Is the new Public Lands Rule BLM 2.0 Planning again?

Is the new Public Lands Rule BLM 2.0 Planning again?



By Gabriella Hoffman


“In the 1980s extremists used tree spikes to try and stop responsible management of public lands. In 2023 they use decrees from Washington. Today’s announcement undermines the law’s multiple-use requirement for Bureau of Land Management lands. Wyoming families depend on access to public lands for energy and critical mineral development, grazing, forest management, and recreation. The Biden Administration’s extreme unilateral action will kill multiple use. This is a clear violation of the law. I will do everything in my power to stop this proposal.” — Senator John Barrasso, March 30th 2023


In Episode 350 of District of Conservation, Gabriella discusses the Interior Department’s announcement of the new Public Lands Rule and Florida becoming the 26th state to pass constitutional carry into law. Tune in to learn more!


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