CDA Press’s Sholeh Patrick: Propagandist?

CDA Press’s Sholeh Patrick: Propagandist? 


By Rich Loudenback


Last Monday, Nov. 9th, 2020, I was shocked to see that our local paper, The Coeur d’Alene Press’s lead columnist Sholeh Patrick wrote a piece, ‘Electoral College in spotlight – again’ that I would interpret as sheer propaganda.  She seems well educated enough to have understood a long time ago in her life what the Electoral College’s purpose is as created by our founders.


The Electoral College is simply in place to assure us that all states have representation in our national voting process.  Without it, should we be accepting a popular vote, many conservative states, which would definitely include Idaho, wouldn’t bother voting at all.  Because, If the National Popular Vote (majority vote) determined our elections, then after the highly metropolis, socialist leaning areas of primarily California, New York and a couple extra densely populated states complete the majority vote numbers, our elections would be over and all the other flyover states would be told how they will be governed going forward, without their representation.  Most American states’ interests would become utterly null and void!  Kaput!




We would become truly, as most Americans actually already believe we are already, a Democracy.  No wonder, since we constantly are referred to as a Democracy by almost everyone in our education system, with emphasis in universities, even our congress and that includes most ‘RINO’ Republicans and practically all media including prominent talking heads in both parties. Much of this constant use of the word Democracy is born of naïveté’ unfortunately, however a good deal of this is an intended persistent drumming of the word to get us comfortable with it.


America is absolutely not a Democracy!!! The word Democracy does not appear in our Declaration of Independence nor our beloved Constitution or Bill of Rights.  A Democracy is governance by majority vote.  When the majority rules it becomes literally mob rule. The mob can do virtually anything it wants, including taking your home.  Seriously.  Because they are absolutely in charge. No Democracy has ever succeeded in all of history.  None.  Period. Make that an exclamation point!


America is a Republic!  You know, like in our Pledge of Allegiance… “and to the Republic, for which it stands,…”


A Republic makes us a nation of laws.  Unfortunately, for some time now, aware Americans have been extremely upset at the many recent transgressions of our legal system and how it has become two tiered, excusing crimes of many what I call ‘Teflon Democrats’ who’ve been escaping justice in light of so much actual evidence of all kinds that exists against them, even videos of self-admissions.


No, Mrs. Patrick’s presentation against our blessed Electoral College doesn’t work for Constitutional Americans.  Many good Americans not only loose representation to the majority enclaves of metropolitan areas but given those areas socialist proclivities this could finally put America on a course toward probable civil war to cling to our freedom.  We must have our freedom here and that most certainly includes our freedom to legally vote.  All of us, every American, everywhere!  And in these times, it should be emphasized that illegal voting is punishable by real law as well.


We thank God for our blessed Electoral College.




Oh, and on Patrick’s bad advice about how to rid us of the Electoral College via a Constitutional Convention (Con-Con), see two of my previous articles on the Con-Con con for clarity:  CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION FACTS! and What a Constitutional Convention Will ABSOLUTELY Not Do!


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