Putin supporters claim he’ll use a Poseidon underwater missile to create monstrous radioactive tidal wave to wipe Britain from existence.

Putin supporters claim he’ll use a Poseidon underwater missile to create monstrous radioactive tidal wave to wipe Britain from existence.



By JD Heyes


Retired Russian general Yevgeny Buzhinsky has called for Moscow to use its Poseidon underwater nuclear missile to launch a 1,000-foot-high radioactive tsunami on Britain if NATO troops enter Ukraine.


Russian state media has also encouraged President Vladimir Putin to take such action. Lt. Gen. Buzhinsky, who is the chairman of the Russian Centre for Policy Research, has claimed that Britain would cease to exist if Russia were to use the nuclear missile, the UK’s Daily Mail reported this week as the war in Ukraine continues to grind on.


The retired general also threatened the UK with an attack by the Sarmat 2, Russia’s largest nuclear missile, claiming that it would destroy the country. In addition, Vladimir Solovyov, also known as ‘Putin’s voice,’ smirked as he suggested that a tsunami would be triggered if the Poseidon underwater drone strikes Britain.


As Russia faces difficulties in making progress in Ukraine, Putin’s propagandists are discussing military options. In a recent interview on Russian state TV channel Rossiya 1, retired Russian general Yevgeny Buzhinsky warned that the “unstoppable” hypersonic missile Zircon, which travels at speeds of up to 6,670mph, was “about to be used in combat operations” after testing.


Buzhinsky said, “Of course, there are such means as Poseidon, which has been tested.”


Solovyov, smirking, responded: “I would like to see how Poseidon works. I would like to see Sarmat in action.”


“Tsunami, tsunami, yes, tsunami,” replied Buzhinsky, who is all for Russia’s invasion. “[If NATO] sends troops, it will end up with [us using] Poseidon, of course, and a tsunami. And 300 metre [985ft] high waves.”


Solovyov then responded: “Great Britain will not exist then.” Buzhinsky agreed and insisted: “Britain will definitely not exist.”


Russia Today propaganda empire chief Margarita Simonyan added: “The UK will not be there.” She said that it would be drowned “straight away.”


Russian state media has continued its pattern of threatening Britain with nuclear annihilation since the Ukraine conflict began. The threats are thought to be a response to the UK’s unwavering support for Ukraine, which was the first NATO country to declare that it would send 14 next-generation battle tanks, Challenger 2s, to the war-torn region.


Buzhinsky expressed dissatisfaction that Putin’s missile attacks on Ukraine did not go far enough to his liking.


“Of course, six missiles cannot make the tipping point,” he said. “There should better be 60 [missiles]. Or even better 600.”


According to reports, Putin views the Poseidon as crucial to his goal of achieving military superiority over the West. Propagandist Dmitry Kiselyov has previously warned that the Poseidon approaches its target at a depth of one kilometer with a speed of 200 kilometers per hour (125 mph), the Daily Mail noted further.


“There is no way to stop this underwater drone,” Kiselyov said on state TV last year.  “It has a warhead with a capacity of up to 100 megatons. The explosion of this thermonuclear torpedo close to Britain’s shores will raise a giant wave, a tsunami. This tidal wave is also a carrier of extremely high doses of radiation. Surging over Britain, it will turn what is probably left of them into radioactive desert. Permanently unusable for anything.”


Meanwhile, Russia continues to suffer heavy losses of men and material — as does Ukraine — as the war surpassed one year last month.


According to Ukrainian media, “the Russian Defence Ministry will start new recruitment of professional soldiers to the Russian army from 1 April, their aim being to add 400,000 new recruits to the army.”


“As Radio Svoboda reported, the Russian Defence Ministry has sent documents to the regions indicating the number of people with whom contracts should be signed,” the outlet reported. “Radio Svoboda noticed that several Russian regional media outlets immediately published the total number of contract service personnel needed to replenish the Russian army. It was noted that Russia planned to recruit 400,000 such soldiers.”


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