Snow & “Green Cars”?

Snow & “Green Cars”? 


By Anonymous


Snow…and electric cars!! ???  What about this: 100+ heat, AC while sitting in a jam?


Has anyone thought it through?


If all cars were electrically powered…..


Imagine three hours of traffic jam, battery flat, what are you going to do?


There is practically no heating in an electric vehicle over extended periods.

If you are stuck in traffic during the night, no battery energy left, no heating!!!

Call the breakdown services to collect women and children!!

They can’t even get there because the roads are choked!!

When the road is cleared no one can move, (flat batteries)!!

How are the hundreds or thousands of cars going to be recharged?

It’s going to be the same in the summer traffic jams.

That’s going to be perpetual jams with dead batteries. (But nobody talks about it!)


More proof that our Governments, Greens and the rest, don’t think beyond the ends of their own interests.