Standing Together Against Tyranny

Standing Together Against Tyranny



By William S. Hahn


When things get bad enough — when people come to the realization that the battle is good versus evil, liberty versus tyranny, freedom versus slavery — even those on opposite sides of the political aisle will fight to protect their God-given rights.


As Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) noted after talking to Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., to “end the division” in this nation, “It’s going to take individuals from both sides … to come together, recognize the truth, and start conveying the truth.” Covid, or rather the tyrannical government reaction to Covid, certainly brought together many Americans who would not normally have much in common.


It’s abhorrent to see any Americans persecuted for standing up for the truth, especially those in the medical field who have sworn an oath to first do no harm.


Many brave doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals courageously stood for the rights of their patients and for the right of doctors to speak out and continue practicing medicine, even as boards and others took action to remove their licenses.


We have an unpayable debt to these professionals, as well as to others who stood in the gap protecting citizens from the unconstitutional overreaches of government at all levels.


They understood their responsibility to those they serve. Instead of capitulating to pressure, they embodied the following quote from Edmund Burke: “How often has public calamity been arrested on the very brink of ruin by the seasonable energy of a single man?… One such man confiding in the aid of God … would first draw to him some few like himself, and then multitudes hardly thought to be in existence, would appear and troop around him.”


Those who have contributed to this issue of the magazine are not all of the same political persuasion. Yet, they know the dangers associated with government overreach and the harm that has fallen — and will continue to fall — upon an unsuspecting and overly trusting population.


It’s an honor to stand with patriotic Americans to help save this country from the “very brink of ruin,” and to deliver the truth about how the American Republic was designed to work and protect our rights.


We must always remember that emergencies (real or contrived) do not overrule our God-given rights, our common sense, or our Judeo-Christian morality. The Declaration of Independence declares that governments are instituted to protect these rights, while the federal Constitution enshrines the specific powers delegated to the federal government by the states and “We the People,” demonstrating that the federal government has limited powers.


The Founding Fathers gave us tools to keep elected officials accountable. When they overstep their constitutional limitations, pushback must come from those whose power they have usurped. In turn, the overstep must be nullified.


Through its grassroots educational efforts, The John Birch Society — the parent organization of this magazine — has promoted the concept of nullifying unconstitutional actions through various elected officials, legislatures, and individuals. Many elected officials, including county sheriffs, county board members, village and city council members, mayors, and prosecuting attorneys took public stands to not enforce the lockdowns and other tyrannical dictates.


The Founding Fathers built the movement for independence by organizing small groups on the local level, such as the Committees of Correspondence. Educational literature was written, mass printed, and widely distributed to the Colonists, and helped convince many to act.


The John Birch Society is similarly organized, and members educate local elected officials and voters on the basics of the American Republic and the biggest threats it faces. Members and other recipients of this educational material work to counter these threats through constitutional solutions.


Those who conspire against freedom are numerous, but The John Birch Society proves that freedom is the cure. Check out more at


William S. Hahn is CEO of The John Birch Society.


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