Warrior Women Behind Remdesivir Lawsuit

Warrior Women Behind Remdesivir Lawsuit



By Childrens’ Health Defense CA staff


This Landmark California Remdesivir lawsuit might not have happened if it wasn’t for the passion and persistence of two California women who over and over again witnessed what was happening to COVID-19 patients once they entered the hospital and were put on the deadly drug Remdesivir.


At the height of the pandemic, Sarah (not her real name) a Southern California medical freedom warrior, began sounding the alarm bells on the dangers of Remdesivir to anyone who would listen. She quickly became the go to person for the families of hospitalized COVID-19 patients who were fearful their loved ones would be administered Remdesivir without “informed consent”.


One of the many desperate phone calls Sarah received, was from Hannah (not her real name) who lived hundreds of miles away in Fresno, California.


Hannah needed help. Her best friend Lupe Espinosa, a beautiful, vibrant, woman in her 40’s was in trouble.


On August 4th, 2021, Lupe had checked herself into Clovis Community Medical Center due to shortness of breath. This single mother, a well-known and beloved Fresno community member who had run for State Assembly, was being denied “informed consent”.


Phone calls from Sarah and Hannah to the hospital doctors and staff to stop the deadly protocol fell on deaf ears.


Sadly, the deadly Remdesivir protocol took its final toll on September 28, 2021. Hooked up to one machine after another Lupe had been given 10 rounds of Remdesivir. 3,800 pages of Medical Records describe the horrific damage this deadly drug caused Lupe’s body. Kidney and liver damage led to fluid in the lungs. No longer able to breathe on her own, she was intubated. She suffered multiple organ failure, bleeding from the eyes and eventually a heart attack ended the horrific torture at the hands of the doctors.


After several months had passed, Sarah, a woman of faith, knew she had to do something to stop the hospitals. She reached out to Lupe’s best friend, Hannah and together they joined forces with 14 plaintiffs.


While many people discouraged Sarah and Hannah from moving forward with a lawsuit, “Remdesivir is under an Emergency Use Authorization, therefore you can’t sue”, they knew they could not give up so easily.


These determined women spent months seeking guidance and gathering up the best attorneys, experts, and financial support for this Landmark Remdesivir Lawsuit.


Children’s Health Defense California’s Executive Director Denise Young stood in solidarity with these resolute woman and their mission, offering consultation and strategic guidance.


Attorneys Daniel Watkins with Watkins & Letofsky and Michael Hamilton with Hamilton & Associates came on board. Experts, Dr. Bryan Ardis, Dr. Peter McCollough, pediatrician Dr. Angie Farella and toxicologist Dr. Janci Lindsay lent their support and expertise.


This Landmark Remdesivir Lawsuit is now a reality because two California women stepped forward with unwavering faith and let nothing stop them.


This lawsuit has the potential to change the course of history by exposing the evil and greed of hospitals, doctors, and the very government agencies that are supposed to protect us. The NIH, FDA, HHS, and CDC have failed the American people. Every person involved in this horrendous crime against humanity must be held accountable.


Watch the September 7th Landmark Remdesivir Press Conference in Fresno, California broadcast live on CHD.TV


Remdesivir Deaths Press Conference, Fresno, CA, 9/7/2022


Highlights from the September 7th Landmark Remdesivir Press Conference in Fresno, California


Attorney Dan Watkins


Attorney Dan Watkins announced that a complaint had been filed on behalf of 14 Fresno area families who had lost loved ones at the hands of health care providers who used Remdesivir.


Clovis Community Medical Center, Community Regional Medical Center, St. Agnus Medical Center and several as yet unnamed individual health care providers are named in this complaint.


“This is being done to hold those responsible accountable” said Attorney Dan Watkins. He went on to explain that the lawsuit is based on 2 fundamental concepts.


#1 Medical Deception.


Patients and their loved one were deceived, and denied information needed for “informed consent”.


#2 Unconsented to Medical Care


Hospitals and medical staff administered Remdesivir against patients wishes, or without consent.


4 Causes of Action are listed:

  • Fraudulent Concealment
  • Elder Abuse
  • Medical malpractice
  • Battery (actual treatment was not consented to)


Attorney Michael Hamilton


Attorney Michael Hamilton, who also is an attorney for the non profit Truth for Health, stated


“There is a great evil being done. People are being butchered like cattle in hospitals all over this country. People are being tortured to death for MONEY.”


Attorney Hamilton laid out the staggering financial incentives.


In the state of California, if a person comes to a hospital and are provided “outpatient covid treatment” the average charge rate is $3200.


In the state of California if you bring a COVID patient into the hospital and treat them as a non-complex COVID patient, the average charge rate is $111,000.


In the state of California if you bring a COVID patient into the hospital and treat them as a complex COVID patient, which means they are either intubated, or put into the ICU, the average charge rate is $450,000. On top of that, the hospital receives a code from the government that allows them to charge an extra $90,000.


“On the face of it, it looks like “murder for the money” and it is happening in hospitals all over the country and the protocol is almost exactly the same” said Attorney Hamilton.


Dr. Bryan Ardis, retired chiropractor, and outspoken expert on Remdesivir


After losing his father- in-law to an ill-advised COVID protocol in 2020, Dr. Ardis began to dig deeper. One of the first red flags was Dr. Anthony Fauci’s declaration “There is only 1 antiviral experimental drug that can be used for hospitalized COVID-19 Americans”.


“My first thought was, if this is experimental, it is NOT FDA approved, which means it has not been reviewed and it has not been found effective.” stated Dr. Brian Ardis.


Dr. Ardis went back and looked at Dr. Anthony Fauci’s declaration and clicked on the first hyperlink to the study on Remdesivir for Ebola. “Imagine my shock, all I did was click the link and read the study”.


The first page of the study reveals the 4 experimental drugs used on the Ebola study. On August 9th, 2019, the safety board found that Remdesivir was the ONLY drug in the study that had a fatality rate over 50%.


Why did Anthony Fauci come out and say Remdesivir was safe and effective when the safety board for the study came out and said it was the most deadly and ineffective drug and withdrawn from the trial?   Why would Fauci lie?


Who funded the Ebola trial? Anthony Fauci’s NIH Department. This means that every piece of information from the study went back to Dr. Fauci.


In December 2019 the results of this study were published. The very next month, January of 2020, the NIH went to Gilead, and said “we know your drug got kicked out of the Ebola trial because it killed 53% of the people, but there is a new pandemic going around and we are going to let you use this on them for 10 days”.


Gilead reported that 31% of COVID patients given Remdesivir developed multiple organ failure, septic shock, hypotension, acute kidney failure and some people could not even make it the full 10 days because of severe liver failure and the need for a kidney transplant.


“Immediately it hit me. Everything I was hearing from the media out of New York, “Doctors have never seen anything like this before. We start treating this disease and within 48 hours it starts moving from the lungs and attacks the kidneys and it is causing severe acute kidney injury or failure within 24-48 hours.”


It was not the virus killing hospitalized COVID patients, it was the Remdesivir drug.


Dr Angie Farella Houston, Texas Pediatrician


Early on Dr. Farella realized that kids in China were not getting sick with COVID. She advised the adults to go be with your kids and your grandkids. They have natural immunity that they can confer. “Let them lick you” she said.


During the pandemic the kids were fine, so she opened her pediatric office to adults. She and her partner treated over 2600 adults.


The only patients she lost were the ones who got scared and went to the hospital.


“It breaks my heart that I can not trust my cohorts in the hospital” said Dr. Farella


Remdesivir, the drug that does not work on adults and causes kidney and liver damage has also been given an EUA for children as young as 4 weeks old.


Dr. Angie did offer hope. While the amount of medical censorship is abhorrent, she noted that there are doctors across this wonderful nation who are opening Freedom clinics and hospitals. She vowed “this is the hill I will die on, I will not stop yelling”.


Dr. Janci Lindsay, Toxicologist and Ivermectin expert


Dr. Lindsay, who wrote the reviews and safety profiles on Ivermectin spoke on the agenda to demonize the 2 drugs that worked for COVID-19 patients.


“I consult as an expert witness in litigation cases across the country as a toxicologist. I am here to tell you that hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin were always safe and effective for the treatment of the CORONA virus.”


Dr. Lindsay stated that there was an agenda set out to demonize them, to show that they were not safe and effective in order to allow an EUA for Remdesivir and the COVID genetic vaccine. This was wrong.


Ivermectin was approved in 1984 as an antiparasitic and shown to be safe or all ages. By 2016 2 billion doses had been given. Ivermectin is on the WHO list of essential medicine.


In 2015 the Nobel Prize was given to Satoshi Omura and William C. Campbell for showing its effectiveness at treating African River Blindness.


Studies show that Ivermectin has 20 separate mechanisms of actions against CORONA virus, all unique.


In India and Africa and all the states that use Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine prophylactically to prevent Malaria they had hardly any COVID cases.   This was ignored.


Once the country of Peru began using Ivermectin, they saw a 75% reduction in death from COVID in the very first month.


In 2019 Hydroxychlorine was listed as the 122nd most prescribed drug with over 5 million prescriptions. A potent anti malaria and anti-inflammatory it acts against the 2nd phase of COVID infection, they cytokine storm.


The corruption and cover up went so deep that 2 of our most respected medical journals, the New England Medical Journal of Medicine, and The Lancet published false fraudulent studies on Hydroxychloroquine.


*Remember no drug or vaccine can obtain an Emergency Use Authorization if therapeutic drugs exist.


Dr. Peter McCullough


Dr. McCullough is famous for being one of the first doctors to develop early COVID-19 treatment protocols that cut death rates by as much as 85%.


In his book, “Courage to Face COVID-19” Dr. McCollough outlines everything about COVID that was done incorrectly.


He pointed out that as a doctor who has taken care of patients for decades, he has never been limited by protocol until COVID.


For the first time in medical history, doctors claimed they could do nothing but use the Remdesivir protocol.


Families were denied the very thing that could have saved them. This is called “Failure to Treat”.


Dr. McCollough reminded everyone, that you as a patient have a right to share in the treatment decision making. If you say “I want Ivermectin, that is your right. If you say I do NOT want Remdesivir, that is your right too!


“The rights of these patients and their families was taken away. The ultimate cost was loss of life and justice will be served. The writing is on the wall. I am encouraging each and every person to purpose this with your efforts. Your pursuit of this lawsuit will help large numbers of people. The crisis is not over yet. People are being denied their rights and are still losing their lives. It is happening on our watch, and it is the reason we are here. As a society we cannot allow our rights to be taken away under medical duress.


These families had their rights taken away. The families know it, you and I know it, and these doctors know it.


Let’s bring justice to these people.”


Denise Young Executive Director of Children’s Health Defense California


I am here today because Children’s Health Defense California Chapter strongly supports this litigation.


We stand here in solidarity. Our hearts go out to the families that have lost loved ones.


As a non-profit 501(c)3, Children’s Health Defense California Chapter’s biggest mission is to bring forth the facts and the data so that the public can make an informed decision.


Our medical system and government agencies have gradually and systematically eroded the public’s ability to exercise “informed consent”.


When the very agencies that are supposed to protect us, the FDA, the CDC, and HHS ignore this most basic moral obligation, then we MUST resort to the court system.


From ca.childrenshealthdefense.org