While Idahoans Sleep

While Idahoans Sleep



By Karen Schumacher


Many Idahoans are actively engaged in the fight against a world that is being deliberately transformed into one that will eventually be under the dictates of corporate technocrats.  The current legislative session has brought forth some very significant bills to protect Idahoans from these attacks, such as the protection of children, protection of state assets from Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) models, averting the insane attitudes about gas stoves, and even presenting a declaration for the foundation of our government.  What about the other Idahoans who are not engaged and are just sleeping?


President John F. Kennedy (JFK) spent time in England for six months in 1938.  During that time, he observed the politics of England and its relationship with Nazi Germany.  While his father, Joseph P. Kennedy, supported an appeasement stance, Kennedy took a broader look at the need to confront a tyrant.


Based on this experience, he wrote his college thesis in 1940, Appeasement at Munich, later publishing it under the title, Why England Slept.  The premise of his observations was England taking an appeasement stance rather than confronting the Nazi regime.  England’s failure to confront the enemy ended in a far more disastrous outcome.  Much of the book is about measures that England took to avoid confrontation, such as its continued vacillation as to whether or not to build up its armament and air forces.


The period of appeasement ended with the “Munich Crisis of 1938,”  when then Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain triumphantly returned home with a piece of paper, signed by Adolph Hitler, that allowed Germany to “annex parts of Czechoslovakia,” thus ensuring peace.  England saw an inevitable war up to this point, but with the Munich agreement it was believed that the threat of war was removed.  In his book, JFK noted this “sleeping year came to an end at Munich” with Hitler invading Poland within one year, starting WWII.  It was during the year leading up to that invasion that England made the decision to build up its strength.  Even Chamberlain understood that “weakness in armed strength means weakness in diplomacy.”  JFK also noted there was a general failure “to realize the strength and power of the German military machine.”  Idahoans are doing the same, failing to see the strength and power of corporations, especially as a cabal through the World Economic Forum (WEF) and United Nations.  Those same cabals sit within Idaho through the Idaho Association of Commerce & Industry (IACI).


Following the 1940 Battle of Norway and occupation of Holland, there came the expunging of many political officials from England’s government, and investment in the protection of England accelerated.  “England was now awake,” concluded JFK, “that leaders are responsible for their failures only in the governing sector and cannot be held responsible for the failure of a nation as a whole,” noting the unfairness in blaming one individual for the problem.  A leader is needed who can “look beyond the immediate situation and form some just estimate of changing conditions and eventualities in the future.”


That type of leadership is certainly not Governor Brad Little.  He fails to look forward and understand how his engagements with the WEF and the corporate world through IACI are leading to the complete annihilation of Idaho, let alone America.  His relationships, which he has now brought into the Executive Branch, are leading to even greater corporate influence and rights.


JFK also concluded that democracy has weaknesses.  When democracy competes with a system that cares nothing about peace or individual freedom, “it must learn to safeguard its institutions if it hopes to survive.”  Our American institutions are being destroyed by a tyrannical government that is lying in bed with the enemy.  While our current enemy isn’t using bombs for war, it is using the economy for absolute control.


JFK continued, “For democracy and capitalism are institutions which are geared for a world at peace.”  WEF wants to destroy capitalism and have their own version of democracy.  Not only do they fail to understand that America is a Republic and not a democracy (the word not even appearing in the Constitution) it is clear they mean democracy as something different.  That makes it, and everything they do, our enemy.


Winston Churchill tried to warn England of the Nazi threat as early as 1934, underscoring the threat of invasion.  Images of carnage were used to frighten the public about the horrors of war and imprint them on children.  Our enemy is using climate change and pandemics as threats bringing demise to the world in order to facilitate fear.  Idaho has already been invaded and children have already been impacted.


Klaus Schwab openly admits his intentions, “The Fourth Industrial Revolution will completely alter how we produce, how we consume, how we communicate and how we live. It will redefine the relationship between citizens and the state.”  If that statement does not send a chill down one’s back and motivate them to take action there is not much more that can be said.


Are Idahoans awake, or sleeping as the train wreck comes our way?  Can legislators or local elected officials be expected to carry the full weight of fending off the enemy?  How educated is the average Idahoan about the Great Reset?  What are Idahoans doing to educate their families, neighbors, friends, youth, groups, and churches about the dangers of the Great Reset?  Are Idahoans developing a relationship with their legislators and local officials, providing the support they need, and educating them with a thorough understanding of the enemy?  What must Idahoans do to safeguard our institutions?


Or like England, are many Idahoans just waiting to see what happens without doing anything, clinging to the principles of democracy for peace while storing up their food supplies and ammo?  Will they take on the challenge of fighting for freedom before the digital ID and Central Bank Digital Currency attack comes, which will really be the final act that is needed for the global cabal to take control?  Are Idahoans reading the vast amount of available information that explains this onslaught and sharing that information for discussion to create measures for protection?


Other states share the conundrum.  Wyoming has been taking steps to face the enemy, creating legislation that bans electric vehicles, or at least trying to protect their fossil fuel industry.  Like Idaho, they too are fighting against the corrupt ESG invasion.  Florida Governor DeSantis seems to be taking on several issues to protect his state.  Tennessee is even more bold.  HB0726 restores sovereignty by nullifying federal laws that exceed its enumerated powers.  Idaho should do the same, now.  Idahoans need to wake up and do more.


As hard as it may seem, Idaho Legislative Services is there to help citizens create bills, and legislators can use the support, they need the expertise and skills of Idahoans to take this fight forward.  These activities are the armament that needs to be built now, along with the expungement of elected officials who allow these atrocities to continue just as was done in England.


Prepping with food and ammo is important, but is akin to the Brits using the underground for shelter while the bombs fell during the Blitz.  They needed armament and air support to fight before the Blitz began.  All of the agendas Idaho is fighting right now are the bombs.  Idahoans need to use the Constitutional tools to fight.  But it is not enough, so many more attacks are coming our way and we need to prepare for them, together.  Right now, Idaho is in a defensive position.  An offensive position is required and must come soon.  It is time Idaho wakes up.


Most experts who understand and write about the Great Reset are strongly urging a focus on strengthening local governments, self-sufficiency, and community.


For those old enough to remember the Cuban Missile Crisis, President Kennedy held steadfast to the principles laid out in his book, he confronted the enemy rather than trying to work around the situation with appeasement hoping for peace.  We no longer have that leadership and must now become the leaders and take control over Idaho’s future.


President Kennedy’s words can be read starting on page 195.