It’s By Design: Democrats Let Iranian Hostiles in Pentagon Conduct Spying Operations

It’s By Design: Democrats Let Iranian Hostiles in Pentagon Conduct Spying Operations



“This could be the biggest infiltration of the government by a spy since Alger Hiss. The communist spy working for the Russian who was exposed by Congressman Richard M. Nixon.”



By Roger Stone and Shane Trejo


It was recently revealed that Robert Malley, Biden’s special envoy to Iran who is now on unpaid leave due to scandal, held classified national security documents on his personal email and cell phone, Hillary style, and this information was eventually accessed by a “hostile cyber actor,” perhaps at the behest of Malley himself.


For context, Malley was the architect the infamous “pallets of cash” policy that funneled billions of dollars into the Iranian regime while serving as leader of the Middle East desk of the National Security Council under Obama. Malley was then named Obama’s special ISIS advisor in 2015 just in time for the terror group to make its rise to prominence with brutal acts of terror throughout the Middle East.


After being laundered back into the Biden administration, Malley is up to his same subversive tricks, allowing a dangerous Iranian spying operation to develop within the Pentagon under his watch, and the feds are happy to ignore his actions. Republicans on the House Foreign Affairs Committee and Senate Foreign Relations Committee issued a letter to Secretary of State Andrew Blinken demanding answers on Malley’s malignant behavior.


“Due to the Department’s evasiveness and lack of transparency, we have worked to glean information from other sources,” Sen. James Risch (R-ID) and Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX) wrote in the letter to Blinken, adding that they were “deeply frustrated” by the Biden State Department’s apparent unwillingness to hold Malley accountable.


With the Biden administration looking the other way, America First Legal has launched a probe into the actions of Malley and his protégé, Ariane Tabatabai, who is credibly alleged to be an Iranian asset. Tabatabai still serves as the current Chief of Staff for the Assistant Secretary of Defense despite being part of “a covert Iranian influence campaign,” which was initially broken by original reporting at Semafor.


The influence campaign, called the ‘Iran Experts Initiative (IEI)’, was spearheaded by interests close to the Iranian Foreign Ministry in 2014 with Tabatabai serving as one of the “young experts” tasked with peddling Iranian influence through influential Western bureaucracies. Tabatabai, a second-generation Iranian living in America, has since wormed her way up to the highest levels within the Pentagon in a Democrat Party that values diversity and tolerance above all else.


House Freedom Caucus member Dan Bishop (R-NC) Incredulously addressed the House Homeland Security Committee about the allegations last year, dumbfounded how virtually everyone is willing to look the other way while a mockery is made of national security.


“This could be the biggest infiltration of the government by a spy since Alger Hiss. The communist spy working for the Russian who was exposed by Congressman Richard M. Nixon,” one seasoned Capitol Hill observer told Stone Cold Truth.


Soviet Spy Alger Hiss infiltrated the U.S. State Department and was exposed by President Richard M. Nixon.


While it’s easy to blame these sorts of disgraceful actions on incompetence — and there is certainly much of that going around within the rotting federal agencies that operate with no accountability and perverse incentives — we must be willing to consider a darker possibility. This harrowing notion is that operatives like Malley are deliberately playing fast and loose with American secrets to garner plausible deniability after they are given away to interests that fanatically wish to see “The Great Satan” brought to heel.


The Biden administration is filled with individuals with ties to foreign governments who are working to sell out America. Enemies foreign and domestic are mollycoddled while American citizens are demonized and treated as a threat. The refuse of the third world is allowed across the border, as a marching invading horde set to destroy all vestiges of traditional American life sooner or later. Since it is obvious that Biden cannot cognitively function at this unfortunate stage of his life, he is not making these decisions, which begs the question: Who is calling the shots?


Could it be the aggrieved elitist with severe daddy issues that once rose to power with Biden as his Vice President? Is it possible that the person who came into the Presidency to oversee the rise of subversive elements such as Black Lives Matter and the LGBTP+ movement is the man behind the curtain? Could it be the shady individual of dubious origin who boasted he would love a term as President only under the cover of a “front man” who he could control with an “earpiece” while “in [the] basement in [his] sweats?” Could it be the man who purged the military of its strongest patriots to soften the country up for this current age of unprecedented and unfathomable tumult?


The answers to these questions are little more than rhetorical at this point. Biden, a corporate Democrat and establishment man, would not be keen to oversee the destruction of America. But as a vassal, a husk, a meat puppet ordered around by former President Barack Hussein Obama and his minions, this is exactly what Biden is accomplishing and too vacuous to understand the damning implications of his policies. Unless Trump is successful in winning back the presidency in November, Biden’s legacy will not only be the destruction of America, but also of Israel, and unleashing millions of Islamic butchers to doom civilization as we know it.


While Congressional Republicans may be too timid to frame the debate in these terms, MAGA patriots should not operate under any delusions. This administration is illegitimate and actively at war with its citizens. If it were not for the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution, these rogue elements would be doing far worse than committing aggressive lawfare to destroy the best among us. Because of their technological capabilities, the federal octopus is capable of bigger atrocities than any of the despotisms of the 20th Century. There is only one end game: We must rise to defeat the Great Evil of our age, else have our very humanity snuffed out by our lessers and do our heroic revolutionary ancestors a great disservice.