Don’t Comply With Vaccine Passports

Don’t Comply With Vaccine Passports


By Karen Schumacher


In 2021, Governor Little signed an Executive Order (EO) “banning any State of Idaho governmental entity from requiring so-called “vaccine passports” – or proof of COVID-19 vaccination for citizens to receive public services or access facilities,” but other than state services there is no protection.  HB 155 intends to reinforce this EO into law but again does not provide protection from “any requirement imposed by the federal government” and other circumstances.

While this is just great when it comes to government facilities, what about non-government facilities like stores or travel?

One great bill that is happening is HB 154, introduced by Sen. Tammy Nichols and Rep. Judy Boyle, that would charge any medical provider with a misdemeanor for giving mRNA injections to an individual.  This is a great step by our legislators in protecting Idahoans.

Given the backlash by the public, vaccine passport threats have diminished.  Several states have also prohibited this requirement along with any vaccine mandate.

However, one should not be fooled by the waning agenda for vaccine passports, it is a fight that still requires attention.  New virus threats will be thrown at us in the future which will renew the vaccine and passport mandates.  One reason for the effort behind these passports is that they are a stepping stone for the much desired Digital ID agenda, which will lock us into a world of being controlled.

Mandating vaccine passports are part of the World Health Organization (WHO) international pandemic treaty discussions as well.  Not to be outdone, the government even plans to track your vaccination status through billing codes (9″) used by providers and medical facilities, just another avenue for the federal government to identify who is complying and who is not.  As recent as November 2022, “proof of vaccination” and “digital COVID-19 certificates” were still being discussed by the White House as part of G20 (#23).  The whole declaration was about advancing the Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

It is up to Idahoans to protect themselves and go on the offensive now and build in necessary protections that will prevent everyone from being sucked into this vacuum of control.

Whitney Webb is an investigative journalist who has developed 22 Ways To Stop Vaccine ID Passports.  Following are some of her suggestions and there is no reason why anyone cannot participate in at least one of them.

Top of the list, Do Not Comply, and boycott any businesses that require them.  Because of his close relationship with the Idaho Association of Commerce & Industry (IACI), Governor Little will not extend his vaccine passport ban to Idaho businesses, it is up to Idahoans to boycott them.  While he claims his reasoning is due to wanting a “limited government,” the truth is IACI follows the dictates of global corporations, and Governor Little supports them.   Avoid using QR codes as well.

Engage with your legislator in drafting a bill to prohibit vaccine passports, here is an example to get you started.  While you’re at it include a ban on all digital identity applications.

Because vaccine passports are part of the wider issue of Digital ID and technocratic control, measures to stop Central Bank Digital Currency are needed as well.  Use only cash or checks for purchasing, avoid online financial activity, go to hard wired internet instead of WiFi, and use only local banks or credit unions.  Each of the businesses listed in this article are World Economic Forum partners.  Boycott them.  If you have investments in any of them, pull your money out of them.    The goal is to minimize a digital identity as much as possible.

While it may be difficult to ascertain, find out if the local bank or credit union you use ascribes to the Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) metrics.  If they do, let them know of your opposition, this was very successful in Boise last year.  If they refuse, find one that does not participate.

Webb has some other information that can be used to fight this agenda.  Take the time to read it and look at the links.  Create a plan for yourself and your family.  Become part of the resistance, there are many ways to resist.  And the time is now.  Idahoans can be very creative with solutions so share what you have done to resist.  All problems have a potential solution and it is time to start implementing them.