Retired Army Col., MT State Representative Sponsoring Bill Allowing Illegal Aliens To Vote In Montana

Retired Army Col., State Representative Sponsoring Bill Allowing Illegal Aliens to Vote in Montana


By Rich Loudenback


It’s hard enough to believe that any American citizen in a state legislature would draft a bill to allow illegal aliens to vote in our elections.  But when a highly educated and accomplished retired 30 year full bird army colonel with two master’s degrees in national security studies and a doctorate in physics who also served as a professor at West Point sponsors such a bill, all I think of is Vince Lombardi shouting: “What the HELL is going on here?!!!


Born and raised in Hamilton, MT, Representative David Bedey studied civil engineering and economics at Montana State University before entering the Army and serving in combat units in a Gulf War deployment.  So, Representative Bedey isn’t an out of state California transplant type at all.  He is Montana pure, an American patriot who may be going off the rails mixing with the influencers of the wrong type.


Bedey’s bill attached below, as near as this layman and several others I have sent it to, all concur that this bill says the determination of whether someone is qualified as an American citizen is to be determined by the Secretary of State’s office and until that determination is made the state will simply accept a driver’s license to vote.  Cut and dry.  What the Hell is going on here?!!!