SECRETS REVEALED: Kootenai Dems Plot “Hardcore Measures” Against NIC Trustees — “Enraged” Panelists Doxx And Target Conservatives – “We are not going to abide by the laws.” — David Adler

SECRETS REVEALED: Kootenai Dems Plot “Hardcore Measures” Against NIC Trustees — “Enraged” Panelists Doxx And Target Conservatives – “We are not going to abide by the laws.” — David Adler



By Johnston Meadows


Over the weekend, the Kootenai County Democrat Party held a meeting in the basement of the Red Lion hotel in Post Falls, allegedly in response to Marjorie Taylor Greene’s appearance at the Kootenai Republican Party’s annual Lincoln Day Dinner.


The meeting was billed as an event to “counter extremism” and “save democracy” from the Republicans and “extremist” elected officials.


The Coeur d’Alene Press played along, with a fawning article titled Holding onto hope for NIC, Kootenai County, faithfully parroting back the narrative that Republicans are “undermining our democracy.”


However, leaked audio from the Leftist summit, originally posted by NIC Truth on Rumble, tells a different story.


Leaked Audio: Hijacking Democracy Simposium                                              Kootenai County Democratic Party



The event wasn’t about how Democrats can “save democracy” from the Republican party; it was a training session, designed to teach local Democrats how to “Hijack Democracy.”



At the beginning of the meeting, speakers talked about what measures they were taking to prevent the legislature from passing things like SJR101, which would cut groups like Reclaim Idaho off at the knees, while Kaylee Peterson shared unfounded fears that Republicans will begin doing drive-by-shootings of Democrats. However, the real fireworks began during the second half of the presentation, which was all about North Idaho College.



“Let’s look at some other hardcore measures. What is the Hagadone Corporation, other corporations and POWER ELITES in the community doing to pressure these [NIC] trustees? Any pressure being brought to bear?” asked the event’s moderator Dr. David Adler.


Teresa Borrenpohl gleefully answered, saying that conservative trustee Todd Banducci “was almost brought to tears” at the first meeting following the November elections,


“saying that he’s not invited to Christmas parties anymore. He’s… <laugh> Thank you. That his business has suffered and that there are people in his complex that won’t even talk to him anymore. So I actually do appreciate, and want to point out, that there has been pressure put on him and his business.”


Borrenpohl concluded saying that “there has been some level of ‘othering’ of him.”


“Othering” in leftist-speak, means that he has been socially ostracized and alienated by his peers and his community.


Adler, a former professor at Idaho State University, and the current president of the Sun Valley Institute continued his program of radicalization:


“Let’s ask the key question here, because you’re all so enraged by the behavior of the trustees who are prepared to sink this college. What are their livelihoods? Where do they work? Do they own businesses? If they own businesses, if they run a restaurant, then you could […] simply create a boycott of their business. So you wanna know where do they live? Not to where they live. Where do they work? Excuse me.”


That’s a hell of a freudian slip there Dr. Adler. Doxxing and intimidating elected officials is the quiet part that you’re not supposed to say out loud. As a matter of fact, at the infamous December 10th NIC Board of Trustees meeting, Todd Banducci WAS doxxed, when a real estate agent named Thomas Sinclair used his access to MLS in order to post Banducci’s address.



Adler explained to the somewhat hesitant crowd that all of this is “political pressure” that is “protected under the first Amendment, of course.” Adler continued the radicalism workshop saying “Boycotting is a powerful tool to use in this very serious fight. So let me ask our speakers, do you know where these three trustees work? What’s here? Christie, you would know…”


Coeur d’Alene City Counselor Christie Wood nervously coughed up the goods:


“I do. Todd has his own business. He sells, uh, life insurance, um, securities. […] I think Waggoner’s retired. I believe he is. And Greg Mackenzie is a private contractor for the US Naval Base, a sound engineer.”


Adler thanked Counselor Wood, and pressed harder for the name of Todd’s business:


“Thank you. On the first trustee who sells insurance; What is the name of the insurance company for whom he works? <crowd laughs> Listen […] I can see there’s some unease about this, isn’t there? Well, no. Well, let me… I’m a professor. Let me just start with saying, this is why there’s unease. We don’t like to have to resort to these tactics or techniques to win great causes, but by God, this is what’s happened in American history. You have to resort to these techniques and tactics. So let’s have the name of the insurance company where this fellow works.”


Someone in the audience shouted the name, “Falcon Investments.” The audience laughed.


Borrenpohl noted that “Waggoner’s retired and, and the other gentleman [McKenzie] works for your… your taxpayers pay his his salary.”


Christie Wood chimed back in saying “I think that your point is valid on strategy. So I wanna tell you about some of the strategies that have been going on. And I wish Christa Hazel was here to speak about Save NIC. She’s… her organization has been incredible.” Wood continued:


“you have private citizens such as our retired city attorney Mike Gridley, who has filed a personal lawsuit against those three trustees and the attorney Art Macomber. That is a, that is a serious thing that’s working its way through the courts. […]”


“I personally have filed criminal complaints and I’ll continue to do that. […] But trust me, we’re using every avenue to hold them accountable and we will keep after it.”


Adler asked if anyone had made a list of businesses that are supporting the leftist effort, and ”which want to oust the trustees, which don’t.” Christie Wood answered saying:


“I guess I can’t rattle it off the top of my head. I can tell you, in general you have, the large Rotarian presence, almost all of them are business owners in all of the local Rotaries […] Our chambers of commerce have spoke up. The Coeur d’Alene tribe has been there from the get-go. Um, the, um, certainly City Council every chance we get. Um, and then who am I forgetting? Some of the School Districts…


The Press. The Press has been fabulous.”


Adler continued, bringing the panelists and the audience down the garden path of radicalization, likening their efforts to “marginalize those in this legislature and across the state who would undermine our democracy,” to those of Ghandi and Martin Luther King saying, “We are not going to abide by the laws.” Adler said that the choice of tactics:


“depends how concerned you are about this issue. If it’s merely a petty issue, you won’t resort to boycotts and other, other tactics. But it’s up to you to decide how badly, how much it is, how important it is for you to save the college. So that really is the question you all want to ask yourselves. When deciding how to employ various tactics dealing with the trustees whom you view as destroying your beloved college. That’s your question. If the college doesn’t matter that much, then you won’t resort to certain tactics and techniques.”



Tactics like pulling fire alarms? Disrupting meetings? Doxxing elected officials? Suing everyone?Applying economic pressure and literally starving them to death?


These people aren’t engaging in local politics; they are fighting a WAR.


North Idaho College employee Sarah Martin said:


”I have seen some very, very brave staff over the past month and a half when we had some, what they called listening sessions, but these staff who don’t like to speak up in general on anything, are now starting to speak up. And they’re doing it with so much passion to where you can just feel their anger.”



Anger? I thought “Love Lived Here?”



Martin continued:


“The more and more we speak up as a whole, it’s just gonna get others to speak up more and more as well. So my advice externally and especially to my fellow, employees, staff, faculty, and to our brave students, um, keep speaking up.“


Martin then drew the attention of the crowd to a student of NIC who was in attendance:


“I am gonna put him on the spot. There might be some other students in here, but I just have to give a shout out to one of our students who’s been so brave in speaking up against. Alex Elliot, please stand up. <Applause>



Martin did share concern, however, about the rammifications of their efforts, saying:


“You gotta think about the cost and the risk of speaking up and not speaking up. there might be a cost if businesses speak up, you know? What kind of pushback are they gonna get from people in the community against them in their business, potentially boycotting, you know, the reverse of what we were just talking about.”


Adler floated another idea:


Dr. David Adler – If there is one grocery store that comes out publicly to say, damn it, we are here to save the college. Would you support that grocery store? Cause if you do that, then one or two of you or 10 of you can buy an ad in the local paper and say, we are going to shop at grocery store X precisely because they have the courage to publicly announce they want to save the college. Do you not think a grocery store would like to have that ad? That’s First Amendment activism. Who would take that up upon yourselves?


<Audience>        Ron McIntyre at Super One.


<Audience>        A huge page ad and all those business names.


Dr. David Adler       I think the newspaper would like you to buy that huge page ad I just, just going out on a limb here. I’m just thinking they might like that. Sarah, what do you think about this?


<Audience>      They might even give us a discount on it.


Sarah Martin     I, I think it’s a really good idea.


What does this mean?


Well, this means that the Kootenai Cabal is real. It’s not a “conspiracy theory,” it’s not a figment of the collective imagination of Conservatives.


There are people in our local government, in the Press, in the Rotary clubs, within the walls of NIC, at the Libraries and in the Democrat party that are all working together to manufacture a false narrative about what is happening in our community, and attacking Conservatives. Dr. David Adler called them “Power Elites.” His words, not ours.


These people are attempting to keep pornography in the libraries for our kids, bringing drag queens into our city parks to dance for children, attacking our college by writing letters to the NWCCU, mailing out fake sample ballots to trick Republicans, and cancelling anyone who disagrees with them.


One attendee of the meeting spoke with the Idaho Tribune, on the condition of anonymity, and said


“I thought that was disgusting. It was Cancel Culture. That’s exactly what it was. If someone has an opinion that doesn’t jive with you, you shouldn’t go after their business. You should talk about the issues. I found it offensive. You know, it’s Vindictive bunch, and the room was full. Thankfully they ran out of food, so everyone paid $40 and went home hungry.”


While they might not know how to throw a good event, they do know how to lie without compunction. They know how to destroy someones life and laugh about it, the way Teresa Borrenpohl did when she was speaking about the hardships that Todd Banducci has had to endure at the hands of her, and her co-horts.


These people have money. They have connections with domestic terror organizations like Antifa and Jane’s Revenge. And most importantly they have no conscience. There is nothing they won’t do to gain or keep POWER.


The Conservative Community here in North Idaho need to band together, and spread the Truth about what is happening right here in our back yard. People must be alerted that there is a group of radical Left-Wing extremists that have declared WAR on normal Christian Conservatives.


Today, they’re talking about boycotts. But what about tomorrow? What comes next when they continue to lose their grip on power?


We are compiling a list of event attendees, and will be releasing more materiel over the next several days, so stay tuned.