Next Up: The Fake Debate

Next Up: The Fake Debate



 By Robert Ringer


Speculation is running rampant about Thursday’s debate between America’s greatest threat to democracy, Donald Trump, and a living corpse posing as president of the United States.  What kind of uppers will be flooding Joe Biden’s brain?  Will they be powerful enough for him to be able to stand on his feet and scream his way through 90 minutes?  Given that he was able to do it in his State of the Union address, the answer might be yes.  In that memorable performance, Joe missed nary a beat with his trademark howling about the evilness of the 80 million or so deplorables who support Donald Trump.


I must admit that I’m not at all certain how this political vaudeville act will play out, because there are too many uncertainties.  In a normal debate, the participants debate each other (not the moderators), but this isn’t a normal debate.  Actually, it’s not a real debate at all.  It’s intended to be a Democrat ad produced and directed by Democrats.  Shame on the RNC for allowing Trump to agree to this sideshow.


That said, there are some things we know in advance.  In addition to the certainty that Biden will be highly medicated, rest assured he has already been given the questions he will be asked by Democrat activists Jake Tapper and Dana Bush, and his handlers are cramming what’s left of his brain with the answers to those questions at Camp David.  We also know that Biden will once again scream wild epithets and harp on Trump and his radical followers being a threat to democracy.  He probably will play the convicted-felon card as well, which is likely to help Trump.


What remains to be seen is whether or not the Dem activists in charge of this fake debate will allow Donald Trump to take the fight to Biden.  Trump should ignore the moderators’ questions and use the opportunity to say whatever he wants about things like Biden’s criminal activity, his support for Iran, and, above all, his nonstop lying (51 intelligence officers saying Hunter’s laptop was “Russian disinformation,” insisting he never received any money from China, claiming his son Beau died in Iraq, repeatedly saying that inflation was at 9 percent when he took office, repeating the “very fine people” lie over and over again … the list goes on).


If the Dem activists/moderators ask Trump distractive questions about red herrings like January 6, Stormy Daniels, his promise to be a dictator on day one, et al, he should quickly and calmly brush them aside and go on the attack against the decaying figure at the other podium.  Ditto with questions about topics like abortion, climate change, bump stocks, and other shiny objects meant to distract from issues voters actually care about.


The question is, will Tapper and Bash allow Trump to go on offense, or will they try to cut him off and admonish him like CNN’s Kasie Hunt did to Karoline Leavitt?  If it’s the latter, it would be outrageous, because it’s not their job to shape a debater’s answers to their liking.  In a real debate, the participants are free to go after each other in any way they choose, and the more they do so, the more meaningful the debate.  Of course, with the mics muted while their opponent is talking, it eliminates any back and forth between the participants, which guarantees this will not be a real debate.  How Trump handles this nonsense will determine how things unfold.


In any event, the Thursday sideshow probably won’t have much effect on the election.  Far more important is how Republicans cope with the barrage of lies and dirty tricks Democrats have in store for them.  The Dems have already guaranteed a terrorist attack on American soil with their well-planned border invasion, so don’t be surprised if it happens before November 5.  Am I suggesting that Democrats might possibly be doing everything they can to allow such a catastrophic event to happen?  Yes, I am!


It can’t be repeated enough:  Democrats will do anything — literally, anything — to accumulate and hold onto power.  They are devoid of conscience.  They have no regard for human life, which is obvious by their cavalier attitude toward young girls and women being brutally murdered by illegals they have invited into the country.


It’s become popular to say “Voter turnout has to be too big to rig,” but that’s a tall order for Republicans.  Since illegals can now vote in 47 states with nothing more than a driver’s license, it’s just a matter of how many more of them the Democrats are able to bring into the country before November 5.


The only way it might be possible is if Trump can pull in more blacks, Hispanics, young voters, and independents than the number illegals Democrats bring into the country over the next four-plus months.  It’s a huge task that will require squishy Republicans to put on their brass knuckles and get serious about winning at all costs.


In the meantime, get out the popcorn, sit back, and enjoy watching Trump try to get past the best efforts of Jake Tapper and Dana Bash to protect the sympathetic, well-meaning elderly man with a poor memory.  It will be interesting to see if Trump can break through the Democrat firewall and rattle a drugged up crooked Joe so much that he embarrasses himself.  Either way, of course, Democrats will declare Biden the winner.


Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.