Rhonda Miller: Deep State Takeover of RV Industry

Rhonda Miller: Deep State Takeover of RV Industry



By Rebecca Terrell


Elkhart County, Indiana, is known as the “RV Capitol of the World” and is home to John Birch Society field coordinator Rhonda Miller. Her meticulous research exposes a take-over of the RV industry by Deep State financiers who are imposing ESG (environmental, social, governance) management along with DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) principles, thereby slowly bringing the industry to its knees and creating a workforce crisis in her area.


It is not mere “conspiracy theory” to link their methods to the United Nations’ Agenda 2030. One of the instigators, manufacturing company Lippert, brags on page 14 of its 2022 “Corporate Sustainability Report” about using Agenda 2030 “Sustainable Development Goals” as a “blueprint” for its corporate governance. Meanwhile, the company is embroiled in lawsuits accusing it of illegal and unethical means to eliminate smaller competitors in the market. This, after the virtue-signaling launch of a 2019 Indiana “Job Initiatives” campaign, coordinated through Republican Governor Eric Holcomb, who previously served as Mike Pence’s lieutenant governor before the latter became Trump’s vice president.


Other actors in this unfolding drama include Warren Buffet’s Berkshire-HathawayThor IndustriesInc., (see also here and here) and REV Group.


Miller meets with The New American senior editor Rebecca Terrell to expose the playing out of United Nations’ Agenda 2030 plans and how the RV industry serves as a microcosm of what globalists are trying to foist on us nationwide through inroads in multiple industries and corporations. She offers tools to identify the duplicitous tactics and cleverly coined phrases that internationalists use to slip these Agenda 2030 plans into local and state government. These tools are intended to equip Americans so they can accomplish what the citizens of Louisiana have so wisely done, ending state cooperation with the United Nations, the World Economic Forum, and other internationalist bodies which seek to undermine our national sovereignty and impose world government.



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Rebecca Terrell
Rebecca Terrell is a senior editor and regular contributor for The New American.


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