South Dakota Senator Exposes COS Deceit and Fake Petitions Including From His Own Wife

South Dakota Senator Exposes COS Deceit and Fake Petitions Including From His Own Wife




By Christian Gomez


In this exclusive interview with The New American, Senator David Johnson (R-33), a South Dakota legislator and officer in the US Air Force and Reserve (1986 – 1994), exposes what he describes as the lies, half-truths, misinformation, public deceit, and public deception from Convention of States. The Convention of States Project (COS) uses these deceptive tactics to pressure lawmakers like him into passing their resolution applying to Congress to call an Article V constitutional convention. And if they vote against it, COS attempts to smear and slander the legislators with the hopes of unseating them in the next election.


In addition to slandering him, Senator Johnson also exposes the fraudulent “signed petitions” they send to lawmakers supposedly from constituents who want a so-called “convention of the states.” These so-called “signed petitions” include “signatures” from: both out-of-state and non-existent addresses; from real constituents, who when asked say that they never signed the petition and actually oppose such a convention; and one supposedly sent from his own wife, who in reality never signed the petition. In the interview, Senator Johnson tells


You’re not going to believe this. This is something that happened a while back. My wife sent me a petition that she supported the Convention of States. Now are you kidding me? You would think that Convention of States would at least take the time to validate some, even for quality assurance, they would take the time to check some of these signatures. I can guarantee you that my wife is not a supporter of the constitutional convention or the convention of states, but sure enough — and I’ve got it right here — I’ve got her “signed petition” right in front of me. It’s a hoax, it’s a sham, it’s public deceit, and they apparently think that South Dakota state legislators are really stupid, because we’re going to investigate this kind of thing.


Senator Johnson further explains the dangers about such convention that COS does not want lawmakers and citizens alike to know about. He concludes by promoting nullification as a constitutionally sound, safe, and real alternative to rein in the federal government.



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