Catastrophic Control with Digital Identity

Catastrophic Control with Digital Identity



By Karen Schumacher


If digital identity is difficult to understand, just look at that phone sitting on the counter. These phones hold the potential for your survival. Not only are they used for communication but are also designed for apps that will determine how you are allowed to participate in society.


Mobile phones can and are being used for digital identity.


Digital identity can also be used for a social credit score. A high score allows you to participate in society and receive services, a low score boots you out and threatens your ability to survive. Those phones will carry your digital identity for the purposes of a social credit score.


China already uses this form of control. This young woman is clueless as to how much of her freedom has been taken but she thinks it is great.



As another example, a “health status” QR code on a Chinese citizen phone is used to authorize utilization of services. This results in their phone app signaling a red code for being unhealthy, perhaps unvaccinated, meaning they were not healthy to be in the community, which in turn prevents them from accessing services. Essentially, by not conforming properly to any requirement, it is possible to be shut out of life. That Chinese gal in the video thought that was just fine. If a phone isn’t charged, just dies, or is lost, will the lifeline for survival just stop?


The federal government is considering, and even states are pushing forward with programs that will implement digital identity. Along with vaccine passports, these are the first steps in placing everyone into a world where freedom and independence will no longer exist, and behavior will be controlled. Whole Foods has started its own QR code requirement to obtain food. Europe is leading the way for digital identity and this video gives a chilling picture of its progress.


In fact, corporations are already going after state governments to implement digital ID, and at the heart of its implementation are driver’s licenses. A special report, a Better Identity Coalition State Blueprint Dec 2022, has been prepared to give legislators.


Digital identity is a much sought after component of the World Economic Forum (WEF) Great Reset agenda. With its tech partners that make these phones, just like the push for all electric vehicles, there will come a point where everyone will be forced into using mobile phones, other types of phones may be completely eliminated.


How will Idaho get out of this one? Contact your legislator and advise them to reject this corporate proposal for a digital identity.