Washington State Passes Bill Permitting Shelters to Kidnap Kids for Genital Mutilation

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Washington State Passes Bill Permitting Shelters to Kidnap Kids for Genital Mutilation



By R. Cort Kirkwood


Parents of minor children in or around Washington state might want to move out. Now.


The state Legislature has passed a bill that will allow shelters for runaways to get them abortions or gender-mutilation surgeries without notifying parents, and, indeed, withhold information about the procedures from parents.


Where there is leftism, there is tranny madness.



The Bill


“Although framed by proponents as a bill to protect youth suffering from abuse, SB 5599 only stipulates that the minors be ‘seeking or receiving protected health care services’ for a homeless shelter or ‘host home’ to avoid informing the parents or legal guardians, as otherwise required by state law,” The Center Square observed.


As with most legislation, the devil — and this one’s a dirty, dangerous devil indeed — is in the details.


For instance, the bill appears to provide for protection of kids and parents in this codicil:



Note the quibbling words: compelling reasons.


Those “compelling reasons,” of course, permit the shelter to hide kids from parents to provide them “protected health services” defined in state law.


The Center Square helpfully provided a list:





“Combined with HB 1469, which has passed in both chambers, the two policies would allow youth from other states to run away from home, go to a Washington youth shelter seeking an abortion or gender surgery, and the parents would not have to be notified,” the website observed. “Also, none of the medical records related to any of those services could be obtained.”





More remarkably, and frighteningly, leftists in the state Legislature issued an open invitation for confused or mentally ill kids everywhere to visit the Evergreen State to get mutilated:



The nuttery was too much for the normal. The Center Square continued:




Tweeted commentator Brandi Kruse, “not wanting your child to get gender transition care is now just as bad as physical abuse in Washington state and means the government can hide your kid from you. If not affirming your minor’s desired gender is abuse, what’s next? Removal from the home?”




That might well be next. “Transgender” activists and their criminal co-conspirators believe that parents who refuse to accept a child’s changed “gender identity” are committing abuse.


Minnesota: “Trans Refuge”


Minnesota, another state controlled by totalitarian leftists, has also established itself as a safe place for the authorities to seize and mutilate kids without parental consent. Last month, its Legislature passed a bill that legalizes kidnapping kids to “prevent out-of-state laws from interfering in the practice of gender-affirming health care.” It passed the bill just “before sunrise.”


Explained the Minnesota House of Representatives web page:



The bill’s sponsor is Democratic Rep. Leigh Finke, another of the growing number of men who pretend they are women, yet still find enough crazy voters to put them in office.


Mr. Finke’s bill says this:



As the Minnesota House website explained, “The bill would prohibit the enforcement of a court order for removal of a child or enforcement of another state’s law being applied in a pending child protection action in Minnesota when the law of another state allows the child to be removed from the parent or guardian for receiving medically necessary health care or mental health care that respects the gender-identity of the patient.”


The bill allows the state to kidnap children in an “emergency” — the emergency, of course, being a child’s supposed “need” to get “gender-affirming health care.” In other words … chemical castration and genital mutilation.


“A court of this state has temporary emergency jurisdiction if the child is present in this state,” the bill says, if “the child has been unable to obtain gender-affirming health care.”


Warning to parents: Keep your kids out of Minnesota and Washington state.


Cort Kirkwood
Cort Kirkwood is a long-time contributor to The New American and a former newspaper editor.


Published with permission of thenewamerican.com