Feds Target Fox, GOP, NRA & John Birch Society as ‘Far-Right’ Extremists

Feds Target Fox, GOP, NRA & John Birch Society as ‘Far-Right’ Extremists



By Alex Newman 


The Department of “Homeland Security” was exposed funding a “terror” program by university radicals that paints most Americans as dangerous far-right extremists who need to be targeted by the federal government, sparking outrage and scandal nationwide.



The bizarre pyramid of “far-right radicalization,” created with federal funds, includes four levels of alleged extremism, starting at the bottom with the biggest and most mainstream organizations that are dubbed “mainstream conservatism.” In that section are Fox News, the Republican National Committee, the National Rifle Association, the Heritage Foundation, John Birch Society, Christian Broadcasting Network, the American Conservative Union (host of CPAC), and the Tea Party.


The next level up is dubbed “Alt Lite,” the smaller and supposedly more “extreme” organizations such as conservative-leaning Breitbart, Prager U, Infowars, Turning Point, and other groups.


After that come the National Socialists, white supremacists, and even violent organizations at the top two levels, many of which are populated by and even led by federal agents and informants working to radicalize drug users or mentally ill victims for the purpose of manufacturing a “far-right” crisis.


The documents were first obtained using public records requests by the Media Research Center, a conservative-leaning organization.


But in reality, putting National Socialists in the same category with conservatives and libertarians is preposterous. Nazis are far-left, on the same end of the spectrum as Communists and Democrats today, as they all believe the state should dominate and the rights of individuals should be curtailed.


This chart was produced by radical leftists aided and abetted by the U.S. government and funded by YOUR taxes. And it is an outrage against ALL Americans.


Suggesting that more than half of Americans are involved in far-right radical extremism is a brazen effort to chill free speech and terrorize political opposition to the extremist Biden administration. This is the sort of propaganda used by totalitarian regimes to target those who oppose them.


Congress must get involved and hold those responsible to account.


Alex Newman
Alex Newman is an award-winning international journalist with a global reputation for hard-hitting reporting & the founder of Liberty Sentinel.


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