Books & bullets at the ImagineIF Kalispell Library

Books & bullets at the ImagineIF Kalispell Library


Books returned to the library drop box in August 2022 contained multiple bullet holes


By Casey Whalen



The battle over inappropriate and pornographic books available to children at libraries across the nation have sparked outrage among those with conservative and christian values. The ImagineIF Library located in downtown Kalispell, Montana is no exception.


Between January 1, 2022 – April 1, 2023 there were over 200+ calls for service at the Kalispell Library ranging from: welfare checks, disorderly conduct, physical disturbances, drugs, theft, trespass, intoxicated person(s), threats, assault and more at this one library location ALONEThis spreadsheet shows all listings and reason of call for service by Kalispell Police.


Five page spreadsheet of calls for service in 2022 by Kalispell Police (click to access)


Why is this happening?


The homeless issue in Kalispell has worsened over the years while the city is attempting to come to terms over it, has effected many local libraries during this ongoing downturn in the United States economy were people go to find refuge. The book debate has been another factor of those proponents and opponents discussing whether specific books should be allowed to children during heated board meetings regularly at ImagineIF Libraries.



One of many books deposited with gunshot holes – Courtesy ImagineIF Library via FOIA


On August 3, 2022 a number of books were found in the return box of the ImagineIF Library location in Kalispell with bullet holes in them. The books were not property of the library and included titles such as: Trump’s War – Michael Savage, James Patterson – Death of the black widow, Treason – Ann Coulter, First Family – David Baldacci and others. None of the books contained Marxist propaganda promoting the sexualization of children.



Bullet included with books returned to Kalispell Library featured next to Trump’s War by Michael Savage


Since the incident in August 2022 Librarian Tony Edmundson had proactively asked for a security guard at the library part time, the library has hired and since filled the position.


Tony Edmundson – Photo courtesy Chris Peterson




Audio submitted of Mr. Edmundson sent to Kalispell Public Comment during a library board meeting discussing the increasing chaos unfolding at the library on a regular basis.


CAD REPORT August 3, 2022 (audio summary/transcript) discussing the books returned in the drop box of the library – Kalispell PD


One good question that needs an answer is WHY would the library staff dispose of the books on the same day August 3, 2022 they were reported during an active investigation only taking pictures and not allow police to take fingerprints and analysis???


If ANY of these books were of the LGBTQ flavor is there a doubt in your mind a full investigation would have been launched?


Also, the ‘out of hand’ notion that none of the books were political in nature by Sgt. Dennis Bain of the Kalispell Police Department is false.


Ofc. Bain K8 CAD REPORT: ‘The books are fiction and don’t appear to be connected or political in nature.’


‘Books were disposed of by library staff.’


Sgt. Dennis Bain Kalispell Police


And as reported in the Daily Inter Lake


Ofc. Bain K8: ‘…many books were left in the book return and that it looked like someone had used a few for target practice and forgot before donating.’


The book Trump’s War by Michael Savage examines the initial appointments, speeches, tweets and history of President Donald Trump and offers his insights and analysis.


This book did have a bullet hole in it.


Click here to view all pictures acquired via public record request with the ImagineIF Library regarding the books returned to the library with bullet holes.


Click here to view the two police reports (redacted) received via public record request.


At time of this publication Tony Edmundson, Library Director Ashley Cummins & Sgt. Dennis Bain of Kalispell PD declined to comment in a timely manner when posed questions.



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