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I thought I would have this video and related website up by March but after all the delays I think it is appropriate I am finally able to have it published for the 4th of July weekend.


See: eastwashingtonstatehbood.org


It is appropriate because this effort is all about representation, just like our Founding Fathers strived for 247 years ago on July 4th, 1776.  As I write this, I have been all over Spokane County today going from church to church dropping off copies of Washington State Referendum 401 for supporting signatures.


Earlier this year our Washington State legislature passed Senate Bill 5599 “Supporting youth and young adults seeking protected health care services.” Sounds nice, but in reality, it will allow any youth under 18 to get a sex change without parental notification. It takes away parental rights and causes immense damage to young people. Having one’s penis or breast removed would have been universally verboten not long ago, but now the government narrative promotes it. That flies west of the Cascades but not in East Washington. We are trying to get 200,000 valid signatures by July 10th to put it on the ballot so we can vote on it.


For that reason, and many others, we seek to Constitutionally secede from West Washington, but not from the United States of America per Article 4 Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution. We want to stay in the Union. As some would say, it is not so much we are leaving West Washington, as they have left us. They probably can’t understand why we don’t think Governor Jay Inslee is Mr. Wonderful, or why we would have a problem with a child running away from home to have his penis cut off, and parents not be notified, or at least his whereabouts be revealed so parents can try and talk him out of it. That child will never be able to have normal sex, and parents won’t have the joy of being grandparents. This is not a political issue; it is a moral issue. This Senate Bill https://www.reject5599.com is evil. Yet our Democrat three legislators from downtown Spokane voted for it.


Our issues today are much bigger than the price of tea or stamps. Such issues as gender choice are about our children’s souls and thus have eternal consequences for such un-Godly actions. The churches should be the low hanging fruit for signature gathering on this petition since this is more of a moral issue than a political issue. Even so, many major churches will not allow our petitions on the premises. I haven’t been to a Lutheran Church that will allow it (what would Martin Luther say?).  North Country Chapel and His Place in Post Falls has many Washingtonians attending but no dice. Especially egregious is megachurch Life Center in Spokane’s Indian Canyon which hosted an Eric Metaxas book signing around ten years ago for his splendid book about Dietrich Bienhoffer (“Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.”)


But back to the new State of East Washington, or whatever we decide to call it. This has to be a bottom-up solution from the grass roots. It can’t be top down because that is what we have now. There are many changes I would like to champion but my simple goal is I want to live in a State that reflects the values of residents of East Washington.


East Washington values will be reflected in personal freedom and individual responsibility. We will have a better state with freedom of speech and worship, voter integrity, medical choice, education choice, family values, free market decisions, the right to self defense, win-win conservation, and our own representatives and State Constitution. Anything not in the U.S Constitution rolling down on us can thus be nullified.


When I lost my seat in Olympia last year I was upset because I was only allowed on the Floor for 5 minutes in two years because I refused the dangerous Covid vaccines, despite most legislators coming down with Covid anyway. But one door closes and another opens. One complaint I have heard over the years about East Washington Statehood is that it comes up every ten or twenty years but no one sees it through. I want to bring it to denouement with a plebiscite. I will go County to County with the funds raised on the website as a part time lobbyist and facilitate this effort.  If we the people of East Washington want a new state I will continue this crusade. If not, then we will stay enslaved to the whims of West Washington. I


There are many groups that work hard to improve the issues I mentioned above, but it is all just wind unless we have a new state. I have my ideas on how we can make this happen, which I will save for group discussions at the County level, but please read what I have written on our website eastwashingtonstatehood.org  and watch the short video on it.


Write to me with your ideas on how we can make this happen. It is up to us.