Soros “Endorses” DeSantis – Calls him “shrewd, ruthless and ambitious”

Florida Governor DeSantis just received the kiss of death.  George Soros has endorsed DeSantis for 2024. 



Soros “Endorses” DeSantis – Calls him “shrewd, ruthless and ambitious”



By Kat Stansell


According to the Conservative Treehouse, first published in the Washington Examiner, “Soros ripped Trump’s presidency (no surprise there), and complemented elements of DeSantis’s style. “DeSantis is shrewd, ruthless and ambitious,” said Soros. He is likely to be the Republican candidate.”

From  Ron DeSantis wins the coveted George Soros endorsement describing DeSantis as shrewd, ruthless and ambitious



Coming from a globalist controller like Soros, those are words of high praise, and keen assessment.



For months, I have been writing about the governor of Florida, and things about him that smell bad to me.


Many of those whiffs have been proven correct. Lots of things about the Florida governor are not what we are led to believe and are beginning to make people VERY uncomfortable about his position as the “newly anointed “red Hero” of the nation.


The fact that George Soros has just come out and declared DeSantis to be “shrewd, ruthless and ambitious” tells us all we need to know. It kind of augments the picture of Gov. Ron. Lots more details will, I’m sure, follow. But here are my thoughts.


What else is there to say, really? When Soros speaks of one’s political qualities in those words, it is crystal clear. Also, that assessment fits a lot that we have been learning about the Red-Hero designee.


I’ll review quickly what we already know about the man, the politician, the governor.


Many say that Ron DeSantis has risen far past his level of experience and earned potential. i.e., he was helped to get where he has been and is, today. I have neither facts to prove or disprove this. Only that darned smell.


Let’s see. Blue-collar boy gets into Yale, was inducted into a secret society, then on to Harvard.  After only two years there, this son of two teachers was commissioned into the naval JAG corps, a plum position. Only one year after Harvard graduation, he was promoted from Lt.jg, to full Lt. and assigned to JTF Gitmo, where he was tasked with “making sure detainees were addressed in a way that was consistent with the law.” Then, he was assigned to Naval Special Warfare Command in CA and assigned to Seal Team One; then deployed to Iraq as legal advisor to the Commander of Spec Ops – West, Fallujah. What did this young man know about legal advice for a high-level war-time Commander? Just asking.


DeSantis never saw battle in Iraq, and his records of naval service are redacted when presented to the public, “to protect his personal privacy.” Doesn’t make him bad, but maybe it makes him real special. And kind of smelly.


Back home in 2008, he was assigned to the US Attorney’s office, Middle Dist. of Florida (how nice to be back home!) until his honorable discharge in 2010. Quite a busy boy for one only four years out of law school. Then, even more astounding, he managed to amass the voter base to run for and WIN a seat in the US Congress just two years later.


In 2012, Ron DeSantis was elected to the US House and again in 2014, and again 2016. Wow!    In 2018, he decided to run for governor. Where did he get this popular base of support if, during his six years in Washington, DC, he voted with big business and against the little guy over 98% of the time? It’s no surprise that big business is where his donor pool is coming from today.

From Voting Record of Ron DeSantis



As to what I’ve spoken of before, his embracing ERIC, the voter fraud membership system stands out as the biggest horror to me. Free and fair elections are the sine qua non of our continuing as a free country.


Anyone working against that is working against us.


Remember, Scott refused to join because ERIC took too much personal information about Florida residents without providing an actual system of voter roll maintenance. Soon after DeSantis won his narrow victory in 2018, he enrolled Florida in ERIC with its AI data base and no visible means to actually maintain voter rolls.


This year, DeSantis is spending $6 million on his Election Crimes unit, which doesn’t even include the $575,000 for execution of ERIC mandates. At the same time, he has ignored PROOF of 885,000 bad addresses on Florida’s voter rolls. Thousands of ballots were sent to and voted from those addresses even after it was known that they were bad. Those ballots were obviously NOT used by Charlie Crist, as was feared by Republicans at the time.


Those yellow-label “undeliverable” addresses may have been what provided at least part of that “big red margin” which catapulted DeSantis onto the national scene. I think this one smells. Really bad.


After all, Tallahassee “loves ERIC”, citizen activists were told last month by Cord Byrd, the Secretary of State.  “We just use it a little differently”, he chuckled. Now that we’ve seen that “big red wave,” it is easy to guess how. On to other matters.


DeSantis also supports the National Popular Vote, which would allow states with large populations like NY and CA, to control the outcome of all future elections, even without machines and fraud clubs like ERIC. As a matter of real fact, HB 53, which would put the NPV in place, is currently being considered in committee of the Florida Legislature. Should HB53 pass, Florida would withdraw from the electoral college. Future elections would then be controlled by the popular vote totals, aka, mob rule. The electoral college gives voice to the little guy and provides us with a true republic; it was a crowning achievement of our founding fathers. We cannot do without it.


He talks a lot about 2A freedoms yet supports red flag laws .


He also supports the Convention of States, an incredibly dangerous tool to completely revise our Constitution. The Gov. says his support is to get term limits. Nice, but hardly worth the problems it creates.





OK, that’s enough for now.


Shrewd, ruthless and ambitious? Let’s just say that, somewhere during Ron DeSantis’s 44 years of life, he has known the right people, that’s for sure. To learn who those influencers are and what he has promised to do for them, is to unlock the rest of the story.


Soros may have recognized a soul mate. We need to know. We would LOVE those truths to come from him.