Mental Therapist Clark Richman threatens: “All Trump Supporters will die”

Clark Richman therapist at Heritage Health and President of the National Alliance for Mental Health in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho


Mental Therapist Clark Richman threatens: “All Trump Supporters will die”


Public record request sheds light on potential danger to society


 By Casey Whalen


North Idaho has seen a rash of lawlessness and aberrant behavior in the last few years by the extreme radical left. Whether it’s a former teacher at North Idaho College (NIC) Teresa Loar admitting to police, she body checked a member of the public at a NIC Board meeting… NO CHARGES.


            “I DID IT” video –



A fire alarm mysteriously pulled itself during an NIC Board meeting… NO CHARGES.


A unhinged University of Idaho Clinical Assistant Professor screaming profanities at the North Idaho College Board of Trustee’s.



And now Todd Banducci NIC Board member was literally attacked by a NIC Assistant Professor at his place of work.


Perhaps the worst of all is the un-reported recent bizarre behavior and deadly threats from a Coeur d’Alene mental therapist named Clark Richman. 


On Sunday, April 30, 2023 eye witnesses reported a man wearing an altered red MAGA hat that read ‘MAGGOTS’ and an Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez t-shirt entered the office of the Fernan Rod & Gun Club (FRGC) requesting information on joining the range and stated he wanted to learn how to use pistols, “to shoot racist Trump-er f..kers. We have to be ready when the enemy comes.” according to George Howley Chief Range Officer.



Mr. Howley, a former Lieutenant with the New York City Police Department engaged the man further and notified him that the club does not allow that type of behavior at the range and are an all inclusive club compromised of all racial, religious and political backgrounds.


Mrs. Howley also in attendance asked, “who exactly is your enemy?”


The man smiled with no reply, according to the couple. He appeared unsteady on his feet and unable to stand in place. Mr. Howley did not notice any signs of intoxicants.


A member of the club noticed an unholstered pistol on the front passenger seat of a vehicle belonging to the man and was notified unsecured weapons are not permitted on the FRGC grounds.


The man was told again that intentions to shoot anyone is not condoned and was told to leave the premises.


It was reported the white male, in his 50’s around 180 lbs. and 5’10”. Driving a white or silver Subaru, license plate #K64**** with racks on top and a rainbow sticker on the rear right license plate, turned out to be…


Clark Richman therapist at Heritage Health in Coeur d’Alene and is currently President of National Alliance for Mental Health (NAMI) CDA. *Full bio via Heritage Health



Heritage Health has been made aware of this incident and the report.


Back on April 25, 2013 Clark Edward Richman was discharged from Kootenai Health in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. While leaving the hospital grounds it is reported Richman reversed course and set fire to construction equipment, partially burning two construction trailers on the North edge of the campus.



When police arrived Richman was accused of pulling a 3 inch knife on a Coeur d’Alene Police Office (captured on body camera). Richman is also alleged to kicking an officer while being taken into custody.


In exchange for the pleas to second degree arson and aggravated assault, a third charge of battery on a law officer was dismissed.



Richman also has a criminal history in California that includes petit theft and taking a motor vehicle without permission.


The Fernan Rod & Gun Club has a right to be concerned after reporting on February 25, 2023 bullet holes were found in a door on club grounds. No suspect has been identified, a $5,000 reward was issued by FRGC for information surrounding the incident.


ONE thing is certain, conservatives need to seriously think about their safety in North Idaho. Threats are coming from the very people claiming to be victims, championing human rights but in fact are a fifth column to destroy the remnants of America rapidly unfolding now in the REDOUBT.


The FRGC filed a complaint with the Kootenai County Sheriff Office and trespassed Clark Richman, a therapist with Hertiage Health and President of National Alliance for Mental Illness CDA.


While the following police report seems to have nothing to do with the Fernan Rod & Gun Club, it does have to do with Clark Richman sending threatening messages to other people on April 30, 2023, the same day the FRGC reported Mr. Richman.


The following is a summation of the Sheriff Report.


*Read the full (redacted) FOIA report here*



Deputy Flory of the KCSO contacted an unnamed person in what appears to be a conversation regarding Clark Richman sending mass text messages about having a new gun and “can’t wait to hunt him down.”



The contact stated messages from Richman urged him to change teams, that all Trump supporters will die and he will give transphobic people the “death penalty.”



Welfare check by CdA Police state Richman believes white nationalists are after him. He acknowledged having a Kimber 1911 10 mm handgun, the same weapon reported by the FRGC?



The unnamed person also stated Richman was elated about the fall of 2024 in which Operation Elimination will commence.



This writer is starting to receive tips about the subject of this story. If you are concerned for your safety, please contact the authorities as they have an ongoing investigation.


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