Assassins Vs. Apostles – A Recap of the Election

Assassins Vs. Apostles – A Recap of the Election



By Bob Shillingstad


There are going to be a number of post-election critics and analysts with their opinion of who won and who lost and why.  What we know for sure is that the divide is real in our communities. The local paper’s summation that some “engaged in ridiculous culture wars” in a recent editorial confirmed that they did not want to debate issues but to continue with demagoguery by calling their opponents “crazy” or “book burners.”  Actually, reading debating the issues for the library board or school levy would have been helpful.


It is Brent Regan of the Kootenai Republicans and Wayne Hoffman of the Idaho Freedom Foundation that are consistently blamed for being extremists and it is their fault for the logjams in our state government.  Yet, we never have the media or opposition talk about actual issues whether it is the local college, schools, libraries, legislature or social issues.  It might surprise the public to watch Wayne Hoffman interview Idaho Representative Ilana Rubel who is the Democratic Minority Leader in the house.  Hoff Time Report: Rep. Ilana Rubel  That is a fascinating interview.   It shows that despite our prejudices we can strive to listen to the other side, that is fairness.  That is lacking.


Not to be content to let some time elapse for healing the local daily paper invites an outsider to join in on the attack with an op-ed entitled “Have You No Decency?” The author, Rod Gramer, who grew up in Boise and current resident there had no reservations telling us that “Coeur d’Alene is now a place where truth, love respect, civility and goodwill go to die.”  You stay in Boise Rod, we are content with a worldview that protects children, honors truth and respects God’s word.  We are free, independent thinkers who respect the careful vetting the KCRCC, Brent Regan and dozens of precinct committee persons perform to make recommendations.  But we vote our conscience, thank you very much.  Modeling after Seattle or Portland is of no interest to us.


The lame duck library board members are not content to leave quietly.  They want another board with controversy surrounding it like the NIC trustee board.  A story in the Idaho Tribune was troubling and reveals the true nature of the board as it is seated now. Disturbing Details Emerge: NEW Library Director’s “Sweetheart Deal” & Lawsuit Against Lewiston Library Raise Concerns – Conflicts Of Interest And Future Lawsuits? — Did M&M Set Up CLN To Fail?


This leaves us where we started on this recap of the election.  It will continue to be a “culture war” and coming down to “assassins vs. apostles.”  The assassins are the media, deep pocket enemies of truth who want to control the elections through chicanery and name calling.  They don’t want to debate issues but rather to isolate individuals to blame and fight. They need a “boogey man” or enemy.  They don’t want to see chapters from the books they are defending.  They don’t want to examine why hundreds of parents pulled their kids out of the CDA school district these past four years.  They are assassins.


We need “apostles” who believe in truth and have a solid Christian world view.  Frankly, it has been disappointing that more pastors and religious leaders have not stood up against what is happening.  Why do we have porn in the library?  Drag queen dancers in a public park?   Would there not be 20 pastors to sign a petition or show up at library or city council meetings to protest?  Is it only up to moms to do that? The few brave pastors need to be applauded.


There is a group in Iowa headed up by Bob Vanderplaats called Family Leader and they have changed the state of Iowa.  They have taken the model to 15 states and the initial message is to churches and pastors. The FAMILY Leader’s ultimate goal is to see The Daniel Impact active in all 50 states, inspiring the Church to engage government, restoring the Church’s timeless voice, and transforming Church/State partnerships to bless people in local communities.  If you are a pastor, priest, religious leader and are interested in bringing a Christian worldview into the marketplace of ideas and truth to government please contact them.   They and our community are waiting.   Rod Gramer and the media are telling us we can’t share a country, state or community with them.  The time is late, we are at a tipping point.