Rantz: Washington State Bill Targets White Conservative Speech as Terrorism

Rantz: Washington State Bill Targets White Conservative Speech as Terrorism



By M Dowling


Attorney General Bob Ferguson’s office in Washington State could “arrest or civilly commit conservatives for speech.” According to radio host Jason Rantz, Ferguson wants to redefine domestic terrorism to punish speech.


Ferguson’s “office claims some conservative views, or anything he deems as “misinformation,” are examples of “domestic extremism.” He even wants to create a Washington version of a Ministry of Truth to fund journalists to push his political agenda.”




HB 1333 creates a left-wing Domestic Violent Extremism Commission in the AG’s office. The members recommend legislative “solutions to combat disinformation and misinformation, address early signs of radicalization, and develop a public health-style response.”


“The intent is to legally penalize or legally commit, political adversaries.”


Rantz says the “AG’s office is coming for conservatives.”


“The stakeholder group did not include a single conservative or even moderate political group. Instead, it included the American Civil Liberties Union, the Council on Islamic Relations, and Planned Parenthood Alliance Advocates. Unsurprisingly, the group focused on white conservatives, which they labeled extremists, while arguing systemic bigotry within police departments attracts extremists.”


“The group’s partisan, left-wing recommendations were used to craft HB 1333.”


Targeting Speech


Ferguson said he intends to target speech, not violence. He is seeking legislative powers to intervene when he hears speech he disagrees with.


Framing it as domestic terrorism, he might fool Washingtonians into thinking it’s about terrorism. Rantz believes that critics of the bill will be accused of supporting white supremacy.


This is where the New Left, Democrats, are taking the country.


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