MARXIST dragnet of the Inland Northwest

MARXIST dragnet of the Inland Northwest


National & local extreme left-wing radicals have big plans for Americans.


By Casey Whalen


The Inland Northwest is a hot bed of activity and is HIGHLY important in the ongoing cultural wars.


Agenda 21 originally presented in 1992 to control the globe at a local level regarding social, economic and environmental issues has become standard forcing ALL countries to these ideals. Based on the Brundtland Report authored by Gro Harlem Brundtland, First Vice President of the global communist organization, Socialist International.


There are three major entities focused on Kootenai County and the region, poised to destroy the rule of law, break the community to bring it under the guise of love and equality but in actuality ushering in the I.C.A.P. Institute for Constitutional Advocacy and Protection of Georgetown Law as designed by the United Nations via Agenda 21/2030.


Notably, Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) #5: Gender Equality, SDG #10: Reduced Inequalities, SDG #16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions.  These entities are using local human rights groups and networks to control the flow of information and propaganda to the national level for media dissemination.


(The law arm) I.C.A.P. Institute for Constitutional Advocacy and Protection of Georgetown Law, Executive Director Mary McCord was the Acting Assistant Attorney General – Acting Head of Department of Justice National Security Division.  Launched in 2017 the Institute for Constitutional Advocacy and Protection was first used in the events that transpired in Charlottesville, Virginia filing suit to prevent the return of unlawful private paramilitaries to the area.


Here is a full list of what they have been up to over the last five years.


The goal of ICAP is: the courts remain a critical venue in which constitutional claims can be vindicated, and ICAP uses that venue by bringing its own constitutional challenges, working with partners to do so, filing amicus benefits, and supporting others’ efforts to litigate on behalf of constitutional rights and values.


In early June 2019 after the death of George Floyd and rumor of possible looting & rioting in the downtown Coeur d’Alene area thousands of God loving patriots assembled to protect local businesses over a week long duration.  Weeks later, Mary McCord sent a letter to the City of Coeur d’Alene asking to prosecute those deemed ‘heavily armed self-styled private militia’ citing Idaho Constitution Art 1, Sec 12 and Idaho Code s46-802. No one has ever been charged with this in Idaho & ICAP was unsuccessful in it’s endeavor.



(The optics arm) I.R.E.H.R. Institute for Research Education on Human Rights, created in 1983 by Leonard Zeskind and re-polished in 2009 this platform is where propaganda is promoted and picked up by the mainstream media and law enforcement to combat hate incidents/crime.


There are a number of articles and dossier’s which target specific patriotic organizations and networks such as: Peoples Rights Network (Ammon Bundy), CSPOA – Constitutional Sheriff and Police Officers Association (Sheriff Richard Mack) and others who are proactively promoting individual rights and educating the public on the Constitution.


The institute works directly with satellite human rights organizations to filter local information to the IREHR which compiles information and boasts working directly with the Montana Human Rights Network.  Local human rights organizations such as: Love Lives Here, North Idaho Pride Alliance and other like minded groups collecting information in the community using reporting forms, this information is essentially sent to the Montana Human Rights Network, Southern Poverty Law Center, Institute for Research Education on Human Rights and other networks such as law enforcement, regardless of how true it is.



(The Mentor) W.S.C. Western States Center, created in 1987 is currently looking for a new director but it’s recent director was Eric Ward who wears many hats but is Senior Fellow at the Southern Poverty Law Center, Executive Director of Atlantic Philanthropies (2011 – 2014), Program Officer Ford Foundation (2014 – 2017).


The goal of the WSC is: to connect and build the power of community organizations; to challenge and transform individuals, organizations and systems to achieve racial, gender and economic justice.


The Western States Center mentors members in local communities to create human rights minded satellite organizations to work in tandem with the local human rights institutes.  Eric Ward and Leonard Zeskind (IREHR) have ties to Idaho.



An example of this is Laura Tenneson becoming a fellow at the WSC and then creating the Love Live Here Campaign (which includes a reporting form on the website).



According to the director of the Human Rights Education Institute the Love Lives Here Campaign is now operated by Shawn Keenan.  Mr Keenan was involved with the Butler Compound and the shooting incident that led to the downfall of the Butler property.



Via public record request, another fellow of the Western States Center was working directly with the Spokane Library to coordinate the Drag Queen Story Hour event that took place at the South Hill Library on June 15, 2019.


Western States Center, Fellow Kate Bitz is mentioned by the library director to have discussion with the library and the Spokane Police Department.  At this event Pastor Afshin Yaghtin of New Covenant Church was arrested for attempting to enter the library.



In additional records requests with the City of Boise, uncovered in a three year duration in an 80 page expose showing Western States Center’s Lindsay Schubiner directing a deceiving effort guiding members of the community to provide optics protecting the pro-immigration narrative, after four immigrants were charged with rape of a underage girl in Kuna, Idaho.


The emails explicitly outlines how various aspects of the community should respond to control the optics, highlighted in these articles: