Deeper Dive Into Convention of States Action

Deeper Dive Into Convention of States Action



By Karen Schumacher


When there are many twists and turns it is sometimes helpful to go back over information one step at a time, and find new information, to understand the picture.  Such is the case with the Convention of States Action (COSA) which has more depth to it than just the push for states to approve a Convention of States.


Convention of States Action 501(c)(4) – Set up as a corporate non-profit, Principal Officer Mark Meckler, compensated with $121,264 and wife Patricia Meckler compensated with $114,952 in 2022.  Consultant Rick Santorum compensated with $333,405.  In 2022 total revenue $8,330,036.  Total number of volunteers 145,000.  $500 contributed to Idaho Republican Party.  $381,666 contributed to Convention of States Political Fund (COSPF), website now removed.  Related organizations are Citizens for Self Governance, CSG Action, and Defending Liberty.  Funded by several foundations and organizations over the years.


Initial grant of $500,000 to COSA was provided by the Mercer Family Foundation in 2014, listed on Form 990 as the John Hancock Committee for the States, the former name of Citizens for Self-Governance, of which COSA is a projectAmerica First Works INC, corporate 501(c)(4) in VA, donated $250,000 to COSA in 2020.  A separate America First Works INC 501(c)(4) in D.C. Form 990, lists Tim Dunn, COSA board member, as chair with transactions to the related organization America First Works INC in VA in the amount of $2,110,000.  The Donors Capital Fund contributed $1,500.000 to the John Hancock Committee for the States, AKA Citizens for Self-Governance, in 2015.


Mark Meckler is listed as President of Citizens for Self-Governance, a Corporate 501(c)(3), DBA Convention of States Foundation in 2022, was compensated with $58,737, and his wife Patricia with $64,660, and lists Tim Dunn as Director,  The same year this 501(c)(3) gave COSA $1,309,864 and $102,633 in separate listings.


Convention of States Political Fund (COSPF)Registered in Michigan as a Super PAC in 2022 with a mailing address in Washington D.C., dissolved in December, 2023.  Contributed $60,000 to Conservative Action for Idaho in 2022.


In May, 2022, complaint filed against Convention of States Political Fund in Montana for campaign law violations.  Did not register as a political committee or file campaign finance reports with the District of Columbia Office of Campaign Finance.  The Commissioner of Political Practices in Montana, upheld by a federal Judge, found COSPF failed to file reports that disclosed spending on advertising, failing to register its D.C. address with the Campaign Finance Office, failed to satisfy Montana’s itemized disclosure requirements, and did not include required “paid for by” language on mailers.


Convention of States Foundation Corporate 501(c)(3) – Name of Organization is Citizens for Self-Governance, DBA Convention of States Foundation.  Principal Officer Mark Meckler, compensated with $91,428, wife Patricia with $73,819.  Total revenue $1,894,565.  Total number of volunteers 145,000.  $515,00 contributed to Vanguard Charitable Trust, $ 216,300 to 1789 Alliance.  Large donations made to the foundation by various organizations.  Net assets in 2022, $1,433,813.


Conservative Action for IdahoIdaho PAC in 2021-2022.  Large donations to political parties, organizations, and businesses in 2021.  In April, 2022, $36,217.00 spent on advertising to oppose one Idaho candidate and support others.  Given $51,000 by Conservative Action for America.  In May, 2022, spent $69,704 on advertising in opposition to one Idaho candidate and in support of several candidates.  Received two separate donations totaling $60,000 from COSPF in May, 2022.


Conservative Action For America PAC – FEC registered Super PAC in Virginia, Mark Meckler Treasurer,  No activity for 2023.  In 2022, received $1 million dollars from Tim Dunn who sits on the COSA board, $51,000 from Conservative Action For America INC, and $39,637 from Congressional Reform Fund.


Conservative Action For America INC – Formed in 2022, Corporate 501(c)(4) located in Phoenix, AZ.  RJ Johnson, President.  Total revenue $2,830,000.  Contributed $51,000 to Conservative Action for America PAC and $51,000 to Conservative Action for Idaho.  Contributed $51,000 to Conservative Action For America PAC in 2022.  Contributed $876,000 to Convention of States Action and $677,000 to Convention of States Political Fund.  Richard A. Johnson, AKA as R.J. Johnson, is listed as taking office on 1/19/22 as Director and Officer.


Debunking “Convention of States” False Claims

owns Johonson Jordahl, which “offer strategic advice and tactical planning” in political campaigns. The Conservative Action for America PAC paid $10,000 to Johnson Jordahl in 2022.  He is a direct connection to Mark Meckler and the Convention of States Action.


Congressional Reform Fund PAC – FEC registered Super Pac in Virginia as of 2022, Mark Meckler Treasurer.  Tim Dunn funded this PAC with $65,ooo.  PAC was terminated in 2022.


Teresa Molitor is the COSA lobbyist in Idaho (under Legislative Liaison Team).  Given the history of these many groups and their activities, there is a strong indication that it is more of an attempt to influence election outcomes and legislative decisions by unknown money sources than what is told by COSA.


McKay Cunninigham is correct in his assessment, starting at the 3:39″ mark, about the 1787 Convention, that the original intent was to amend the Articles of Confederation but was discarded, and speaks to the potential dangers with the current proposed amendments being the same.


It is clear from these documents and many others that were reviewed, that the intention is not only to influence political elections, but to also re-write the Constitution, not just adding some amendments, and there are specific groups of individuals behind the effort.


Sometimes it is hard to be courageous and stand up to a threat, but now is the time.


SCR112 has passed committee and due to be heard on the Senate Floor.
SCR114 is due to be heard in the Senate Judiciary & Rules Committee.
SCR115 is due to be heard in the Senate Judiciary & Rules Committee.


Contact the Senate Judiciary & Rules Committee at and tell them to not pass SCR114 or SCR115.  Contact your Senators and the full Senate and tell them to not pass SCR112, and if SCR114 or SCR115 comes to the floor to not pass those.


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