Morano speaking tour exposes Great Reset and climate agenda

Morano speaking tour exposes Great Reset and climate agenda



By Adam Houser


CFACT’s Marc Morano has embarked upon an international speaking tour to expose the Great Reset and climate change agenda. Morano has spoken to events in Calgary, Canada, Orlando, Houston, Pittsburgh, and Harrisburg.


More speaking engagements are also planned for the future.


Morano signs copies of his book, “Green Fraud” at a speaking engagement.


The speeches are drawn from the information compiled in Morano’s recent new books, “Green Fraud: Why the Green New Deal is Even Worse Than You Think,” and “The Great Reset: Global Elites and the Permanent Lockdown.”


CFACT is dedicated to fighting the Great Reset agenda, which has morphed into incorporating radical climate change measures to control every aspect of life in the name “sustainability” and to stop the so-called “climate crisis.”


Morano explained in Calgary that the “once free West is copying China’s one-party tyranny” by pursuing climate change regulations that limit freedom such as gas stove bans, and gas-powered car bans.


At the event in Harrisburg, PA, Morano spoke to the Pennsylvania Leadership Conference, saying:


“The Great Reset essentially is restricting energy, food, transportation, Free Speech, property ownership, and collapsing our financial system…They’re collapsing high-yield agriculture in the Netherlands and other places. They’re making food scarce. The Harvard School of Public Health: The root causes of the climate also increase the risk of pandemics. So if you don’t support the Green New Deal, you’re a grandma killer! And that’s coming from Harvard University. This is Harvard as well. The Harvard Environment Law Review — this paper just came out this week. Climate homicide deaths for prosecuting big oil for climate deaths. Two years ago, a doctor issued the first clinically diagnosed patient with climate change — a lady suffering  from heat stroke. So you can be charged with homicide; A doctor can diagnose you with climate change;  and you can now have climate as a cause of death on your death certificate. I’m not making any of this up. This is in our academic mainstream now. Of course, the last hundred years of climate change has at a 99% drop in climate-related deaths.


“Now, the Biden Administration is pushing the U.S. into a WHO pandemic treaty where it won’t matter who your Governor is, who your mayor is, this will be pushing Global instant lockdowns.”


CFACT and Morano will continue to work tirelessly to educate the grassroots leaders and political officials across America and Canada so they are well-equipped to fight back against the anti-freedom Great Reset agenda.

Adam Houser
Adam Houser coordinates student leaders as National Director of CFACT’s collegians program and writes on issues of climate and energy.