that they are now forced to reckon with a nation of awakened citizens who absolutely KNOW they are free. I don’t envy our enemy’s task, it truly is hopeless.


Surrender? Ha!


To quote another great American,


“I have not yet begun to fight!”

-Commodore John Paul Jones, 1779

aboard the Bonhomme Richard off the coast of Ireland


Patriot, you are in a war of ideas where information has been weaponized against you. Ignore it, just like you ignore those ‘masks required’ signs and you’ll feel the calm and resolve I know you have within you.


Yours In the Fight,

R. Altomare

Founder of BreathEasy


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