To The White House Cabal, The Joke Is On You

To The White House Cabal, The Joke Is On You



By Karen Schumacher


Many questions surround the recent trial and conviction of former President Trump.  The trial itself was not related to any behavior while in office, but rather through his business dealings as a private citizen prior to taking office.  Most likely the group of suspected conspirators, both within and outside of the White House, are dancing with glee, thinking they have succeeded in taking down an opponent who they perceive as a threat to their continued omniscient power.

But the joke will be on them.  Nothing happened to Trump.

Matthew Lyon, a Jeffersonian and “champion of the common man against the wealthy, well-educated Federalists,” was a Vermont elected representative to Congress from 1797 to 1801, and then from Kentucky, 1803 to 1811.

Lyons wrote scathing public letters on President Adams, attacking him for seeking power, his pompous behavior, and removing from office those who thought independently.  Early in 1798, Lyon responded to a dispute with a fellow representative by spitting tobacco in his face, and later in a physical altercation.  In July, after President Adams signed the Alien and Sedition Acts which prohibited criticism of the government, Lyon was the first person to be charged and convicted under those Acts.

During his four month stay in jail, Lyon ran for re-election in Congress, winning by a landslide, a similar response echoed by Trump supporters today.  The criticisms by Lyon’s colleagues only endeared his constituents to him more for fighting against the establishment.  It would be wise to heed his urging to his constituents for a “peaceful resistance,” especially as the media today begins painting a picture of future violence by those who support Trump.  For those supporters, don’t fall into this trap.  Instead, get active in other ways and stay on the high ground.

In their infinite wisdom, the Founders did not include in the president qualifications any reference to a legal history, a point upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court.  Other than the three qualification requirements, the Founders left it up to the people to decide whether one should be judged worthy as a presidential candidate.

The cabal and elitists have done this to themselves with the constant barrage of mockery towards those who have stood loyal to a man that has shown his loyalty to America.  Albeit not perfect in everything he did while in office, his obvious love for his country has always been palpable.

The only difference with Trump and those who have and continue to commit treason upon and destroy our country, is that they have been protected from retribution.  It won’t always be that way.  One day the power will be in the hands of those who will uphold the law.

Most will tolerate the misdeeds of Donald Trump as a private citizen over the subversive and treasonous acts upon our country by this current administration and government.  So be it, even if our country has to be led from a private cell.