Huge Lawsuits Coming Against COVID Totalitarians and Con-Artists

Huge Lawsuits Coming Against COVID Totalitarians and Con-Artists


By Alex Newman


Totalitarians and con-artists who hyped and exploited the coronavirus panic to steal freedom and destroy livelihoods are in the crosshairs, facing the wrath of a team of high-profile international lawyers and doctors determined to seek justice. According to the attorneys involved, the coming tsunami of legal action against the COVID-19 tyrants within and outside government represents the biggest set of tort lawsuits in human history. The scientists and medical experts in the coalition contend that governments’ response to the “pandemic” was beyond unjustified. Whether justice can be secured in courts across the United States and even in other nations, though, remains to be seen.


The effort to use the judicial system against the weaponization of the pandemic features a growing global coalition of doctors and scientists, all of whom are speaking out against what they view as a dangerous disinformation campaign to justify tyranny. The alliance, known as the “Corona Extra-Parliamentary Inquiry Committee” (Außerparlamentarischer Corona Untersuchungsausschuss, or ACU, in German), was formally created by four attorneys on July 10. It now includes well over 500 doctors and experts in multiple disciplines. They concluded that the draconian government measures against freedom are all out of proportion to the dangers posed by the Communist Chinese virus.


Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, one of the founders of the ACU, has been practicing law as a consumer-protection trial lawyer in both Germany and California for over a quarter of a century. In an hour-long video announcement, Fuellmich promised that an international class-action lawsuit was being prepared, specifically targeting those responsible for imposing the deadly “lockdown” policies on much of humanity. Just a handful of jurisdictions in the Western world, including Sweden and a number of American states such as South Dakota, refused to go along with the policies — and they are all doing just fine, and in some cases significantly better than jurisdictions that enforced brutal and economically cataclysmic lockdown policies.


Fuellmich also argued that fraudulent testing was being used to create a panic aimed at justifying the tyranny. Indeed, COVID has “not caused any excess mortality anywhere in the world,” he said, noting that studies on the issue showed the mortality rate of the virus to be similar to that of the seasonal flu. Most of the deaths that were attributed to coronavirus in places such as Italy and New York were actually the result of deliberate government decisions to place sick patients with flu, colds, and COVID into nursing homes, he said. The overwhelming majority of the victims were already well over average life expectancy, he added.


By contrast, the government-ordered lockdowns have “caused the loss of innumerable human lives, and have destroyed the economic existence of countless companies and individuals worldwide.” From surging suicide and drug-abuse levels to an unprecedented mental-health crisis, the concrete effects of the lockdown are becoming more and more apparent. Meanwhile, the only way COVID-19 could be classified as a “pandemic” was by having the UN World Health Organization change the definition 12 years ago to exclude the requirement for “widespread” death.


Among his most serious concerns is that because of the “deliberate panic-mongering” by the COVID hysteria peddlers, self-government and democratic rule “is in great danger of being replaced by fascist totalitarian models.” On top of that, children around the world have been “traumatized en masse, with the worst psychological consequences yet to be expected in the medium and long term.” Meanwhile, the economic devastation, including an estimated 500,000 to 800,000 bankruptcies of small and medium businesses in Germany alone, will destroy the backbone of the economy as well as government finances, he warned.


The German attorney behind the effort has a long history of taking on very powerful interests — and winning, big time. For instance, some of his more recent targets include Deutsche Bank, “formerly one of the world’s largest and most respected banks, today one of the most toxic criminal organizations in the world,” he said. Separately, he pointed to Volkswagen, the German car giant, which was exposed committing fraud surrounding vehicle emissions. Fuellmich is also taking on some of the world’s largest shipping interests, accusing them in a multi-million-dollar bribery case. But the looming corona crisis cases may be his most important work yet, he suggested.


“All the above-mentioned cases of corruption and fraud committed by the German corporations pale in comparison in view of the extent of the damage that the corona crisis has caused and continues to cause,” Fuellmich explained in the video, which was removed from YouTube after being seen by many hundreds of thousands of viewers amid an accelerating censorship program targeting any dissent regarding COVID and other key issues. “This corona crisis, according to all we know today, must be renamed a corona scandal; and those responsible for it must be criminally prosecuted and sued for civil damages.” German judges are already becoming more skeptical of the tyranny and the suspension of constitutional liberties, he said.


Government cronies who helped feed the panic to enrich themselves will be targeted, too. In particular, manufacturers of the infamous Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) tests are in the crosshairs. According to the inventor of the test, Kary Mullis, who won a Nobel Prize in Chemistry for the invention, using the PCR test, “you can find almost anything, in anybody.” Mullis also made clear that the PCR should never be used as a diagnostic tool to determine whether somebody has a viral infection. Unfortunately, Mullis died just a few months before the COVID-19 pandemic spread across the world. However, the CDC and German authorities have known all of this for years, Fuellmich said, naming names.


“Under the rules of civil tort law, all those who have been harmed by these PCR test-induced lockdowns are entitled to receive full compensation for their losses,” Fuellmich said, calling out the major pharmaceutical companies often blasted as “Big Pharma” by critics. “In particular, there is a duty to compensate, i.e. a duty to pay damages for the loss of profits suffered by companies and self-employed persons as a result of the lockdown and other measures.”


Aside from the legal actions being pursued in court, Fuellmich and other members of the ACU warned that political efforts were needed to ensure that similar abuses and frauds against humanity could not be perpetrated again. In fact, according to Fuellmich and other experts, the seriousness of these crimes classifies them as “crimes against humanity, as defined in Section 7 of the International Criminal Code that has been approved by governments around the world. Despite their ostensible diplomatic immunity, Fuellmich and others fully intend to go after UN officials at the World Health Organization, which is in the pockets of Beijing and was crucial in formulating the totalitarian global response.


As The New American has documented, the COVID-19 scandal is not the first time the WHO has done something like this. During the 2009 Swine Flu outbreak, the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly (PACE) investigated the WHO for a “false pandemic” to enrich Big Pharma and cronies. The supranational entity concluded that mishandling of the issue by the UN, the European Union, and governments led to the “waste of large sums of public money, and unjustified scares and fears about the health risks faced by the European public.”


The investigation concluded there was “overwhelming evidence” that the UN, influenced by the pharmaceutical industry, over-hyped the Swine Flu. And not surprisingly, the vaccine makers made out like bandits, reaping millions of taxpayer dollars before they were exposed injuring and maiming huge numbers of people — including hundreds of children. The vaccines then had to be destroyed at public expense. Fuellmich is well aware of the parallels, only the COVID fraud is on a much more massive scale.


Indeed, similar but more outrageous machinations appear to be going on with COVID. “Implementation of the current draconian measures that so extremely restrict fundamental rights can only be justified if there is reason to fear that a truly, exceptionally dangerous virus is threatening us,” argued ACU member Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, a microbiologist who has argued from the start that the authoritarian government response to COVID-19 was outrageous. “Do any scientifically sound data exist to support this contention for COVID-19? I assert that the answer is simply, no.”


Hundreds of other experts and doctors have also spoken out, only to be censored by the Big Tech companies. YouTube, for instance, which is owned by the same company as Google, has been censoring all content produced by the doctors and experts, in line with its policy — announced publicly on CNN by CEO Susan Wojcicki — that no information contradicting the UN World Health Organization would be allowed on the platform. YouTube already removed the video by Dr. Fuellmich, but it is available on Bitchute here. Twitter and Facebook have also been frantically censoring all voices, including the president of the United States, who question or oppose the false narrative.


Dr. Heiko Schöning, a medical doctor who is actively involved in the effort to bring the alleged COVID criminals to justice, was even arrested in London for speaking out — at a spot specifically known for being a place for controversial public speech. And in Germany, a prominent medical lawyer, Beate Bahner, was investigated and then placed in a psychiatric ward for vociferously speaking out against the government’s totalitarian lock-down policies. Authorities incarcerated her in what she described as a “Guantanamo-style High Security Ward of Psychiatry,” even leaving her in a room for a full night without a toilet.


Meanwhile, the complicit media — much of which has been endlessly hyping the supposed dangers of coronavirus — has largely ignored the explosive story about the looming litigation. Interestingly, most of the press depends on Big Pharma’s massive advertising dollars for its continued existence, something countless analysts have referred to as a conflict of interest. Other conflicts of interest exist as well. Consider the far-left Washington Post, a paper owned by billionaire Bilderberg attendee and Amazon boss Jeff Bezos, whose wealth and share prices have doubled since the start of the Washington Post-backed totalitarian measures such as the COVID lockdowns.


More than a few critics and legal experts have called on Americans and U.S. authorities to file lawsuits against the Communist Chinese dictatorship, which is almost universally viewed as responsible for unleashing the pandemic on humanity. Sources within the UN have suggested to The New American that such a lawsuit would be not just appropriate, but crucial in holding the mass-murdering regime accountable while securing compensation for the millions of victims worldwide.


Already, thousands of Americans have signed up to join a class-action lawsuit against Beijing being led by the Miami-based Berman Law Group. The firm promised to “seek billions of dollars in compensatory damages for those who have suffered personal injuries, wrongful deaths, property damage and other damages due to China’s failure to contain the COVID-19 virus, despite their ability to have stopped the spread of the virus in its early stages.”


In a statement announcing the move, the law firm also said it “looks forward to fighting for the rights of people and businesses across Florida and the rest of the country, who are now becoming sick or caring for loved ones, dealing with financial calamity, and navigating this new world of panic and social distancing and isolation.” It remains to be seen whether U.S. courts might be able to hold the regime financially accountable for the devastation.


As COVID hysteria continues, despite the increasing amount of evidence that tyranny has been ineffective at containing it and harmful in myriad ways, medical sources have indicated to The New American that a COVID-20 or COVID-21 was a real possibility — and potentially much more deadly than the current iteration. Those same sources, along with countless other doctors around the world, have publicly and frequently suggested that hydroxychloroquine combined with zinc supplements and vitamin C and D may be helpful in dealing with it.


But dealing with tyrants is even more crucial than dealing with viruses. Holding totalitarians and liars accountable for lawlessness and the damage they have done to so many is absolutely critical. Tyranny, lies, censorship, and fear-mongering are never a good solution to anything. In reality, with viral infections, as with most problems facing humanity today, freedom is the cure.


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