Idaho Ranks in Top 10 States that are Least Conservative

Idaho Ranks in Top 10 States that are Least Conservative




By Bob Neugebauer


I have been saying for many years that Idaho is no longer the Reddest of the Red states as attested to by a recent article in the conservative “Daily Wire”.


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Idahoans need to think hard about voting for someone just because a candidate has an R in front of their name. “Ranking among the 10 states with the most liberal Republican lawmakers were Mississippi, Wyoming, South Dakota, and Idaho. That’s despite Republicans holding strong majorities in those legislatures, and the state’s population overwhelmingly voting for Republicans in election after election.”


This tells the story of how our once very conservative state has drifted to the point that we are now more moderate than ever before. Many Idahoans running for political office know that if you don’t have an R before your name on the ballot you don’t have a chance in hell of being elected so Democrats now register as republicans. It’s time that Idaho’s voters started doing some homework and looking at how their candidates voted in the previous year’s legislature before voting to re-elect them for 2 more years.


A simple way to do that is to go to the Idaho Freedom Index Here:


Voters also need to speak out when they disagree with the way their representatives are voting and hold their feet to the fire.


A perfect example of how Idaho is moving to the left is the current battle going on to hold a special session of the legislature. Idaho’s Senate Republican Caucus has reached 60% support to hold a special session on the presidential primary. However, we need to emphasize that they achieved enough votes by relying on the unanimous support of every Senate Democrat. In other words, without support from the Democrats, they would have fallen significantly shy of the required 60%.


We have way too many establishment Republicans who side with the Democrats to get bills passed that are not of a conservative nature. This is highly detrimental to those voters who have supported representatives they thought were conservatives but indeed are nothing more than democrats hiding behind the Big R. Idaho’s establishment republicans no longer are serving the interests of their conservative constituents who were expecting to have their conservative values supported. Instead they are joining with Democrats to pass legislation that has been moving Idaho further to the left for a decade.


I moved my family here 30 years ago from New York and New Jersey to get away from the extreme movements to the left in those states along with the high taxes that came with living there. I must admit while Idaho is not close to becoming a N.Y. or N.J. it is drifting in that direction more every year. Remember how our Governor called a state of emergency and closed all non-essential businesses while allowing the large corporations who supported his election to stay open with only one active case of Covid 19. Remember how Idahoans were arrested for participating in church services and visiting in public parks or when corporations mandated unproven experimental vaccines for their employees. Conservative governments don’t do these types of things that infringe on our constitutional rights.


There is a battle currently going on between the Establishment Republicans who are aligned with the Democrats and Idaho Freedom Caucus as to whether they should call a special session of the legislature at a cost of $30,000 per day. This special session being pushed by the Establishment Republicans and Democrat coalition would be used to discuss if we should hold a May presidential primary long after the 16 major primaries are over giving Idahoans little say in the presidential nominee. While the Idaho Freedom Caucus wants to hold a March 2nd Caucus, which will bring presidential candidates to Idaho and ensure Idahoans have a voice in the nomination of our next president and will not cost taxpayers a nickel.


It is high time that Idahoans spoke up and told these Establishment Republicans to stand down and either start being conservative or face opponents in the next election that are conservative. We need to send a message to our legislators that if you continue to vote and move Idaho to the left you will be left behind in the next election. It is time for Idaho’s electorate to wake up and hold their representatives’ feet to the fire and let them know that we are not happy with the way they are governing our state and moving it further to the left every year.


We ask you to take the time to watch this Video presented by the Idaho Freedom Foundation.


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