A Medical Dictator

A Medical Dictator


By Jim Hollingsworth


I believe that Dr. Anthony Fauci is a medical dictator, and I have reached this conclusion through personal experience. Under his ‘guidance’ at the NIH, every level of government, as well as the private sector, has been affected by his medical advice.


Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle ruled that requiring masks on airplanes is unconstitutional as the CDC had overstepped its authority when demanding the practice. It was a great decision and many airline companies immediately removed their mask requirements. Both airline passengers and employees noted what a relief this was.


Some airline officials commented that many of the passenger conflicts reported over the past couple of years were related to the requirement to wear masks.


After my last visit to see my doctor, it was clear that Dr. Fauci was guilty of medical tyranny. I was required to wear a mask. All the staff were required to wear masks, though many wore the mask below the nose – one wonders if that does any good at all.


When I asked my doctor if they were going to be the last to eliminate the mask requirement he told me that it depended on what the local hospital required.


When I talked to the hospital, I was informed that they have to require masks because if they did not follow the CDC directives, the federal government would cut off their Medicare payments.


The CDC generally follows the lead of Dr. Fauci, and most of the world and the World Health Organization follow the lead of the American CDC.


So, one man, Dr. Anthony Fauci, substantially affects the policies of the CDC, which controls the policies of the various private sector hospitals, which controls the policies of the local doctors and their medical practices.


Even though the good judge ruled that the airline mask mandates were unconstitutional, most of us will be required to wear a mask at some point or another as we have to go to the hospital, visit Hospice, or see a doctor.


This is a national tragedy, that we as Americans would allow one person to have the power to control our freedom, and none of us put up as much as a whimper. We need to rise up en masse and request that this doctor be retired because his flip-flopping indicates he is against real medical science. One doctor, Dr. Scott Atlas, who worked for President Trump and wanted to debate the issue with Dr. Fauci found that he and his team were not open to any medical science debate at any point.


The thing I find so hard to believe is that prominent medical doctors have studied the pandemic, masks, and vaccinations for nearly two years, and concluded that masks really do not prevent transmission, or even offer extra personal protection. Unfortunately, the only science accepted is that put forth by the CDC and the federal government.


Even worse are lockdowns. Our churches were closed, and those who insisted on remaining open to follow Hebrews 10:25 were arrested and fined, some even jailed. In one state, California, singing was banned because it was believed it was spreading more air and thus the disease.


Lockdowns have negatively affected children more than adults. Science has shown that children are less likely to get seriously ill with Covid-19 than are older people. To keep them out of school is harming them academically – they lost at least a year of training, one which they will never regain. To force them to stay at home is affecting them psychologically and to keep them on the playground in the cold while distanced is contributing to emotional and physical health issues.


Some feel that vaccinations at least help to prevent disease. In a land of liberty, each individual has the right to vaccinate themself, but to force everyone to be vaccinated, or to be in lockdown is simply criminal. There is no scientific or legal justification for doing any of these things. Those who have analyzed the Spanish Flu of 1918 concluded that neither masks nor lockdowns did anything to slow or prevent the spread of the disease.


America was founded on the basis of the freedom of the individual. We often quote the Declaration of Independence, especially the text that says: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”


We often stop at that point. We need to at least quote the next part: “That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed….”


When the Constitution was written and each state debated approving the document, there were a number who felt their natural rights were not sufficiently protected. Thus, they wrote twelve amendments, ten of which were adopted. We call these ten amendments The Bill of Rights.


Now you can read the Bill of Rights from one end to the other and you will not find any statement that it will not be in effect during a medical emergency. These are God-given natural rights, not given by any government or agency, and to be protected by all levels of government. This is important – all oaths taken from the President to the lowest city official swear (or affirm) to preserve and protect (or support) the Constitution of the United States.


America is in serious trouble because we have generally lost the ability to think for ourselves. If the government says we have to do something we just do it, without thinking if it is really necessary or even beneficial.


Some people have become so convinced that masks are necessary that when they see someone who is not wearing a mask they become very angry. They think such a person will cause them to catch a plague, much like the Black Plague of years past.


Fear is a tremendous motivator. First, it was global warming or climate change. Then came this pandemic, conveniently adding an additional fear factor. If you can get people to fear the unknown they will generally do what is asked of them. This state of fear is completely irrational and not supported by medical science.


We as Americans are primarily in trouble because we have no understanding of the Bible, or of the U.S. Constitution. We are a constitutional republic and not a dictatorship or a socialist country. It is long past the time to turn this ship around and face the truth. We have let ourselves be brainwashed under the guise of teaching truth, only to find at last that most of this is all lies. Doctors know better, but most are afraid they will lose their license if they attempt to speak the truth. This is medical tyranny.


It is past time that we banded together and demanded our freedoms back. This is not a Democrat or Republican issue, but it is a national issue, and it could already be too late to do anything about it, but we can start with the expulsion of the medical dictator known as Dr. Anthony Fauci.


Jim Hollingsworth has written four books: Climate Change: A Convenient Truth; Cortez: A Biography; The Ancient Culture of the Aztec Empire; and Abortion Compassion. The book on climate is now in a second edition. All are available where books are sold. Jim receives mail at jimhollingsworth@frontier.com