Mob Breaches Gate at Washington State Governor’s Mansion

Screenshot-Drew Mikkelsen: KING5 News


Mob Breaches Gate at Washington State Governor’s Mansion


By Jordan Lancaster


A mob of Trump supporters broke through a gate at Democratic Washington Gov. Jay Inslee’s mansion Wednesday night.


Videos posted by Seattle Times reporter Hal Bernton showed the mob of people moving through the open gate in front of the governor’s mansion in Olympia, Washington.


The group stood in front of the mansion chanting “Who’s house? Our house.” A Trump supporter planted a sign reading “Trump won 2020” in front of the mansion.  Several state troopers arrived at the mansion.


The crowd had retreated from the front lawn and moved back behind the gate by 3:30 p.m., the Seattle Times reported. The Washington State Patrol said that they are “responding to protestors who have entered the grounds of the Governor’s Mansion” and that “the Governor and his family are in a safe location,” according to NBC News.


A riot broke out Wednesday in Washington, D.C., after a mob of Trump supporters breached the Capitol building. The mob was protesting the certification of Electoral College votes declaring Joe Biden the winner of the 2020 presidential election.


Lawmakers were forced to evacuate Wednesday afternoon due to reports of a suspicious package. After rioters entered the Capitol building later the same day, the Capitol went on a full lockdown. One woman was shot inside the building outside of the House of Representatives chambers and has reportedly died.


Capitol police used crowd-control munitions including tear gas to try and control the mob. The FBI SWAT team was reportedly deployed to assist in quelling the unrest.