Sensible Crisis Solutions

Sensible Crisis Solutions


By The John Birch Society Staff


As government overreach continues to fester throughout the country, we are beginning to see some people standing up for our liberties and freedoms. South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem is demonstrating how to govern constitutionally even during a crisis by refusing to issue stay-at-home orders or other draconian measures. It is our individual responsibility to decide what happens, even during a crisis and should not be solely dictated by federal or state governments.


We urge you to contact your state government officials and encourage them to be a leader like Governor Noem by adhering to the limitations of power set forth by your state/federal constitution. We also encourage our fellow patriots in South Dakota to contact Governor Noem at (605)-773-3212 and thank her for adhering to our constitutional limitations.



Today, we are witnessing an attack on not only the Bill of Rights, but also the 10 Commandments. The first step in preserving America’s heritage is understanding the fundamental principles set forth by our founders. We urge you to join JBS CEO Arthur Thompson as he dives into his brand new series on the Bill of Rights!



Activate America


Please continue to stay up to date with our “Active America” videos and share them with like-minded Americans! It’s up to us to once again lead the way to show that our God-given rights are not negotiable. We have an excellent opportunity to wake up America. Let’s do so!