Zelensky: Preemptively Strike Russia with Nuclear Weapons

Zelensky: Preemptively Strike Russia with Nuclear Weapons



By M Dowling


Ukrainian President Volodomyr Zelensky says NATO should preemptively strike Russia with nuclear weapons to pressure Russia. Some believe he’s been bucking for World War III since this invasion began.


We can bomb them, but they can’t bomb us? This is dangerous rhetoric.


Zelensky told the press this week what NATO should do about Russia.


“What should NATO do? They can use nuclear weapons on Russia, but what is important, I once again appeal to the international community as it was before February 24. We need to launch preemptive strikes so that they know what will happen to them if they use it, and not vice versa.


“We need to eliminate the possibility that Russia will use nuclear strikes in case Putin says, ‘Oh, you want it that way, well, here you are?’”


“Rethinking the use of pressure is what I think NATO should be doing. Reconsider the order of application of nuclear weapons.”


We have a senile President and a mentally ill ally in Ukraine leading us into nuclear war.


From independentsentinel.com