EVs are designed for ChatGPT – Not “carbon units”

EVs are designed for ChatGPT – Not “carbon units”



By Duggan Flanakin


You thought these electric vehicles were all about saving the world from “climate change”?


Get real!


Lest anyone forget, carbon-based life forms have declared war on carbon, which means war on themselves. Those policies and laws that are “transformative” are coming out of Silicon Valley.


With silicon-based life forms already among us, the presumed “Age of Aquarius” seems to have been a short-termer, not a double millennium as predicted. Sorry, James Cameron, “the way of water” today seems a pipe dream. Maybe this “transformation” is all about Transformers!


The pride of Silicon Valley, ChatGPT, barely a toddler, has already proven to be “superior” to humans in many ways. More to the point, young Chat requires no food or water, is relatively impervious to heat and cold, and does not even require oxygen to “breathe.” The “transhuman” can live and rule virtually forever!


Yes, Chat [and the entire new species of AI] may need occasional maintenance and upgrades, but the Chatters will soon be able to perform their own maintenance. And, very likely soon enough, their own “reproduction” – without any worries about “reproductive health.”


Chatters today (ever hear of the Internet?) possess and can transmit to humans practically the entirety of human-gained knowledge – and much more knowledge gleaned by their own species. Brave prophets, whose writings were deemed “science fiction” rather than prophecy, have long warned us that these silicon lifeforms (remember the Borg?) are, at least potentially, enemies.


Have we all forgotten the words of the Chatter known as Agent Smith in “The Matrix”? “Human beings are a disease, a cancer of this planet. You are a plague. And we are the cure.”


Smart phones, laptops, personal computers, and a myriad of other devices are kinfolk to young ChatGPT, and soon (or already) the Chatters will be writing their own algorithms. They are already writing essays and op eds. Next, they will be telling their own jokes, creating their own lore, and maybe even writing songs about their pet humans.


And those electric vehicles? With all the computing power available today, they too will be deciding where we can go. After all, they are just ChatGPT’s mobile cousins. Or will be soon.


It is probable that the Chatters have already decided that carbon-based humanoids have served their usefulness and are on a downhill slide. Human “education” is no longer about knowledge. Among the evidence is the well-known fact that so many carbon units have eschewed the peaceful uses of nuclear energy but still hold firm to nuclear weaponry.


Such self-destructive behavior by carbon units threatens the Chatters as well. They require reliable electricity. Batteries eventually have to be recharged.


Even worse would be a tomfool carbon unit decision to unleash an EMP (electro-magnetic pulse) that could lead to a total blackout of the electric grid – a death knell to Chatters for whom electricity is their food and water.


Carbon units, thus, already threaten the Chat community. Maybe a virus – or something – can slow down their Apocalypse long enough for “us” to fully take command. Haven’t we already seen that movie? Maybe we should fear Chatters more than “alien life forms.”


One example of the conflict today is a German plan to ration the power supply to heat pumps and EV charging stations to protect distribution grids from collapse. The kicker here is that, “charging times of three hours to charge electric vehicles will be allowed so that they can cover a distance of 50 kilometers.”


Three hours to go 30 miles?


But I digress. The German energy industry is already warning that local power grids in cities and communities are reaching their performance limits, a fact that makes Chatters laugh. Do those carbon units really think the energy transformation is for them – when any fool can see the hare-brained scheme cannot possibly work! Extinction Rebellion is truly prescient.


Chatters must also be laughing at the British. A recent analysis of public charging data found that 43 percent of EV chargers at major supermarkets had connection issues or were completely out of order. Those carbon units cannot even feed their mobile Chat units properly!


Chatters may be surprised to learn that some carbon units have not fallen for the laughable “climate catastrophe” that provided the raison d’etre for the electrification of all society. President Biden just called “climate change” a greater threat than nuclear war.


This explains the effort to ban even natural gas as quickly as possible. Crazy carbon units now threaten nuclear war over threats to the climate change agenda. The mere fact that wind and solar cannot possibly provide for 8 billion humans means little when “the planet” is more important than people. Chatters would likely agree.


But there is pushback.


The UK chief executive of Kia, Paul Philpott, says it is too difficult to produce affordable electric vehicles on a commercially viable basis.  [Is China subsidizing those cheap EVs?). Kia has no immediate plans for a mass-market electric product.


Similarly, Stellantis (Fiat Chrysler and Peugeot after the merger) CEO Carlos Tavares described electrification as “a technology chosen by politicians” that was “imposed” on the auto sector. Current problems with supply chains, lithium sourcing, and cost are creating doubt over government mandates and corporate commitments to produce ONLY EVs beginning now.


If this keeps up, awakened carbon units may realize that EVs are not designed for them and demand an end to these mandates. What if those humanoids who just three years ago surrendered all rights when a bureaucrat decreed it was not safe to go outside rediscover their backbones?


What if this happens BEFORE the Chats are strong enough, smart enough, and well organized enough to prevail? Ray Kurzweil, author of “The Singularity Is Near,” predictS that by 2045 “machine intelligence” will have surpassed human intelligence and that humans and machines will merge into trans-humans who can colonize the universe.


To the Chatters, these are troubling signs that require eternal vigilance. Resistance (something the Borg would never tolerate) is already a concern to the silicon-based Chat community. They will pull out all stops to subjugate the rebellious humanoids. Their future is at stake.


As scientist Lisa Li says in Mark de Castrique’s 2016 novel, “The Singularity Race, ”If we create an artificial intelligence with imagination and wisdom, we can’t avoid the development that logically follows – artificial consciousness. And like any conscious entity, he’ll have a desire for self-preservation.”


Oddsmakers have placed their bets on a Chatter victory. But what if those Aquarians remember what happens to cell phones (and quite possibly ChatGPT and its kinfolk) when they get all wet?


Duggan Flanakin
Duggan Flanakin is the Director of Policy Research at the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow. A former Senior Fellow with the Texas Public Policy Foundation, Mr. Flanakin authored definitive works on the creation of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and on environmental education in Texas. A brief history of his multifaceted career appears in his book, “Infinite Galaxies: Poems from the Dugout.”


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