MIT Expert Calls for Immediate Stop of mRNA COVID Jabs: Evidence Shows ‘Unprecedented Level of Harm’

MIT Expert Calls for Immediate Stop of mRNA COVID Jabs: Evidence Shows ‘Unprecedented Level of Harm’



By Bill Pan


A syringe is prepared with a COVID-19 vaccine at a vaccination clinic in Montreal, Quebec, on March 15, 2021. (The Canadian Press/Paul Chiasson)


The rollout of mRNA COVID-19 vaccines should be immediately suspended, as they are causing “an unprecedented level of harm, including the death of young people and children,” said Retsef Levi, a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


“This is not a theory anymore,” the professor told The Epoch Times, referring to findings that link the messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccines with myocarditis, a potentially fatal inflammation of the heart. “These are proven facts that basically undermine any sense of safety about these vaccines.”


For more than 30 years, Levi has worked extensively in the areas of analytics and modeling, looking at risk management issues in the context of health systems and health policies. Mainly, analyzing data sets to see what they reveal about aspects like quality, safety, and risks.


Appearing on EpochTV’s “American Thought Leaders” program in November 2022, Levi discussed his study that showed a correlation between a 25 percent rise in heart attack emergency calls among young, healthy Israelis in early 2021 and the country’s extensive mRNA vaccination efforts. While the study should certainly warrant an in-depth investigation, he argued, it will take more proof than just a correlation to put a stop to all those vaccine programs.


“The main question that we need to ask ourselves is: Do we have enough evidence from this study and many other studies to say ‘halt?’” he said at that time.


In a video statement he shared Monday on Twitter, Levi said he has now seen a substantial amount of evidence that the risk of dying from myocarditis triggered by mRNA vaccines is outweighing the benefits those vaccines have to offer.


“At this point in time, all COVID mRNA vaccination programs should stop immediately,” he said in the six-and-half-minute video statement, which went viral with at least 1.5 million views in just a day.


“By now, I believe that the cumulative evidence is conclusive and confirms our concern that the mRNA vaccines indeed cause sudden cardiac arrest as a sequel of vaccine-induced myocarditis. And this is potentially only one mechanism by which they cause harm,” the professor said, pointing to his analysis of the Israel national emergency services data, which suggested a 25 percent increase in the cause of “cardiac arrest diagnosis” among Israeli youth in the first half of 2021, exactly when the government launched a massive vaccination campaign. “Data from the UK, Scotland, and Australia replicate the data from Israel.”


More Evidence


Levi pointed to two studies on postvaccination adverse heart effects among healthy young people. One study focusing on young students in Thailand identified one case of myopericarditis and four suspected subclinical myocarditis among 202 boys who received the second vaccine dose. The other study, from Switzerland, reported that nearly 3 percent of vaccinated or boosted young people developed “mild damage to the heart muscle cells.”


When compared to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s data on symptomatic myocarditis after vaccination (pdf), subclinical myocarditis observed in those studies appears to be several hundred times more common.


“The risk of having major abnormal and negative cardiovascular symptoms after vaccination is between one in 30 and one in 50,” Levi explained to The Epoch Times. “It’s unimaginable in terms of safety, especially in a population of young healthy people.”


According to Levi, the concern that mRNA vaccine-induced myocarditis may ultimately cause death is also confirmed, citing a German study based on autopsy results. In that paper, German researchers reported ruling out all possible causes of death but myocarditis for multiple people who died suddenly at home after vaccination.


“This is already beyond the decision of whether you need to stop the [vaccination] program or not,” Levi told The Epoch Times. “To put in perspective, we have pulled drugs off the market for much, much lower level of risk.”


There is also another indication of the underlying mechanism of harm, and it has to do with the fundamental way the mRNA vaccine works, according to Levi.


To assemble an mRNA COVID vaccine dose, the spike of the COVID virus is first encoded in mRNA molecules, which are then wrapped into balls of fat called lipid nanoparticles before finally being sealed into a glass vial. In response to the jab, cells in the recipient’s body will produce proteins that resemble the spikes, triggering an autoimmune reaction.


“The foundational assumption, to claim that these vaccines are safe, is that when you inject this vaccine, the mRNA, the spike, and the lipid stay in that muscle locally and disappear from the body,” he explained. “But we know now that this assumption is not true—the mRNA and the lipids are actually penetrating the blood system.”


“We don’t know yet how exactly, but it’s more than just a negligible phenomenon,” Levi added. “All the organ systems in your body are exposed to major risks directly by the spike, which we know is the most toxic part of the virus.”


A Deadly Gamble


The MIT professor further described the act of forcing people to get vaccinated as an unreasonable and dangerous gamble, especially given that the dominant version of COVID is causing significantly less severe illness than its predecessors did.


“Essentially, taking now these shots is almost like a Russian roulette—[it’s] just every time you take it, you take a gamble on what will happen,” he told The Epoch Times. “I think it’s insane to apply this kind of gamble to healthy people.”


When asked about options going forward from a risk-management perspective, Levi replied that he believes that the best bet is to rely on natural immunity while focusing on early treatment of COVID infection. But a more important task for public health authorities, he said, has to be repairing the trust that’s been broken during the pandemic.


“I think that the number one concern at the moment is not about the COVID-19 vaccine, but actually about the trust that the public should have,” the professor said. “It’s critical that the public should trust that what is being told and informed is based on transparency, honesty, and putting the interest of the well-being of people in the center of considerations.


“I think that the last two years have broken it completely,” he added. “I think we have to restore it by being very transparent about what has transpired, and really change the systematic failures that we’ve seen.”


Bill Pan
Bill Pan is a reporter for The Epoch Times.